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Chapter 16

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 16: Chapter 16 the encounter with a young female police officer on the road (part 1)


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    Chapter 16 the encounter with a young female police officer on the road (part 1)

    Mo Fei was so drunk, and tired from crying that she fell asleep on the table!

    ‘Am I supposed to take her home? But where does she live?'

    Fortunately, she had not completely fallen asleep. After I repeatedly asked her where she lived, she finally spat out an address - Dongcheng District, Rose Garden Community.

    I knew that place; it was no more than three kilometers from the restaurant.

    Originally, it was supposed to be Mo Fei who bought me dinner, but in the end, it was me who paid the bill. I half carried and half held her to get in the car.

    The rain had already stopped. The cool night wind swept past my face. I patted my face; the dizziness in my head faded a lot. ‘It's okay. I can still drive.' My drinking skill had been trained by Liusu, but I never expected that it would become useful one day.


    Because it was not a busy area, and there was not much traffic on the road, I was driving carefully with both windows down; while occasionally glancing at Mo Fei, who was sleeping beside me with her head tilted to one side. My heart was throbbing constantly.

    Her pink face was as tender as water jade; there were still two crystal tears hanging below her two long eyelashes; the cherry-like mouth was slightly open, and her thin lips were glowing the moist sheen, like the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden, making me want to pick and taste it.

    After drinking too much alcohol, Mo Fei had already unbuttoned the top two buttons of her shirt during the dinner. A drop of sweat ran down from her face, landed on her slender snow-white neck, climbed over her sexy collarbone, and disappeared in her shirt. The towering chest rose and fell with each breath; it was truly breathtaking. I really wished that I were that happy little drop of sweat.

    Alcohol was the drug that seduced human evil desire. At this moment, even if I did something to her, probably no one would know, right?

    My heart was jumping nervously and excitedly. I tried very hard to swallow. God knows where I got the courage from, I actually put my thought into action, and wanted to touch Mo Fei's chest!

    Just then, a glistening tear fell on my fingertips. As her dainty nose twitched, she moaned softly, "Dad... I miss you... Feifei is so lonely..."

    I was shocked. Suddenly taking back my claws that could almost feel Mo Fei's body temperature, I gave myself a heavy slap in the face. ‘Chu Nan, what were you thinking? She treated you as her only friend, but you were doing this to her. Are you still a man? Not only did you let her down, you even let the thing that is between your legs down.'


    Thinking of this, all kinds of evil thoughts were quickly thrown out of my head. I took a deep breath, and began to focus on driving. However, it seemed that god loved to tease me. After I made a turn, Mo Fei fell toward me because of the inertial; and unexpectedly, she landed on my thighs. Her beautiful face, coincidently buried in between my lap!

    ‘Oh, my god! This position…'

    The little brother in between my legs was seduced by Mo Fei's warm breath. If it still didn't have any reaction, then it would not be me letting it down, it would be it letting me down. No matter what, I was still a man.


    Mo Fei seemed to feel uncomfortable with something hard pushing against her face; she slowly turned her head confusedly, and looked up at my face that was already red of embarrassment with her hazy watery eyes.

    I was still thinking about explaining it to her, but all of sudden, Mo Fei blew out her cheeks, and made a retching sound, "I... Want to vomit... "

    "What?!" I was startled, and it was too late to hit the brake. Moreover, although Mo Fei said that, she did not move as if she was determined to throw up on my lap. I had no time to think about my manners anymore, I just quickly grabbed her by the back of her collar with my right hand, and pushed her to the window.

    "Barf..." Unlike the peerless goddess image of her in my mind, Mo Fei began to vomit; and before I felt relieved, from the front suddenly shone a beam of strong light. It was so bright that I could not see anything.

    My nerves tightened all of sudden; I turned the steering wheel sharply, and used the foot brake and the hand brake at the same time. While the car was sliding on the ground, Mo Fei, who was not wearing a seatbelt, slammed into my arms, spraying all the vomit onto my hand and her own chest.

