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Chapter 13

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 13: Chapter 13 Pure

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    Chapter 13 Pure

    Although this might be the last day for me to stay at Fengchang Corporate Group, I still finished my work diligently. I didn't want to be the cause of burden to other colleagues in the general operation team because of what would happen to me.


    What must be, must be. Seeing the second hand of the clock arriving at the last rotation before the finishing time, I realized that the time has finally come.

    Liusu was ready to go home. "Nannan, there's a new barbecue restaurant outside my block. Let's have a drink tonight."

    Before I replied, Song Jia, the young secretary of Ms. Mo, appeared behind us secretly, "Chu Nan, Ms. Mo wants you in her office."

    I shrugged my shoulders to Liusu. Knowing that I was about to lose my job, actually, I indeed wanted to drink away my sorrows with Liusu, but thinking about the bratty girl at the home... ‘Alas, maybe another day. I already went home late yesterday, it would be inexcusable to be late again tonight.'

    "Oh, right, your briefcase is still with Ms. Mo," said Liusu, who simply thought that Mo Fei wanted to return my briefcase. "I'll wait for you, but do hurry up."


    "Susu, no need to wait for him, Ms. Mo probably needs him to be her chauffeur," Song Jia patted my shoulder without any concerns, while showing an ambiguous smile. The two shallow dimples on her baby face were very lovely, "Brother Nannan, your future is very bright, I believe in you..."


    This implied that I was likely to get a promotion to be the assistant. Only until today did I know that, the rumor that Ms. Mo wanted to promote an assistant from the general operation team, came from this girl. If I had known that it was this girl, I wouldn't have believed it.

    "Haha. It's useless to believe in me. I can't afford to buy you chocolates anymore. However, you can eat me instead. Maybe I suit your taste more." Song Jia and I were about the same age, and we joined the company at the same time, so we had a lot of common topics. The thing that I liked Ms. Mo was her, who told Liusu and Yang Wei.

    "Get lost, I think it is you who wants to eat me, right? Don't even think about it." Song Jia flicked my forehead and said, "Hurry up. Ms. Mo seems to be in a hurry."

    ‘In a hurry? Maybe she's in a hurry to fire me…'

    Hearing what Song Jia said, Liusu also urged me, "If that's the case, then hurry up. We can have dinner another day. Quick, quick, don't let Ms. Mo wait for long."

    "Mhm..." I responded reluctantly and thought, ‘I thought we are best buddies? Why are you rushing me to get fired?' I was not in the mood to explain it to her now because I didn't want to make her upset; so I simply said bye to her while thinking that when we met again, it would not be here anymore.

    "Nannan, Good luck, and don't waste this opportunity again!" Liusu still did not forget to encourage me. I did not know if I was seeing things, she, who was walking to the door, slightly turned her head and looked at me. That look, faintly flashed a few strange expressions that I couldn't tell what it was...


    "Ms. Mo, Chu Nan is here."

    "Okay, JiaJia, you can finish work now."

    As soon as I walked into the office, I felt a chill. The high back luxury executive chair made Mo Fei look slightly petite. However, her indifferent expression, and cold and elegant disposition would only make people sigh with mixed emotions that she had a kind of innate imposing manner of a natural leader.

    On the desk before her neatly placed a few piles of thick files; her bag was on the desk, giving people a feeling that she was going to leave the office.

    Song Jia winked at me facetiously before walking out of the office, and closing the door.

    I was doomed to be fired anyway, and I disdained to act like a resentful woman, who tried to make it right again. If there was no place for me here, I could always go somewhere else. I wanted to leave a wonderful aloof and charming shadow of my back to the woman I liked. At least, it might make my name stay in her mind longer.

    After thinking it through, I suddenly felt like I was freed from any kind of constraints, so I sat down in a chair opposite her desk before Mo Fei said anything.

    Mo Fei didn't expect that I would be so casual in front of her, and she was slightly surprised.

    I didn't want to beat around the bush, fearing that the longer I stayed the more I didn't want to leave; so I just asked directly, "Ms. Mo, if you have something that you need to say to me, you can say it straightforwardly. I know what I have done, so no matter what kind of decision you have made, I will accept it. I won't cause any trouble for you."

    Those were my honest words. If Mo Fei wanted to fire me, she definitely would not use the excuse that I had slapped her mother to fire me, because that was personal matters; so she had to find other excuses to fire me. However, that was the last thing I wanted to see.

    In my mind, Mo Fei was an upright, and courageous woman. I didn't want to destroy her perfect image in my mind.

