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Chapter 3

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 3: Chapter 3 Die If Exposed - Little Sister's Embarrassing Secret

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    Chapter 3 Die If Exposed - The Little Sister's Embarrassing Secret.

    ‘What is this?! Adult DVD! Un...censored! And it's even a lesbian video!'

    The shock hit me like a bomb blew up in my head, the mushroom cloud reflecting the face of Chu Yuan. The little girl was blushing, and her ears were tremendously red. She was at a complete loss for what to do.

    While she was stunned, I took a quick look at some other things that had fallen out. ‘HOLY SHIT...' I was shocked beyond words.

    There were at least seven or eight similar DVD cases—all seemingly lesbian genre. Although the number of adult magazines and erotic novels was not over the top, it could rival my collection under my bed. There were even some of my favorites, such as "Playboy" and "Lung Fu Pao." There were also a large number of Japanese anime CDs, Korean dramas, and Japanese TV dramas. Although slightly better than the pornographic publications, in the eyes of my strict and old-fashioned father, it was definitely a secret that had to be kept until one's deathbed. It was a secret that would make people commit suicide if exposed, also known as ‘Die If Exposed.'


    My 16-year-old little sister liked these things! God, she was just a girl, and she was still under the age of eighteen! Although I too started collecting such ‘Die If Exposed' at around the same age...

    Under the DVD case near my hand was an open notebook. Although I couldn't see what was written on it clearly, the delicate and beautiful handwriting definitely belonged to my little sister. It was probably something like a diary.


    The feeling of deja vu resonated within me, allowing me to see past her tricks in an instant. She put ‘Die If Exposed' on the bottom of the box, followed by numerous layers of textbooks on top. By doing this, she could boldly leave the box under her bed, and her secret would not be uncovered by others.

    According to my rough observation, there were at least a dozen notebooks on the ground. If she put the diary, she wrote on top, because it involved personal privacy. Even if my parents found the box, they definitely would not touch it!

    Diary, textbooks, and then ‘Die If Exposed.' This little girl was so crafty! How did I not think of putting diaries in the past? Moreover, why did I only put one layer of textbooks at that time?

    As a result, the precious treasures that took me half a year to collect were burned by my old man. He also went berserk, nearly throwing me into the brazier to purify me...


    My little sister was clearly smarter than me.

    However, no matter how crafty she was, she would never have thought that her secrets would be discovered by me. I was so excited, thrilled, and overjoyed. I felt a sense of release, no longer feeling suppressed by her.

    ‘How do you like kicking me now?'

    ‘How do you like ignoring me now?'

    ‘Don't you always like to act superior in front of me?'

    ‘Why do I have to give in all the time, and you still look at me in disdain?'


    ‘Aren't you so proud that you can move into my place to destroy my life?'

    ‘Muhaha... Let me see what you can do now! Your hidden secret has now been exposed. Get on your knees and beg me and I might just be kind enough to keep your secret.'

    After ten years of dissatisfaction, I finally had a chance to vent my accumulated feelings. I experienced a kind of vengeful pleasure. I wanted to see my little sister's embarrassed reactions, even if it was only once. I wanted to see this proud swan lower her noble head in front of me!

    But when I looked up and had eye contact with her, my twisted enthusiasm was like a flame met with a waterfall. It disappeared as swiftly as it came, like a cloud of smoke.

    My little sister covered her mouth with her hands, shoulders trembling. Her pair of mesmerising bright eyes were filled with translucent tears. Behind the tears revealed many emotions: fear, trepidation, shame, humiliation, and even... despair!

    ‘What the hell was I thinking? She's my little sister, how could I…'

    Seeing the dejected look of my little sister, I was ashamed of what I was thinking earlier.

    ‘I am a man! How could I hold a grudge against my younger sister? I am such a petty-minded person.'

    "Ouch!... That hurts!" I screamed while covering my nose and closing my eyes, pretending that I was in so much pain that I couldn't even open my eyes. As expected, my little sister was stunned by my reaction. I took the opportunity to climb up and rush to the bathroom while shouting, "my nose is bleeding again. Sorry, you will need to clean up the mess by yourself!"


    I didn't have much confidence in my lame performance. Who knows if my little sister believed or not. But it only happened in a split second, so probably she would not have too much suspicion. Since she hated me so much, she probably felt that if I had really discovered her secrets, there would've been no reason for me not to say anything. Alas, thinking about how she usually treated me, and how I treated her now, my heart just really ached.

