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Chapter 12

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 12: Chapter 12 Show Her A Kiss


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    Chapter 12 Show Her A Kiss

    "I'm just an ordinary worker in the eyes of Ms. Mo. What do you think can happen to us?" Instead of defending myself, I asked them a question and pretended to smile calmly, "you are saying it as if you saw it with your own eyes... "

    "I didn't see it with my own eyes, but something dodgy must have happened between you two. What? You don't want us to know?" Liusu's eyes flickered with ridicule, giving me a very conflicting feeling, and making me confused about what she meant. It seemed that she was not looking forward to my answer, but was forced to carry on asking me questions by the current situation.

    Whether she was really interested in it or not, this could be left aside for now; but her questions put me in a dilemma. I was afraid that she was going to find out.

    It was impossible for me to admit that I had been slapped by Ms. Mo. It would be very embarrassing. Telling them that I slapped Ms. Mo's mother? It was even more impossible. They would only treat it as a joke. But saying nothing would only be mistaken by them as me acquiescing to the so-called dodgy things.

    "There was nothing dodgy going on. Liusu. You are thinking too much." Even I myself also felt that my response was very weak, let alone brother Wei and Liusu.

    Although Liusu, this bratty girl might look like a carefree person, she was actually very attentive. Her sharp eyes locked on my face and made me feel very uncomfortable. Seeing her putting on an unnatural smile, she suddenly asked, "Why didn't you answer my phone call last night?"


    "Your phone call?" I was stumped, and then quickly realized. ‘No wonder she asked those questions. So she called me last night!'

    Brother Wei gasped in shock. "Brother Nan, I really have underestimated you. Did you really stay with Ms. Mo for the whole night last night?!"


    "You guys are thinking too much." I quickly interrupted their increasingly wild imagination, "I was only asked to help pick up a person yesterday, and then I left my cell phone and briefcase in the car. I did not know you called me."

    Liusu was dazed. "Really?"

    "Why do I need to lie to you? Liusu, why do I feel like you are acting like a dissatisfied housewife, who is suspecting her husband of cheating on her, right now?"

    In the past, Liusu and I often made similar jokes to each other, so I did not think too much about it. Because I wanted to end the topic, so I blurted it out from habit. Then I suddenly remembered the words that brother Wei had said yesterday; my heart began to beat faster uncontrollably.

    Looking at Liusu again, her pink face instantly blushed. Being made fun of in front of Yang Wei, no matter how thick her skin was, she still couldn't take it. She quickly reached out her hands, wanting to scratch my head. "You are a dissatisfied housewife. How dare you make fun of this granny? Ha! Take my tiger claw!"

    "Ha ha ha..." Yang Wei laughed loudly and shook his head. This was brother Wei, always liked to joke around. He didn't believe that something would happen between me and Ms. Mo at all. Therefore, he just ignored us and went to look for the two pretty girls in the investment department.


    When Liusu and I were exchanging martial arts techniques, the team leader, elder sister Liu, came over.

    "Chu Nan, please sort out this document and make two copies. The original copy needs to be archived. The new copies should be sent to the operation team and the project team before noon; and..." Elder sister Liu paused, and then suddenly flicked both my and Liusu's foreheads, and then smiled. "No matter how sweet your relationship is, can you stop cuddling each other all day long? It doesn't look very good in the office. At least, find somewhere that doesn't have other people. You see, even I am blushing just by looking at you two."

    Liusu quickly loosened the hand that pinched my face and scratched her head in embarrassment. "Elder sister Liu, we are just playing. It's not like what you think."

    "Oh? Hehe..." Elder sister Liu teased Liusu intentionally, and gave an ambiguous facial expression. "What do I think?"

    Liusu was speechless. She secretly glanced at me. Noticing that I was also looking at her, her face became even redder. "You... Stop it... "

    "Even if it is like what you think, we don't mind it." My skin was much thicker than Liusu's, so I helped her out of embarrassment. "Elder sister Liu is much more experienced than us. What kind of things has she not seen? How could she blush over this? I do not believe it. Come on, Liusu; let's show her a kiss and see if elder sister Liu will really blush so easily."


    "Go to hell, you idiot!" Although this bratty girl liked to play around, she was not as shameless as me. Disliking the joke I made, she kicked my leg. Although she did not use much strength, the area she kicked was the same area that Chu Yuan had kicked last night. It was so painful that my tears almost fell down.

    "You little brat. You're the only one who dares to make fun of me." Elder sister Liu pretended that she was going to hit me with the document, but in the end, she only placed it lightly on my desk. "Joke aside, don't delay the task I gave you. Otherwise, I'll not let you off easily."

    I endured the pain and promised, "Don't worry. I'll get it done properly."

