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Chapter 79 - Mad Arab

Plague Doctor
     Chapter 79: Mad Arab

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    After the initial wave of shock, Xue Ba spoke into the communicator. “Team B, come here to meet up immediately. Snipers, provide support while on the move!”

    “Copy that. Rendezvous in four minutes,” the leader of team B, Yang Henan, answered. “Move, move, move.”

    “Captain, all those small rocks have completely submerged,” Lin Mo said severely. This change made him want to raise his middle finger. They had studied the stone wall for so long, but nothing had happened. Yet, once Gu Jun got near, it crumbled. What kind of reasoning was behind this? They were all looking down the underground tunnel, wondering where it led.

    “Ah Jun, what is going on? What was the meaning of that sentence?” Xue Ba’s bushy brows were creased together. His sharp gaze cut a clear meaning of warning; it was not the time to play. Even though he already felt like splitting up was not a good idea, Gu Jun was still surprised by this occurrence. In that moment, there were many thoughts that crossed his mind, but none stuck long enough to mean anything. Seeing the suspicion on Captain Xue’s face, he was not offended. Phecda had just been ambushed by the Afterlife Cult, and it did not help that he came from a background related to them. It was reasonable for Captain Yan to suspect him, considering the circumstances.

    “That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange eons, even death may die,” Gu Jun said.

    When the group heard that, a chill ran up their spines.

    “What, that’s impossible?” Xue Ba was shocked. When he saw the confused faces around him, he said urgently, “Haven’t you guys heard of this, oh wait, this is Grade D information… Never mind, it is an emergency now. This is the couplet written by Abdul Alhazred, the Mad Arab. He once dreamt about a place called the Nameless City, a ruin deep inside a desert. I am telling the truth! If you don’t believe me, you can go check it when you return. Oh, but none of you will be able to have access. Sigh!”