    The two cars stopped horizontally near each other in the middle of the road like it was an action movie scene. With probably just a few more inches, we would've hit each other.

    I had been driving in a straight line, but that car had probably just made a turn; however, it had not even slowed down or changed the light. Fortunately, I had slowed down the speed before; otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to dodge it, and Mo Fei inevitably would've gotten hurt.

    I was so angry that after I helped Mo Fei to sit up, I got out of the car, and wanted to argue with the driver. However, when I took a look at the car again, I could not help but rub my eyes to make sure that I was not hallucinating.

    Forget the argument. I almost wanted to drive away immediately.

    It was a police car!

    The door was pushed open; and from inside jumped out a tall policewoman. The policewoman's first action after getting out of the car made me gasped in shock. She took off her sunglasses!

    ‘Are you kidding me? What kind of sunglasses do you wear at night?!'

    This policewoman first nervously confirmed that the two cars had indeed not hit each other. After letting out a long sigh of relief, she walked towards me with a straight face, and shouted to me aggressively, "Do you know how to drive?! Are you blind?"

    Such aggressive words and a bad attitude, she did not even have the basic manner of a law enforcement officer. Originally, after seeing the police, I instinctively felt a little guilty and wanted to settle this matter in a peaceful way. However, seeing the way she talked, and her bad attitude...

    "Young lady, did you eat shit tonight?"

    The policewoman was first dazed for a second, and then her originally straight face was instantly covered with dark clouds, "What did you just say?!"

    I snorted coldly, did not answer her. I just stared at her coldly.

    The place we had stopped was just right below a street light. The light was bright, so I could finally see the policewoman's appearance. Even if I was used to Chu Yuan, Liusu, Mo Fei, this level of beautiful girls, I couldn't help but be impressed for a moment.

    She was quite young, at most twenty-five or twenty-six; short hair, fine straight eyebrows, and high nose bridge. She had very fine facial features, looking very heroic but did not lose her feminine beauty; her neat uniform perfectly showed her exquisite curves. Her skin was not very fine, but looked very smooth; compared with the ladies, who were always sitting in the office, she gave people a more healthy aesthetic feeling. From the way she walked towards me, it was not difficult to judge that she must be agile. She was definitely a vibrant sunshine girl.

    "I am asking you questions. Did you not hear me?!" The policewoman grabbed my collar with both hands brutally, and pushed me against the car; which clearly showed that she wanted to fight me. Her beautiful single-edged eyelid made her eyes extremely attractive, but it also showed her fierce personality.

    "Young lady, the suggestion I made to you was for your own good. Whatever you love to eat, is your own matter, but remember, at least have a piece of chewing gum after." I slightly lowered my knees to bump the beautiful policewoman's knee. While she staggered, I quickly pushed her backward.

    Then I adjusted my collar and said coldly, "Fortunately, I had very good eyesight, otherwise, I would've thought that it was someone's dog barking on the street after eating its own poop."

    After being pushed away by me, the policewoman's face was filled with surprise. Then she heard that I was insulting her, she immediately became angry, "How dare you insult me!"

    I denied, "I did not insult anyone. I was just talking about what had just happened. You are willing to relate it to yourself, that is your own business."

    The policewoman was furious. "You are insulting a police officer!"

    "You are the police officer, so what?" I despised the way she reacted; and the alcohol also made me slightly excited. I just couldn't stand the arrogance of this policewoman. "If you want to get others' respect, at least, you should know how to respect others first. Besides, how do I know if you are the real police or not? Maybe it's fake. You're just trying to trick me with a costume?"

    "Huh! You were driving under the influence, and you even dare to say this? !" We were originally standing very close to each other, and I also said too many words; so she certainly smelled the alcohol. As a flash of joy appeared in her eyes, she probably thought that she got me.