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Chapter 10

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 10: Chapter 10 A horrendous incident

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    "Huh! This was obviously caused by a slap. If it was a fight with a man, your face would have been swollen already." On the surface, my sister did not look very concerned, but I could clearly see that she was agitated. "By who? Is it Cheng Liusu, that crazy woman?"

    My face instantly dropped, and I said angrily, "Where are your manners! Who are you calling a crazy woman?!"

    When I was in college, because of family problems, I often felt depressed; which eventually led to a gloomy personality, disliking social interactions, and having zero friends. Until I met Liusu in college; her vivacious, cheerful, positive, and optimistic attitude affected me, and made the dark shadows gradually disappear from my inner world.

    I could not allow people to insult my best friend, even if it was my little sister!

    Chu Yuan was startled. She did not expect that I would suddenly get angry. After the shock, her face also changed, and she talked back, "Why are you giving me that attitude! Isn't that what she is!"

    I could accommodate her in everything, but this was the only thing that I could not give in. "She is my friend! Do not slander her!"

    Just because I didn't display my power like a tiger, she thought I was a cat. Chu Yuan had never seen me react like this before. Although on the surface, she talked back in a strong tone, inside, she was already anxious. "Talking about slander, you were the one who started it! Isn't that how you always call her!?"


    Her reply made me speechless. It was a fact that I could not argue...

    "I was joking. Moreover, we are the same age. I can say that, but you can't. You are still small," I collected myself and said calmly, "Yuanyuan, you have to call her elder sister, elder sister Cheng."

    "I am small?!" Chu Yuan completely ignored the latter half of my sentence. She stood on her toes, bent her slender body slightly backward. It seemed like she wanted to prove that I was wrong with her bulging chest. "How am I small! I'm warning you. Do not treat me as a child, I am not that naive!"

    When I was 16, the girls that were the same age as me were extremely shy. They were so scared that other people would notice their physiological developments. If anyone's eyes stayed on their chests longer than it should have, their faces would instantly become red. It was not like the kids nowadays at all.

    Just look at her. It was as if I was insulting her when I said that she was small. But based on the visual inspection, hers seemed to be indeed slightly bigger than Liusu's...


    "Okay, okay, I admit that you're not a child anymore. Are you happy now?" Since she now knew that she shouldn't say bad words about Liusu, I simply admitted defeat. Being questioned by her so close, my eyes didn't know where to look at, "I'll... Er... I'll go wash my hands."

    "I'm going back to my room! Huh!" This bratty girl didn't believe me at all. She simply spoke in a huff, turned around, and walked away. When she closed the door, the door frame almost fell down. God knew why she was so angry.

    I didn't feel anything earlier. But after she mentioned it, I felt a slight discomfort near the edge of my lips. It was a slight burning and swelling sensation.

    I gave an excuse and quickly sneaked into the bathroom to wash my hands. Looking in the mirror, inside the left corners of my mouth, there was a small wound. But blood had already dried up and formed a black scab. Without paying attention to it, it was very hard to notice it.

    While I was thinking that Chu Yuan was overreacting to a small thing, an upset feeling also appeared within me.

    I really hoped that Mo Fei could slap me harder to make me hate her, so that I wouldn't feel any attachment to her, if she kicked me out of the company tomorrow.

    ‘Alas, attachment…' The thought of unable to work with Liusu suddenly made me feel even heavier. ‘Huh? Why am I thinking about her?' I hurriedly poured cold water on my face and thought, ‘Dammit, I am thinking too much now.'

    Shaking my hands, I turned around and wanted to get the towel to wipe my face, but then I was stunned to discover that there were four towels hanging next to the washbasin. Only after a while did I realise that three of them belonged to Chu Yuan.


    Both of our towels were bought by my stepmother. The style of our towels was exactly the same. At the moment, this gave me a lot of headache.

    The red one and the yellow one in the middle were definitely Chu Yuan's towels. However, there were two white towels; and only one of them was mine; but which one? I couldn't tell at all. Chu Yuan had just taken a bath. The hot steam in the bathroom was heavy. Both towels were damp. Eventually, I chose the one that was on the left.


    Before I could wipe my face dry completely, I heard a scream made by Chu Yuan, and then the sound of something being smashed.

    ‘What happened?' I had no time to think, and hurriedly rushed to the door. Just as I touched the handle, something unexpected happened.

    "Don't look!!!"

    ‘Don't look?' I suddenly stopped; and before I had time to respond, my forehead was hit by the door that was suddenly opened. It was so hard that I fell backward.

    Moreover, Chu Yuan, who rushed in hurriedly also fell forward and landed on top of my body. Because of inertia and wet floor, I was pushed even further backward, sliding across the bathroom, and with my head directly hit the edge of the bathtub in the end.

