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Chapter 78 - Foreign Character on the High Wall

Plague Doctor
     Chapter 78: Foreign Character on the High Wall

    Lonelytree  Lonelytree

    There appeared to be a dark tunnel inside the tree hole. Gu Jun moved ahead and felt himself being swallowed up, surrounded, and buried by darkness…

    He did not feel anything off about his physical body, and he had a good handle of his consciousness. It was why he could notice the enveloping silence; even the sound of his steps had disappeared. Slowly, a barely noticeable white light appeared in his eyes. He moved toward in that direction as if hypnotized by it. The low sound of conversation shattered the silence. Gu Jun suddenly found himself out of the tunnel. He saw Captain Xue and the other Demon Hunters standing before him, and their conversation became much clearer.

    Gu Jun took a deep breath. His first reaction was to look around. The path inside the rotten tree was behind him. It was the trunk of a dead large tree. It had a decayed tree hole at the bottom. It was hard to tell what kind of tree it was. Underneath his feet was blackened dirt. It was not muddy, and according to Captain Xue, it did not give off any stench either. But for some reason, it reminded Gu Jun of death. This place had been dead for a long time; that was the only explanation for why all signs of living had been wiped clean. The Demon Hunters had taken a sample of this place on their previous excursion for examination. The density was categorized, but the age could not be dated.

    Currently, the oldest patch of dirt found on Earth was from thirty-seven hundred million years ago. It was a soil residue found inside a rock in Greenland. The Earth’s age was estimated at forty-six hundred million years old, but the soil here was much older than that. It was so old that all type of human dating methods like radio isotopes were futile. This abnormal space did not belong on Earth.

    “Phew.” Gu Jun looked into the distance, and all he could see within his line of sight was this barren land. It was like the shadow of a giant demon. The sky was grayish white, and it was curiously still. Therefore, it did not look like a layer of clouds, but it felt more like they were covered under a ceiling. Was this an empty tower suspended in the sky, or was it a cage?

    The horizon around them were intercepted by the stone wall. Even if they tipped their heads backward, they could not see the top of the wall. The wall rose in the distance, and it also rose inside their hearts.

    “Ah Jun, are you okay?” Xue Ba’s voice travelled out from Gu Jun’s communicator. Wireless communication could be used normally in this space.