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Chapter 21

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 21: Chapter 21 Being accompanied by your picture at night, it will no longer be lonely.

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    The next day, I came to the company very early. Just as I walked into the elevator, I heard someone shout outside, "Wait!"

    I hurriedly held down the button, lest the elevator door closed automatically. Only after I waited for a while, did I see a young man in a suit and tie walking in slowly as if rushing would ruin his graceful image.

    ‘What a douche, didn't he see that I was holding the door for him?' seeing him walking like this irritated me a lot.

    This person was about 27 or 28, tall and handsome with a slender figure. I seemed to have seen him somewhere before. As I was trying to remember who he was, a young female staff walked in. The face of the female staff suddenly blushed when she recognized this young man. She said in a surprised voice, "Manager Zhang!"

    The young man looked at me with indifferent eyes, but when he turned around, a tender smile instantly appeared on his face as he greeted the female staff, "Good morning." The smile was so insincere that it almost made me puke.

    The smile on that girl's face instantly blossomed like a flower, it was sweet like honey, and her thoughts seemingly floated away like a butterfly.

    This man's attractiveness was far from that of Yang Wei and me combined. It was only until this moment did I realize who the man was. This man's name was Zhang Mingjie, the son of Zhang Lizhi, who was the vice-chairman of Fengchang. His current position in the company was the deputy general manager of the Marketing Department. As one of the suitors of Mo Fei, I had seen him bringing flowers to the investment department several times, but not once did he seem to have succeeded...


    Seeing that I pressed the button of the 27th floor, Zhang Mingjie's expression suddenly became very serious.

    "Are you from the investment department?"

    "Yes," then I asked, "what's the matter?" In a sense, he was my rival in love, and my pride did not allow me to show cowardice or inferiority in front of him.

    ‘Love is a war, and the soldiers or the generals on the battlefield are the same, everyone is equal. Once they start fighting each other, even if they have great backgrounds, so what? Using a deadly weapon to defeat the enemy is the only way, and there will only be one winner. I should constantly keep my morale high on the battlefield so as to not show any weaknesses to my enemies.'

    "Oh... Cough... nothing." Zhang Mingjie let out a dry cough and said. He glanced at the girl with the corner of his eyes and stopped talking. I suspected that he wanted to say something, but because there was a girl in here, he didn't want to say it in front of her.

    Sure enough, after the girl left the elevator on the fifth floor. Zhang Mingjie glanced at me and then asked in a condescending tone, "I heard that after the work yesterday, the general manager of your investment department seemed to have taken an employee out. Do you know where they went?"

    Although I didn't know why he asked me that, I didn't like his condescending attitude. ‘Acting like a gentleman in front of a girl, yet when the girl just left, you gave me this kind of look. Motherfucker, you are not my superior, so stop acting like you are better than me.'

    Having been working in the company for a year, my temperament had already been shaped a lot. So I replied indifferently, "I don't know."

    Zhang Mingjie did not expect that I would act so indifferently in front of him. After a flash of surprise in his eyes, he was very dissatisfied with my attitude, although his mind told him to stay calm, his tone still worsened, "Your investment department has a man called Chu Nan?"

    Suddenly hearing my name from him, my heart instantly sank. You have to know that I was a small employee in the investment department, no one would be surprised if Mo Fei didn't know my name. So how did this deputy general manager of the marketing department get my name?

    Suspiciously, I mumbled, "Yes."

    Zhang Mingjie's face suddenly became livid. He almost gnashed his teeth and said, "What's the relationship between that punk and your manager?"

    ‘Punk? What did I do to you that made you look like you want to drink my blood and eat my flesh? Ms. Mo is not your girlfriend anyway. Why does she need your permission to go out with me?'

    Thinking for a second, I deliberately made an ambiguous smile and said, "Who knows?"

    From the ambiguous look I showed, it probably gave the wrong idea easily. Zhang Mingjie was both envious and resentful. His paled-face was red with anger, and he still wanted to continue asking questions, but unfortunately, the doors of the elevator were opened once again, and people gradually walked into the elevator. Seeing his frustrated face, I finally felt much better.


    Fearing that Mo Fei would bring the police to the company to arrest me, I was browsing the news on my computer absent-mindedly to ease my nervousness. Then strangely, I suddenly thought of that stupid policewoman I met last night, so I entered Bei Tian sexually explicit photos scandal in the search engine, and several news articles instantly popped up.

