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Chapter 22

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 22: Chapter 22 Mo Fei is fond of me?

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    In the spacious office, it was so silent that even if a pin dropped on the floor, it could still be heard clearly. Mo Fei and I sat opposite to each other. She bowed her head, and I looked sideways, unexpectedly, both of us did not dare to look at each other, the atmosphere was extremely awkward.

    Thinking about the things that happened last night, it would only be strange if I didn't feel guilty. Even the accident that had happened in the bathroom in her house made me feel so embarrassed that I almost wanted to open the windows and jumped out, let alone the fact that I had removed her clothes later on.

    "Ms. Mo..."

    "Chu Nan..."

    I was finally able to gather my courage, but unexpectedly, both of us spoke at the same time. And when we just had eye contact, we both looked away instantly as if our eyes were poked by something. Then both of our faces blushed red.


    "You first!"

    "You first!"


    ‘Shit! Again!'

    Although this older brother could act shamelessly in front of Liusu, when facing the goddess-like Mo Fei, my skin was as thin as paper. Like an inferior frog, the more eager I wanted to pursue that arrogant swan in the lake, the more careful I would be during the process of getting closer to her, fearing that the slightest noises that I accidentally made would shatter the fantasy in my mind. I think most men had been in such a state of mind before the fantasy was shattered, it was as if that was the ultimate goal in our lives.

    Women were often better than men when dealing with subtle situations. Mo Fei broke the awkward silence first, "Chu Nan, yesterday... Thank you. I must have given you a lot of trouble when I was drunk, " as she said with a red face while nervously fidgeting with her pen.

    "No, no, it's no trouble at all..." I hurriedly shook my head, thinking, ‘did she remember what happened in the toilet?'

    "Er... Ms. Mo, I should apologize for the things I did yesterday, I didn't mean to... "

    The ambiguous words that I gave only implied two things. First, I removed her clothes to clean her chest, and second, I accidentally saw something that I should not have seen when she fell onto the floor in the bathroom. If she forgot the latter part, then there was no need to bring it up again. But if she indeed remembered it but was only too embarrassed to mention it, at least she knew that I'd apologized for it. As for forgiveness, I'll just leave it to fate.

    "I know," said Mo Fei.

    She was able to sit in the investment department's general manager's office at a very young age, meaning she was not an ordinary woman. So although she was embarrassed, she did not shy away from it. Her eyes flickered at me, and her voice shook slightly.

    "I threw up all over the place, and you also couldn't help it, could you? I saw your note... Thank you, Chu Nan. You are a good man."

    Alas, good man. Those two words would only make me feel even more guilty. Based on her reply, she probably really did not remember what had happened last night, "Ms. Mo..."

    Mo Fei suddenly interrupted me and said, "Chu Nan, we are friends, right?"

    I was dazed for a second and said in hesitation, "Yes..."

    "Why did you hesitate?" Mo Fei's cute brows were knitted closer, which made her look rather unhappy. "Yes or no, give me a straightforward answer. You did not hesitate to answer me, did you?"

    I was ashamed by the way I handled things last night. Although it was not intentional, I did ask myself if I was deserving to be called a "friend" after what I did, but I still nodded my head and said, "Yes."

    "Then don't call me Ms. Mo," said Mo Fei, with a soothing expression of relief and a sweet smile on her lips. "I told you yesterday that you can just call me by my name in private."

    I felt warmth, but I couldn't help reminding her, "But this is the company..."

    "There is no one here, why are you afraid?"

    At this moment, Mo Fei was like a stubborn cute little girl. I was completely infatuated by the way she behaved at the moment, "Older sister Fei..."

    "Don't call me older sister Fei, either," Mo Fei said with a straight face. She suddenly chuckled at my puzzled expression, "I drank too much yesterday and accidentally told you my age. That does not count, we are almost the same age. Calling me an older sister sounds like I am a lot older than you. Just call me by my name."

    "Mo Fei..." Calling her directly by her name was just what I wanted, but it was only after I had spoken that I felt that it was not only unfriendly but also a little stiff and distant.

    Sure enough, Mo Fei's face was covered with frost, and her eyes also became cold, "Don't you feel that it is very unfriendly to call someone by their full name."

    I scratched my head and said, "Then how should I call you?"

    Mo Fei glared at me, "My first name!"

    "Fei... Feifei?" I tried to find the best way to call a single-word name and accidentally blurted a very intimate word that made me feel so embarrassed.

    I glanced at Mo Fei nervously, only to find out that instead of being angry, her pale, snowy face was filled with shyness, like a snowdrop on an iceberg in the setting sun.

    Mo Fei is fond of me?

    I could not help but begin to let go of my imagination, otherwise, why did she seem to like the intimate way I called her.

    And... After calming down, I mulled it over. Even if Mo Fei really did not remember what happened last night, when she woke up, she would still notice that she only had underwear on. She should have been suspecting me of taking advantage of her, but why did it not seem like she minded it?

    Excited and curious, I tentatively called out again, "Feifei."

    "Mhm." Mo Fei closed her eyes and responded, and the corner of her lips revealed a happy smile.




    "Mhm... Ah?" Mo Fei suddenly opened her eyes. Aware of her faux pas, she felt extremely embarrassed. Her watery eyes were rippling complex emotions, that I failed to understand what it was, "Sorry, no one calls me that way for a long time, I-I kind of miss it, Chu Nan, please don't make fun of me... By the way, you paid for the meal yesterday, right? It was supposed to be my treat..."

    Mo Fei wanted to give me the money, but I refused. Then she insisted, and then I insisted... It went on like this for a while, and then finally, we decided that if we both had free time, she would treat me again.

    However, my mind was not thinking about this meal at all, so I did not refuse this proposal until I left the office, my heart still fluttering. Why did Mo Fei act so strangely when I called her name? Is Mo Fei really fond of me? Could it be like something out of a TV show or a novel where she fell in love with me at first sight after I rescued her?

    That is definitely some bullshit. I am not that stupid to believe that I am that attractive.

    "Chu Nan!" Suddenly, when I was about to step out of the office door, Mo Fei shouted to me nervously.

    Turning around and looking back at the woman, who made me unable to think anything straight, I saw her looked away bashfully and then murmured with a red face, "Though you are younger than me, you really know how to take care of people... When I woke up today, I really didn't feel that tired, thank you."

    The words she said sounded completely normal, but to someone, it sounded like an atomic bomb exploding in his heart! At that moment, I almost had a heart attack! My legs went limp, and I nearly collapsed in the doorway!

    Brother, I did not suffer from amnesia at first. Secondly, I did not have any head injury in that past that would cause me to lose memory. Thirdly, I have not arrived at the age where I could develop senile dementia. How could I not remember what I said last night? What she said were exactly the words that I said when I tucked her in!

    She wasn't asleep at that time!

    Oh, my mother in heaven, can you tell me when exactly did Mo Fei wake up? Does she really not remember what happened at her house last night?

    Suddenly, Mo Fei became someone that I did not understand, though I never really understood her before.