    As if the air was frozen, without the glasses, I could see the surprise in her eyes; which slightly made me feel proud of myself for saying those words. She was a clever woman, she definitely understood what I meant; and because she was a clever woman, that was why she was particularly surprised how straightforward I was.

    You have to know that there were many people, who dreamt of getting into Fengchang Corporate Group; and to her surprise, I would give it up so easily.

    After half a moment of silence, Mo Fei's face restored calmness. She was not angry, nor agitated. She was surprisingly calm; and she just asked softly, "So, you will listen to and do whatever I say?"

    Although I felt that Mo Fei's response was very strange, I still nodded, "Yes."

    "Okay then," Mo Fei suddenly smiled. It was like a spring breeze blew past me, making my heart skip a beat. Then I saw her pull my briefcase out of the desk drawer, got up, and walked over to me. After shoving the briefcase and car key into my hand, she said, "let's go."

    "Go?" I was confused, "Go where?"

    "Dinner," Mo Fei's face was filled with the expression of ‘where else do you think it's gonna be?'; and she simply pulled me up, "Didn't you just say that you will do anything I said? Don't tell me that you regretted it now?"

    "Dinner? Wait, wait..." My mind was in such a muddle that I completely did not understand the situation. "You... Don't you want to fire me?"

    The edge of Mo Fei's lips revealed an "as I expected" expression. However, she simply asked me, "There is no problem with your work. Why do I need to fire you?"

    "Stop teasing me, Ms. Mo." I didn't like the way she avoided my question, so I pushed her hands, which were still holding my arm, away gently, and said straightforwardly, "I slapped your mom yesterday..."

    "That's why I need to buy you dinner."


    Seeing that I gasped in confusion, Mo Fei seemed to have realized that her words were very misleading. Her face instantly blushed; and she quickly waved her hands. "No, that's not what I mean... I, I can't explain it in just a few sentences, I'll tell you in detail during the dinner. What? You don't like to have dinner with me?"

    "No, of course not!" I was very spineless. Mo Fei's panic-stricken look was so cute. It made my heart thump rapidly. How on earth was I able to refuse her invitation while seeing such a cute face of her; and probably, apart from me, no one else has ever seen the cute side of Ms. Mo.

    ‘I'm so lucky…'


    Light rain pattered the city, making the air extremely refreshing. With the cool breeze, the breath of spring permeated every corner of the city. Outside the car window, people traveled in a hurry; they were either in a hurry to go home or busy with work. Although they were on the same street, they had different moods with them while traveling hurriedly.

    In the quiet car sounded Wang Fei's ethereal song; it was clear and soft, ethereal and intoxicating. I was patiently waiting for the traffic lights to turn clumsily and slowly, and couldn't help humming along with the song.

    I was currently in a great mood. The noises outside had nothing to do with me. I was overwhelmed with joy and unbridled anticipation. I did not expect that not only Ms. Mo did not fire me, but she also took the initiative to invite me to dinner. Although the reason was not clear, the room for my wild fantasy was even broader; whether it was pure, lewd, or...

    Perhaps because of the relaxed atmosphere, sitting in the passenger seat, Mo Fei also could not help but hum along with a few words. When she finally realized what she did, she carefully glanced at me; while her face was rose-red as if the freezing iceberg was also melted by the spring rain.

    "Chu Nan, what do you like to eat?"

    Having dinner with a pretty girl, no matter what food it would be, it would still be tasty.

    "I am not fussy, but the simpler the better. Ms. Mo, to be honest with you, I'm not a high-class man; I'm really not used to the dishes that are served at those luxury restaurants. I hope you won't laugh at me because of this."

    Although it was the truth, there were also other reasons. Firstly, I would feel very bad that Ms. Mom bought me a very expensive dinner; secondly, there were so many rules in those luxury restaurants. I was already nervous enough; so I needed some relaxing environment, where it would be better for me to chat with Ms. Mo.

    "Hehe. Why would I laugh at you? Actually, I am also the same," Mo Fei said with a sigh of relief. She then smiled and carried on, "Let's go to a dumpling place I know. To be honest, I was actually afraid that you were going to mention some expensive restaurants."


    It was very rare to see Mo Fei in the mood for a joke; so of course, I would not pretend to be a boring guy like the last time. "Ms. Mo, you are the general manager of the investment department of Fengchang Corporate Group. Having this kind of achievement at such a young age, you are doing great in your life. Why are you scared of me selecting some expensive restaurants? It is not like I, a little caterpillar, will make you bankrupt over a meal."

    A cold wind suddenly blew past Mo Fei's face; and then she began to smile unnaturally. It made my heart sink instantly. While I was still trying to figure out what I said wrong, Mo Fei asked, "You also like Wang Fei's songs?"