    The case was roughly about a college student who had a very strange unique taste and may be suffering from a serious Oedipus complex. He was seducing middle-aged women in bars, and after having sex with the victims, he took their pictures and then blackmailed them. Once the victim refused to do what he said, he would release their naked photos online. Within a month, he had already done six similar cases.

    This man was seriously audacious. He firmly believed that the victims would not dare to report it to the police. After the extortion, he even started to release some of the edited photos on a very popular forum and boasted about his achievements.

    It was because of this that it attracted the police's attention, but what made the police scratch their heads in frustration was that all of the victims denied the fact that they were being extorted. They said that the photos that had been released online were not them.

    No wonder yesterday that policewoman was so pissed. Probably, she had just returned from another victim's home and failed to get the testimony she wanted.

    "Nannan, what are you reading?"

    "Nothing," seeing Liusu moved closer, I quickly closed the page. Although the news with the photo was very implicit, a naked body could still be seen, so it would be still very embarrassing to let Liusu discover what I was reading.

    However, unfortunately, this bratty girl's eyes were very sharp. As her pink face flitted a wisp of embarrassment, she said in a slightly angry and embarrassed tone, "Lecher!"

    "What do you mean lecher?" I denied it with a clear conscience, "reading the news is to study the social dynamics, like understanding the people around us and the security situation of our environment..."

    "Get lost, stop finding those excuses," Liusu interrupted me. She leaned over and draped one of her arms around my shoulder and whispered to my ear, "If you want to see, I have a full set in my computer, all in high definition and most importantly, it's uncensored. You can't find those on the internet nowadays..."


    ‘You even have a full set, and you are calling me a lecher?!'

    I was speechless. This bratty girl was so close to me that when she talked, the air she breathed out was constantly stroking my cheek, making my heart jump fiercely.

    I quickly moved aside a little and said, "Forget it, no matter how thirsty I am, I will not be interested in those who have excessive fat in their bellies as if they had put on three swimming rings."

    "Oh?" Liusu simply pulled a chair to sit next to me. She winked her eyes at me and asked curiously, "Then tell me, when you are thirsty, what kind of body figure will you be interested in?"

    Hearing this, Mo Fei's half-naked charming body suddenly flashed in my mind. My heart skipped a beat, and I quickly stopped my evil thoughts. Then, I started to look at Liusu from head to toe suggestively.

    Being stared at like that, Liusu felt very uncomfortable. When my sight stopped by her still growing chest, she finally couldn't help but blush, and hiss, "Hey, what are you looking at!!"

    "What else? Of course, I'm looking at the body figure that I like; fine and tender skin, slim waist, long legs, and the face is pretty good too, tut tut tut. The more I see it, the more I like it," I shamelessly licked my lips and said, "little Susu, how about we make a photo scandal too? In the future, I won't feel lonely with the naked photos of yours accompanying me every night. You know, every single man always likes to release themselves in fantasy, the reality is too empty and monotonous."

    Although Liusu never had a boyfriend before, she was not an ignorant child. After she dazed for a second, her beautiful eyes couldn't help but slowly look at the place between my thighs, then even her ears also turned cherry red in color, "Ah! You naughty Nannan! You... You shameless! Lewd! I-I'll punch you, you pervert!"

    I was already accustomed to Liusu's kitty like punches, it was not painful at all. My shameless behavior had also been trained by her. This bratty girl teased me all the time after she was drunk; she had even asked me how my times I masturbated in a week in the past...

    Just when we were busy playing around, I heard Liusu suddenly let out a scream. Then two small soft hands appeared below her armpits, accurately grasping her small bosoms, "Susu, let this older sister check if they have grown bigger or not."

    "Jiajia, you are courting death!" Liusu lifted one of her legs, wanting to kick Song Jia.

    Song Jia quickly moved away and said, "Joking, joking. If you feel that I have taken advantage of you, you can touch mine, hehe," Song Jia said. Before Liusu could even reply, she told me, "Chu Nan, Ms. Mo wants you to go to her office."

    After hearing this, even Liusu, who was about to attack Song Jia's bosoms, was dazed for a second, let alone me.

    "Ms. Mo came back already?" I thought that I had come to the company very early, but I didn't expect that Mo Fei came even earlier than me. While I was surprised, I also could not help but feel a little bit relieved. It seemed that she did not call the police...