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Chapter 14

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 14: Chapter 14 Beautiful Boss

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    Chapter 14 Beautiful Boss

    ‘Why did she mention Wang Fei all of sudden?' The topic jumped so quickly that I was a little confused, but I answered, "Hmm... I don't really like listening to music; I just think that her singing voice sounds like my little sister's."

    Mo Fei was slightly interested. "You have a little sister?"

    I nodded. "Sixteen, still studying in high school."

    Mo Fei covered her mouth in surprise. "Sixteen! So little?"

    I shook my head with a bitter smile. "I said she was little, yesterday. She almost ate me."


    "Really? Haha. That's really cute. Haha..." Mo Fei let out a series of charming giggles. It was very natural, and not pretentious. It was so sweet to the ear that if my ears could drool, they would drool all over the place.


    "She must be very beautiful."

    "How do you know?" Although I didn't like Chu Yuan's character, I had always been proud of having such a beautiful little sister.

    Mo Fei stared at my face for a moment. "You are also quite good-looking..." As soon as she said it, she realized that she was praising the look of the opposite sex; it instantly made her blush.

    Physical appearance was an important part of a good impression. Mo Fei's inadvertent compliment made my heart beat rapidly. it was like violent waves surging one after another. But fearing that this kind of reaction would make her feel embarrassed, my face was very natural. "I am good-looking? Haha. Ms. Mo. You are the first one who said so to me."

    "Ah... How come?" Mo Fei covered her mouth with both hands and blushed even more. With this kind of reaction, it was undoubtedly that she really thought that my appearance was not bad.

    However, looking at her embarrassed reaction and slightly angry look, she probably thought that I was teasing her.

    Even if I was a thick-skinned person, I also felt embarrassed. After all, I was still self-aware enough to tell that although my look was just slightly above average men, it was still the type that would be easily forgotten by other people after they stopped interacting with me.

    So I did not know if Mo Fei was just being nice, or her aesthetic standards were relatively low...

    I pretended that I did not notice her shy look, and said in a deep, and painful voice, "Well, if you saw my little sister, you'll know how ugly I look. It is like the difference between a swan and a toad. Sigh..."

    "Are you not exaggerating?" Noticing that it did not look like I was teasing her, the little anger in both eyes of Mo Fei slowly faded.

    She then said, "It looks like you really like your little sister."

    I almost switched to the wrong gear after I heard it. "What makes you think that way?"

    "Your eyes," Mo Fei said with confidence. "When you talked about your little sister, your eyes would light up; and there was something in your eyes; I think that's probably the love within a family, right?..."

    I didn't sleep much last night, so when she mentioned that my eyes would light up; and there was something in my eyes, I naturally thought that it might be eye boogers.

    I could not help but shiver a little. But what I did not notice was that there was a faint trace of sadness and loneliness slowly fading away in Mo Fei's eyes.


    We arrived at a small restaurant called Zhuoya Dumpling Restaurant. It was not big; and the decoration was average, but it was clean and tidy. It was almost full of customers inside the restaurant; it was enough to prove that this shop was very popular.

    Regardless of body shape, appearance, and temperament, Mo Fei was destined to become the most dazzling star in any venue; therefore, I could only be innocently submerged in all kinds of cursing glares when standing next to her.

    ‘Screw you all. You guys are just envious.'

    Mo Fei perhaps was also aware of her own charm; so she chose a corner seat near the window. Finally, it was not that eye-catching anymore.

    After pushing the menu back and forth several times, she told the waitress, who was eyeing us up and down ambiguously, to serve some of the dishes that she usually ate and some dumplings.

    "I'm sorry, Chu Nan. I shouldn't have slapped you yesterday." As soon as the dishes were served, Mo Fei said while raising her glass, and added, "I will drink this glass of beer as an apology. I hope you can forgive me."

    ‘Hmm... Drinking before eating anything?' I quickly raised my glass in a hurry. "Ms. Mo, It was actually my fault. I shouldn't have hit your mom... I mean auntie... I should apologize to you and auntie."

    "You did not do anything wrong. It was her fault," Mo Fei said, shaking her head in a bitter smile. "I knew you were trying to protect me... "

    ‘Then why did you slap me? I have been feeling guilty all day and all night because I thought that you didn't know what I was doing.' Hearing what Mo Fei said, I was speechless.


    "Chu Nan. If you are willing to forgive me, then please drink the beer with me; but if you are still feeling aggrieved, then..." Mo Fei closed her eyes, and turned her face slightly sideways and said, "you can slap me back."

    I would not even slap her privately, let alone doing it in a public place like a restaurant. Besides, what would it make me look like if I did it in front of everyone? I was a man, how could I be so petty-minded?

    However, looking at Mo Fei's cute, and nervous look, I couldn't deny that I felt a strong urge to take my hands out. Don't get me wrong. I did not want to slap her, but just simply touch her face.

    I gulped down the beer and said, "Ms. Mo. Do I look like a petty-minded person to you? I'm already thankful that you didn't fire me. How would I have grievance toward you?"

