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Chapter 7

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 7: Chapter 7 My Beautiful Boss


    Brother Yang's vague words stirred my mind even during my lunch. I felt like I was chewing wax the whole time, unable to enjoy it at all.

    Liusu was still chattering next to me non-stop. However, I only responded absentmindedly, while thinking, ‘does she really like me?'

    At four o'clock in the afternoon; after I prepared my last document, I finished my work for the day. Stretching out comfortably, I got up, wanting to make a cup of tea, and then log in to "Qidian" to read some novels to kill some time. Unexpectedly, I bumped into someone.

    "Ah..." In a scream, the careless woman fell backward. I subconsciously reached out and grabbed her wrist.

    Surprisingly, with just a little force, a soft delicate body was pulled into my arms. As the elegant fragrance wafted into my nose, it was even better than the good Suzhou jasmine tea that I had stolen from my old man.

    "M... Ms. Mo?! " Oh my god, my frightened little heart was beating rapidly. The woman in my arms was the cold, elegant Mo Fei! Quickly moving back two steps, I was worried that she would mistakenly think that I was a lecher, who was taking advantage of her; but deep inside, I regretted it a lot. Her body was so soft, it smelled so good...

    "I, I'm sorry. Are you alright?"


    "I'm alright. It was my bad. I was too careless." Mo Fei felt embarrassed that she had fallen so unexpectedly into the arms of a man. The blush on her face disappeared in a flash, and then she took the initiative to apologize to me, "How about you? Are you alright, Chu Nan?"

    ‘She remembers my name!' I felt touched and was about to cry... Of course, from inside. You have to know that, most of our work and activities were centered around the other five groups. Except for the team leader, elder sister Liu, and the deputy team leader, elder brother Gao, other people had no chance to enter the office of Ms. Mo, let alone talk to her. Therefore, it was more than enough to make me feel happy that she could remember my name.

    "I'm alright. Ms. Mo. Are you here to get some documents?" The feeling of her soft and ample bosom still remained on my chest, making my whole body feel weak. ‘I am not gonna have a shower tonight!'

    "No, I have something urgent and I need to go out." Mo Fei quickly resumed her usual expression, and then clapped her hands to attract other people's attention, and then asked politely, "Excuse me! Can anyone drive?"

    ‘Driving? Could it be that she needs a driver? Oh, that's right. Mo Fei fired her assistant, who was also her part-time chauffeur, two days ago. However...' I was not a person who liked to be in the limelight. Although this was a good opportunity for me to stay with Mo Fei alone, it would be easily misunderstood by other people that I wanted the assistant's position.

    The reason why Liusu and I were not excluded by the senior staff after entering the company was that we were low-key enough. Although my old man was very old-fashioned, he often told me that I should restrain myself and do not show off my skills.

    "I can!" Mo Fei's voice had just faded, but Brother Yang's voice suddenly appeared in the crowd of people, who were eager to drive for Ms. Mo.

    Mo Fei usually gave people a feeling of indifference and harshness. She already made people feel like she was the type of person that was difficult to get along with. So people were more or less concerned that they might shoot themselves in the foot. But they didn't expect that when they were hesitant, brother Yang said it first.

    I was also quite surprised. Despite his dissolute lifestyle, Yang Wei knew his limits very well. Although he often talked and acted frivolously, everyone could see that he was a man who knew when to stop. For the women, who he couldn't pursue, he definitely wouldn't waste even just a little more energy. At this time, going out with Mo Fei was overtime for him. And you think that he was the type of guy, who would waste his time to pick up girls at work?

    Brother Yang's character, Mo Fei might have also heard it before. I noticed that she frowned slightly. But before she spoke, I heard Yang Wei say something that made everyone completely speechless, "I can drive, but I don't have a driving license."

    ‘Why did you even say it, if you didn't have a driving license? Are you playing with Ms. Mo?' When I glared at him, I saw him wink at me. Then he said loudly, "Chu Nan, I remember that you have a driving license and you are pretty good at it. You look quite free, why don't you go out with Ms. Mo?"


    ‘Brother, you are the best!' At this moment, I even wanted to kiss Yang Wei fiercely. He was truly my loyal brother. Not only did he seize the opportunity and pass it to me, but it also would not make other people think that I wanted the assistant's position. More importantly, it cleverly fulfilled my wishes.

    Although I was deeply moved, I still couldn't help but despise him. This rascal was definitely bullshiting with me this morning. If he really thought that Liusu liked me, why would he want to deliberately create a chance for me to get close to Mo Fei?

    Then I heard Mo Fei asking me, "Chu Nan, are you familiar with the road?"