    When I finally got out of the bathroom, Chu Yuan had already cleaned up ‘Die If Exposed.' After that, my stepmother led the porter to move to the desk she had ordered yesterday. Then we carried on cleaning up the room, having lunch, and carrying on cleaning up the room...

    Everything looked normal as if nothing had happened. It seemed that Chu Yuan really believed that I had not seen her secret.

    Eventually, my stepmother left reluctantly after we had dinner. After all, she and Chu Yuan had never separated before. Before she left, she repeatedly asked me to take care of myself and take care of my little sister. I almost felt like my head was going to fall on the ground after constant nodding.

    After dinner, Chu Yuan shut herself into the room, just like how she usually did at my parents' house. It was really a tiring day, and I still had to go to work tomorrow. I took a quick shower and went back to my room early.

    Lying in bed, I couldn't sleep; my sister's unhealthy preferences made me feel uneasy. I couldn't help but worry when I thought back to the covers of some DVDs. ‘Could it be that my little sister, who has just started to experience the feeling of love for the first time, actually likes women... No, no, no, lesbians are rare in real life, but…'

    I remembered hearing my old man say that my stepmother had been ruthlessly abandoned by her ex-husband. Chu Yuan had never seen her biological father since she was born. Before my stepmother remarried with my old man, my stepmother and Chu Yuan's lives were extremely difficult. ‘Is it possible that that kind of experience left a trauma in her mind, making her lose confidence in men?!'

    ‘It can't' be, it can't be. Just because she collects some lesbian videos... She even has several male-oriented adult magazines. Judging her sexual orientation from that would be too arbitrary…'

    ‘What if I find some time to talk to her? No, clearly, I didn't see anything. If I'm going to talk to her, then isn't it even more embarrassing for her? But if I don't talk to her…'

    Thinking about the news report that my old man read yesterday, I was absolutely horrified. My parents agreed to let her move here because they believed that I could take care of her. If my indulgence led her astray, even if my old man did not kill me himself, my stepmother's tears would drown me!


    ‘Oh, my lord~, Bodhisattva, Buddha, Jesus, and the Virgin Mary, who hasn't slept yet, please enlighten me and tell me what to do?'

    The struggle in my head made me feel tired and confused. I already began to drift between reality and dreams. While half-sleeping, I faintly heard some noises. However, my body was too sleepy to be able to react.

    The noises were very light as if they were made by a cat, slowly approaching me. Then the noises stopped, but my mattress seemed to have sunk in slightly. Then a delightful smell wafted into my nose, and a gentle, intermittent warm breeze was blown onto my face. This warm and little itchy feeling; this comfortable feeling...

    I suddenly opened my eyes, screaming in fear. The beautiful face of Chu Yuan was just right in front of my face. It was so close that the skin on my face could clearly feel her breath.

    "Yuanyuan?!" my voice was shaking. I sat up and raced toward the end of the bed, crossing my arms across my chest like a virgin who was being attacked by a pervert. My panic-stricken behavior embarrassed me. I blushed, "What are you doing in my room?!"

    Seeing that I woke up, Chu Yuan also panicked. However, surprisingly, she, who was sitting on the edge of the bed, suddenly jumped towards me, instead of running away.


    Her silky hair swept across my face, and her delicate body stretched out in the air gracefully, displaying the beauty of a soft body. Before I realized what happened, she was already squatting on my lower abdomen and pushing me back down onto my bed. Her sleek knees pressed my arms accurately, and her slender hands clutched my neck tightly.

    "You... did you see it?"

    ‘Er, yes, I saw it, it was the blue striped panties... no, not that!'

    I quickly moved my eyes away from my little sister's thighs. This girl was wearing a cute white sling short skirt pajamas. She did not realize that her indecent movement had exposed the scenery under the skirt.

    "See? What did I see?"

    "Don't play dumb with me!" Chu Yuan hissed. Seeing I was still looking at her, her little face was even rosier. Her beautiful eyes slightly moved away to avoid eye contact, and her voice was getting even lower. "You... you saw... you saw what's in that box, right?..." she stuttered.

    Shivers suddenly ran down my spine. The cold sweat began to appear on my face and run down from my cheek.

    ‘Is... Is she here to kill me?'