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Chapter 80 - Why Are You Smiling Foolishly?

Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife
     Chapter 80: Why Are You Smiling Foolishly?

    The Qing River Brigade and the South Lake Brigade were neighbors. There was a depression at the foot of the mountains occupied by the two brigades, and this was shared between them. There were no agricultural fields there, just wasteland.

    Every year, when water was released from the reservoir, some fish and prawns would be washed down. They were scrawny things and it was mostly a play area for the children.

    Of course in these years when food was so scarce, many adults brought their children here to fish. To the people, as long as it was edible, it was good food.

    Not to mention that it was meat.

    Gu Qingyao was over the moon!

    She had played here before too, but at this point in her past life, she had not done so. That was because, at that time, everyone had insulted and despised her when she went out, so she did not dare to leave the house.

    Starting from the time she was fifteen, she had spent her entire girlhood hidden at home, in a state of depression.

    There were too many people here. But the area was big, so after Mo Beihan arrived, he left Gu Qingyao waiting by the bank while he himself entered. At that moment, Mo Chengrui and Mo Chengxu were also there, fishing.


    Mo Beihan walked over and transferred the catch in Mo Chengrui and Mo Chengxu’s baskets into Gu Qingyao’s fishing creel so that she could wash them in deeper water.

    These things were all dug from the mud. There were so many people there that the water had turned into muck and it was filthy.

    Gu Qingyao saw that most of the fish and prawns were small. She went upstream where the water was cleaner to wash them. At that moment, the Chen family also arrived. Chen Goudan had brought his little sister, and his eldest uncle’s daughter, Chen Honghua, had brought her two younger brothers.

    Chen Honghua immediately grasped the situation when she saw Gu Qingyao had fish in her creel, but her clothes were clean and Mo Beihan and the others were nearby.

    She tilted her nose and snorted before leaving.

    Gu Qingyao: “…”

    She looked at Mo Beihan, who was nearby. He was tall and of average build. His skin had not been darkened by the sun like the other farmers around him. His skin was bronze-colored, but healthy.

    His handsome features were especially conspicuous in the crowd.

    Many of the young girls in both brigades fancied Mo Beihan. Although his family responsibilities were heavy, in these times, nobody’s family was in especially good condition. But tall, handsome men who could earn money were all liked by the young girls.

    And Mo Beihan was one of the most popular ones. Chen Honghua… hahahaha!

    With her personality, if she dared to provoke Mo Beihan, she would probably be viciously snubbed!

    Mo Beihan raised his head and looked at the young girl, smiling sweetly at him from her vantage point. He immediately beamed at her.

    Gu Qingyao: “…”


    She hurriedly turned away and lowered her head to wash the fish and prawns.

    Mo Chengrui, who was standing nearby, looked at Mo Beihan and asked, “Uncle, why are you smiling foolishly?”

    Mo Beihan: “…”

    “Idiot, when have I ever smiled foolishly?”

    “Hahahaha…” Mo Chengxu, who was next to them, burst out laughing.

    “Don’t laugh. Hurry up and work. If you don’t catch enough fish and prawns, there will be no dinner for you tonight.”

    The two young boys mumbled, “Anyway, they don’t taste good when you cook them.”

    Mo Beihan: “…”

    This… was not his fault!

    He seldom had to cook for himself in his previous life. When he brought Gu Qingyao out to have fun, they used the food in her interspace. Gu Qingyao especially liked to drink soup, so he mostly boiled soups.

    But with Gu Qingyao’s interspace, she could use the vegetables she grew herself. She added some water from her interspace and with some simple cooking, the soup was delicious.

    But things were different now!

    In these times, there were few condiments. He could not adjust to this.

    How could anything he cooked taste good.