    Mo Fei was dazed for a second, and then followed me to gulp down the beer. After putting down the glass, her delicate brows were pressed closely together. Using the back of her hand to wipe her cherry mouth, her eyes seemed to have tears.

    Seeing I was gawking at her, she was embarrassed and said, "Sorry. This is the first time I drink beer..."

    ‘Are you kidding me? If you can't drink, why did you force yourself?' I quickly handed her a napkin. "I'll order you a soft drink... "

    "No need," Mo Fei said and stopped me. She then proceeded to pour more beer into the glass. "I sincerely want to apologize to you. It is not appropriate to drink soft drinks."

    "But you also don't have to drink alcohol," I said while wondering if it was Mo Fei who did not know the common social interaction etiquette; or it was me who did know the social interaction etiquette of the upper class. "Actually, I don't like drinking beer..."

    Nowadays, it was very rare to see a man who did not drink. Mo Fei was staring at the empty glass that still had white foam in front of me while biting her lips. The corner of her mouth still had a faint of stubbornness and unhappiness.

    "You do not need to accommodate me." After all, she was still a strong woman. She thought that I was looking down on her. "You don't need to drink first. Let me drink three glasses first as a punishment."

    I couldn't even stop her. She hadn't eaten anything yet, but a bottle of beer was already finished by her. "Ms. Mo. Why do you have to do this? I really have no grievance towards you."

    Watching Mo Fei trying very hard to force herself to drink repeatedly, I had a vague feeling that something was not right with her tonight.

    "I blame myself..." Mo Fei really could not drink. Her cheeks had already turned red. But she still filled her glass with beer again, and looked at me, while her watery eyes had some guilt. "Chu Nan. The woman you hit yesterday; do you know who she is?"

    ‘Isn't that obvious?' But I thought that probably Mo Fei needed some topic to talk about, so I just nodded and said, "She is your mother."

    "Yeah, she's my mom... Yesterday afternoon, she suddenly called me and said that her wallet had been stolen. She said that she was at Western Dafengmen, and could not get back. She wanted me to pick her up, but I was not familiar with the area, so I asked you to help me, but..." Mo Fei's voice became quieter and quieter until it was like a noise that mosquitoes would make.

    Probably, she did not know how to continue; she gulped another glass of beer to encourage herself; and after a while, she finally said, "She lied to me..."

    By this time, I could already tell what happened. "She's gotten into trouble with those gang members, hasn't she?"

    "Yes," Mo Fei did not deny it. Since she finally decided to say it, the following conversion was very smooth. "She owed a lot of money to the casino, and was detained by the people in the casino."

    ‘That bitch! She really deserved that slap!'

    She must be afraid that if she told Mo Fei the truth, Mo Fei would definitely not show up; so she lied to Mo Fei. She clearly wanted Mo Fei to pay off her debt, but Mo Fei did not want to. Then the argument happened.

    ‘That bitch!'

    The more I thought about it the angrier I was. No wonder when I slapped her, she was crying, and making a fuss on the ground; and when Ms. Mo said that she was going to take her home, she did not cause any more troubles; so she was using me as a shield.

    "At that time, my mind was in a muddle; and I could not think of anything straight. The more I thought about it on the way back, the more afraid I was. Staying at that kind of place alone, I was worried something would happen to you; so I immediately called you, but then I found out that your phone and briefcase were in my car..."

    Mo Fei's voice was shaking as if she was still scared that something might've happened to me. "I was very scared; and after I sent my mom home, I went back to the place, but you were not there anymore..."

    Hearing this, I felt much better now; so she was still worried about me and even drove back to that place for me.

    "Chu Nan. They did not do anything do you, right?"

    "Of course, they did." I tried to frighten Mo Fei, but when I saw her panicking face, I smiled, and said, "But they are not capable of making me stay there. Hehe."

    "Whew... you really scared me..." Mo Fei let out a sigh of relief. Her ample bosom was bouncing under her fine jade-like hands, making me want to put my hands on them as well.

    Staring at my forehead, her bright eyes flashed the light of guilt and moving. I was so ashamed to tell her that the bump on my forehead had actually been caused by my little sister.


    "Chu Nan, let me propose a toast to you again." Mo Fei seemed to have become addicted to drinking beer. I could not help but suddenly quiver; the way she acted right now was exactly like Liusu. "You don't know how nervous I was last night. I didn't know where you live, and also had no other way to contact you, so I did not dare to switch off your mobile phone. I was hoping that you would call back, but..."

    Mo Fei's expression suddenly became very strange; and only after a while did she say, "The phone did ring, but it was Cheng Liusu from the general operation team..."

    "You answered it?"

    "No," Mo Fei said, not daring to look me in the eye like a child, who had done something bad. "I'm sorry. It was already nine o'clock at that time. I was worried that it might cause some misunderstanding, so... I just switched the phone off."

    I was completely at a loss for words.