    While I was still feeling dizzy and painful, I saw a few pieces of clothes slowly fall down.

    ‘What is that?' After I grabbed a small piece of clothes that had fallen on my face, I looked at it. ‘Oh my god. It's underwear!'


    A pure cotton texture feeling; and it was blue striped. ‘Wasn't this the one that Chu Yuan was wearing yesterday?!'

    Looking left and right, it turned out that when I fell, I also knocked over the bamboo basket that was used to keep dirty clothes beside the bathtub. In addition to the clothes that Chu Yuan had been wearing yesterday, there were pajamas, a pair of underwear, and cute bras.

    ‘Really! Is it really necessary to do all of this just to prevent me from seeing your underwear? Are you trying to murder me?' While feeling as if there was a small hill pressing against my aching chest, I struggled to help Chu Yuan, who also groaned in pain, to sit up.

    Seeing I was holding her underwear, this bratty girl sntached it and hid behind her back, while her little face was red with embarrassment. Instead of getting off me, she even threw a punch at me. "You... You pervert!"

    "I'm a pervert?" My left hand was pressed down by Chu Yuan's thigh, unable to move. After receiving several blows, I used my right hand to grab her wrist, and smiled helplessly. "If you had not pushed the door in so suddenly, I wouldn't have been able to notice that there were clothes in the basket. Moreover, we are siblings, why are you scared of me seeing your underwear? And I'm not a pervert who would pick it up and smell it."

    "You're a pervert! You did not smell it?!" Chu Yuan must have seen her underwear fall on my face earlier.

    Facing such blunt personal attacks, I was exasperated. I immediately responded, "It's not clean stuff, why would I smell it?"

    "You... Yours is not clean!" Chu Yuan was even angrier. She even wanted to continue using violence, but I was holding her wrist, so she could not move. "Let go of me. You pervert! Sicko!"

    Pain was all over my body, as if my bones wanted to come apart. I just wanted to quickly get up, so I said sourly, "If I'm a pervert, then you are a female pervert."

    "You!!!" Chu Yuan's eyes were instantly wide open as if she was going to turn into a Super Saiyan.

    "In less than twenty-four hours, you have already pushed me over and sat on top of me two times. If you are not a pervert, then what is it?" I knew this bratty girl's tsundere temperament very well, so my tone became softer; and I smiled and coaxed her, "Alright, I was joking with you. We are a family. Don't think too much. Ouch. My dear little sister, please get up. This big brother is almost squashed by you."

    However, I didn't expect that those words would offend this bratty girl again. Chu Yuan had already lifted her butt, but hearing those words, she suddenly sat down very hard again. It almost made me stop breathing. "Am I very heavy?!"

    "No... Not heavy, not heavy." I tried very hard to swallow back the painful scream, and hurriedly beg for mercy, "your body is as light as a bird, very soft as if there are no bones; you can even dance on one's palm; and even the masters who were skilled in lightness skill would be ashamed of calling themselves masters after seeing you... light, very very light... "


    Chu Yuan was indeed not really heavy, but it was still 45kg. If she really danced on my stomach, she would definitely squeeze out all my intestines.

    Actually, when I still lived with my family two years ago, Chu Yuan didn't mind that I saw her underwear. Maybe she was just not used to suddenly living with me alone. I also didn't feel any awkwardness when I saw her dressed in thin clothes back then. Probably, we still needed some time to get used to living with each other. After all, without having my parents around, the relationship between me and my little sister would become slightly strange.

    Chu Yuan also seemed to understand that she had made a big deal out of a trivial matter, so she stood up in a sulky manner. Stretching out one of her hands, originally she wanted to pull me up, but before I even lifted my arm, she suddenly moved back her hand. She quickly picked up the underwear on the ground, put them in the basket while pretending that she was very calm, and said, "I will leave my clothes here and wash them tomorrow evening. Is... Is your head alright?"

    ‘Alright? It is already swollen. How can it be alright?' However, thinking that the relationship between us was finally and slightly getting better, I held the pain and said, "It's not a big deal. I just need to apply some discutient liquid."


    "Do you have any at home?"


    Chu Yuan rolled her eyes. "I knew it. I got some in my room."

    "Oh." I felt like an idiot as if I was not her elder brother, but her little brother. Just when I was about to leave the bathroom, I realized that my left hand was still holding that the white towel, so I just casually hung it back.

    Turning around, I saw Chu Yuan staring at me with a shocked face. "You, you used this towel?!"

    "Uh-huh. I need to clean my face. What's wrong?" I asked in confusion.