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Chapter 79 - Who Is Her Mother?

Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife
     Chapter 79: Who Is Her Mother?

    The moment Gu Yunshen left, the house felt much emptier.

    But it made things a lot easier for Zhang Xiaohui.

    She was at the height of her affair with Wang Guozhu. She felt uneasy if she did not see him every day.

    After Gu Yunshen left, she began going to town once every three to four days. Then she went once every two days. Later on, she went every day. Each time, she left early in the morning and did not come back until it was completely dark.

    She was always glowing when she returned, looking replete. Even the way she walked was different.

    Gu Qingyao was disgusted when she saw this.

    She knew what drugs she had used. She also knew the effects of the drug her father had used. They definitely were not strong drugs.

    Any woman who had some sense of shame would definitely not leave so eagerly. It was as if…


    When she thought of that, she could not help but feel sorry for her father. How had he become entangled with a woman like Zhang Xiaohui?

    Gu Qingyao sat at the kitchen door, sunning herself. She rested her chin in her hands as she thought about the events of her past life.

    In her previous life, Zhang Xiaohui had betrayed Father. She not only had a daughter with Wang Guozhu, she brought the child home, claiming that Gu Yunshen was the father. At that time, Zhang Xiaohui was already married to her father, but was still together with Wang Guozhu and had even given birth to a child.

    Later on, Zhang Xiaohui despised the Gu family for being poor and wanted to live with Wang Guozhu in the city. So she divorced Father and brought Gu Ruoqing with her.

    Father told her that Gu Ruoqing was not his daughter, but Zhang Xiaohui and Wang Guozhu’s daughter. Also, she was not Zhang Xiaohui’s daughter.

    But she was her father’s own daughter.

    Zhang Xiaohui was not her birth mother, so she must not take it to heart.

    How peculiar!

    Then who was her birth mother?

    Her father had never mentioned it in her previous life.

    On the surface, she and Gu Ruoqing were twins. Gu Ruoqing was the older sister and she was the younger sister. It would not make sense to say that Zhang Xiaohui had only one child, because Zhang Xiaohui had given birth in a hospital. It would be inexplicable if there was only one child, but two children appeared later on.

    It only proved that Zhang Xiaohui had indeed given birth to two girls, but she had taken the place of one of them.

    Father said that Zhang Xiaohui had given away one of the children, so he seized the opportunity to legitimately bring her into the Gu family.

    Zhang Xiaohui did not seem aware of this. She had no choice but to go along and recognize Gu Qingyao as her child.

    That was to say, Zhang Xiaohui had given birth to a pair of twins, then secretly taken one away. However, Zhang Xiaohui did not realize that her father had found out.

    Father had secretly brought her back and passed her off as one of the twins. When Zhang Xiaohui returned and saw her, and also saw that Father’s family were all on the children’s side, she had no choice but to recognize Gu Qingyao.

    Because the news from the hospital was that she had twins. She had no way of explaining it otherwise.

    Gu Qingyao rested her head on her hands. Who was her mother?

    Where had Zhang Xiaohui brought her daughter?

    As she mulled over it, the door to the courtyard opened. Mo Beihan’s tall figure entered. “Yao Yao!”

    Gu Qingyao was startled, but immediately smiled. “Elder Brother Beihan!”

    When he saw the girl’s sweet smile, Mo Beihan could not help but smile too. “Bring your fishing creel. I’m bringing you fishing. There was a heavy downpour two days ago and the reservoir is overflowing. Lots of fish and prawns have been washed over. Both brigades say that everyone is free to catch them. They’ll belong to whoever can catch them. The children of both brigades are all having fun over there!”

    Gu Qingyao’s eyes lit up. “Really? I want to go too!”

    She hurriedly grabbed her fishing creel and some tools, then ran out with Mo Beihan.