    "Yes," I answered immediately, "I grew up in Bei Tian."

    "That's good," Mo Fei said. "Take your bag and once I finish my business, you can go home."

    Walking behind Mo Fei, I could not help but thank the assistant, who had been fired last week. No matter what mistakes she had made, she fulfilled a small dream of mine. I longed to be with Mo Fei alone; even if it was just for a business trip.

    Before going out, I saw Liusu was grinning, raising her thumb to me, and silently mouthing the word "good luck". See, I said that she was not into me. We were brothers, and we were the iron brothers who would bless each other when we found our dream lovers.

    Mo Fei's car was a white BMW. There was no special decoration inside the car, and the simple style was very in line with her character. Unlike her, my stepmother was almost 40 years old, but her car was packed with all the things that only little girls would like. Even my old man and I would feel embarrassed to sit in her car, let alone Chu Yuan.

    To my surprise, Mo Fei didn't sit in the back seat, but sat in the front passenger seat. The faint smell of her body was very clear. I was accustomed to office ladies, so I was very sure that it was absolutely not a perfume; it was her body fragrance.

    I was ashamed to feel that my lower abdomen was warming up. ‘Chu Nan, you are really a useless virgin. Why would you even get excited by the fragrance smell of a woman's body?'

    "Ms. Mo where do you want to go?"

    "Western Dafengmen, Garment Wholesale Market."


    Then it was silence; and I scolded myself secretly for being too dumb to be able to find a topic.

    "Chu Nan, your driving skill is pretty good. It is very steady." Maybe Mo Fei also didn't like the stagnant atmosphere, so she took the initiative to start the conversation.

    "Thank you." I felt in such a muddle. Alas, what a great opportunity. However, I could not find anything to say. Even just two words, I said it in a very stiff manner.

    Mo Fei was originally not a person who liked to talk. Seeing that as if I had no desire to talk, of course, she would also choose to be silent. The atmosphere was even more awkward than before. We went all the way silently to Dafengmen in the west of the city.

    ‘Oh God, please drop a bolt of lightning and kill me.'

    Because Western Dafengmen belonged to the outskirts of the city, it was surrounded by many villages and towns; roads were intricate, and slightly complex. Those who were not familiar with the area would easily get lost here. Even though I had been here several times already, I still almost drove past the place.

    After the car was parked in the garment wholesale market's outdoor parking lot, Mo Feil dialed the phone in the car.

    "I'm here. Where are you?" The tone of her voice was somewhat cold, and my eyebrows frowned slightly. I could not help wondering who was on the other end of the phone call, and why was Mo Fei asked to come to such a remote place.

    Dafengmen was a semi - lawless area with all kinds of bad people wandering in the area. As far as I know, the company had no business here.

    A woman with a slightly hoarse voice sounded on the phone; it was neither young nor polite, "There's an intersection two hundred meters west along the highway. There's a bathing center not far left. I'm waiting in the lobby. You can come now."

    "Bathing Center?" Mo Fei was obviously unhappy. "Why in that place?"

    "You'll know when you come here." The woman on the phone was unwilling to say more. She hung up straight away.

    After arriving at the door of the bathing center, my brows were pressed even closer. Although there were no signs saying that it was a very dodgy place, anyone would be able to feel that way. Maybe this was the so-called ominous feeling; and occasionally some strange girls hanging around the entrance of the bathing center were the source of this kind of feeling.

    "Chu Nan, wait here for me for a moment."

    "Ms. Mo, I'd better go with you." To be honest, I did not trust this place at all. I did not want anything to happen to the woman I secretly loved.

    "Thank you, but it's a private matter. You can wait for me." Mo Fei simply declined. She picked up the bag and got out of the car.

    ‘Private matter? What kind of private matter do you have in such a place?' Seeing Mo Fei, who was as noble as a Goddess to me, hurried into the bathing center, my heart was inexplicably filled with discomfort.

    ‘Who was the overbearing woman on the phone earlier?'

    To stop myself from thinking too much, I turned on the music in the car; a heavenly sound instantly made me feel calm. It was one of Wang Fei's songs - "Fleeting Years".

    "To fall in love with an angel's disadvantage..."

    "To use a kind of devil's language..."

    "God in the Cloud..."

    "Only blinked..."


    Before the song was even finished, and when I was still intoxicated by the song, I heard someone quarreling outside. Taking a look at it through the car window, the song was instantly ignored by me in the next second.

    At the door of the bathing center, Mo Fei was rudely pulled and pushed by a middle-aged woman; and she even slapped Mo Fei's face very heavily.