    Elder sister Liu's full name is Liu Xinlei. She was thirty-four this year. She was a kind-hearted, beautiful, and humble person, and a diligent worker. Moreover, she also got along well with everyone. However, she didn't know how to make the most of her looks. In the words of Yang Wei: "If she dressed herself up and put on makeup, she would look like a 24 years old woman, but she has to make herself look like a 42 years old woman instead."

    She was mature, sophisticated, and slightly conservative, and old fashioned. It was probably because of this that she liked playful, outgoing, and cheerful Liusu. Maybe she yearned to become a kind of person like Liusu, but because of her nature, she could do much but envy Liusu.

    "Hey, Nannan." As soon as Elder sister Liu left, Liusu once again approached me. "You really didn't stay with Ms. Mo last night?"

    "Oh my god. Can you stop?" I pretended that I was focusing on looking through the document, and then jokingly said, "Don't tell me that... you are actually jealous?"

    "Get lost, why do I need to feel jealous? Because of you? You and I are best buddies, and if you make this kind of joke again, I'll get angry."

    "So you weren't angry earlier?" I looked calm, but in my heart, I wanted to see if she really liked me.

    "What I was angry at was that you didn't answer my call," Liusu answered indignantly, "...Ignoring the best buddy after starting to date someone; if you were me, would you not get angry?"

    What Liusu said made sense, and her facial expression was also very natural. It seemed like I was thinking too much. Just at this moment, the voice of elder sister Liu appeared from a place not far from us. "Good morning, Ms. Mo."

    I trembled with a start, and stood up at the same time with Liusu. Turning around, I saw Ms. Mo dressed in a beige colored suit, walking quickly towards us with a cold face.

    Different than before, she wasn't wearing glasses today, which made her eyes look sharper. When she saw me, her eyes flashed with a somewhat complex expression; and she then immediately looked away. Like a cold wind with snow, she hurriedly walked through the office area, leaving just a chilly feeling behind; she didn't even greet other employees.

    ‘It's over. She is still angry. It seems that today I am definitely going to be fired.'


    "Huh?" Liusu prodded me, "Nannan, the briefcase in Ms. Mo's hand is yours. Why didn't she give it back to you?"

    "I don't know. Probably, she is embarrassed to do it in front of everyone." I only paid attention to her facial expression, so I didn't notice other things at all. Anyway, since I was already prepared to leave, I was also too lazy to think so much. As I wanted to divert the subject, I suddenly remembered the thing that made Chu Yuan angry last night. "Liusu, let me ask you a question."

    Liusu sat back in her chair, and turned on the computer. "What is it... Huh? What happened to your forehead?"

    "Nothing. It was an accident." The swelling part of my forehead was covered by my hair earlier, so Liusu only just noticed it now. But I couldn't wait to solve the mystery that had puzzled me all night last night.

    "What if... I mean, what if you had three towels; one for your face, one for your feet, and one for your bath; if I used one of them, which one of them would make you feel embarrassed or even angry?"

    "Oh my. You are so naughty... I am a girl; of course, no matter which one you used, I'll still be embarrassed." This bratty girl used both her hands to cover her cheek, acting like a shy lady. It even gave me goosebumps.

    "Seriously?" I was still confused. "Then, which one would make you embarrassed the most?"

    "Isn't that obvious? Of course, it would be the bath towel- Ah!" Liusu suddenly woke up, and threw her pink fist at me and grumbled, "are you playing with me again?"

    "No." I blocked Liusu's fist, and still asked in confusion, "Normally, it should be the one that is used to clean feet, right?..."

    "Are you pretending to be naive or are you trying to flirt with me?" Liusu made a pose of wanting to punch me in the face, I hurriedly covered my face. But all of sudden, her expression was changed.

    Slowly putting down her hand, she looked at the bump on my forehead and said, "Nannan, you really didn't stay with Ms. Mo last night?"

    ‘Why is she asking me this question again?' I replied irritably, "I really didn't stay with her last night. Why do you keep asking the same question?"


    "Okay, okay, I won't ask anymore." There was a faint strangeness flickering on Liusu's face; and then she returned to normal. Sliding her chair back to her desk, she began to move her mouse and browse the news.

    Just when I was relieved, she said, "Nannan, we are buddies right?"

    Without thinking, I said, "Yes, we are best buddies."

    "If you want to chase Ms. Mo, I will cheer you on. I will also be happy for you if she really goes out with you. So, you don't have to hide anything from me."

    Liusu's words were so baffling that they made me extremely confused. But she was attracted by the news she was reading, and stopped talking. The words I was about to say were also stopped in my throat, because of the subtle change of the atmosphere.

    ‘This bratty girl. What is wrong with her today?' I could not help but wonder. The way she acted was very unusual.