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Chapter 25

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 25: Chapter 25 A Dog's-tail's Romantic Relationship

    Doggotranslation  Doggotranslation


    She does not look like it. If people would only look at her baby face, she only looks sixteen or seventh at most, but if they look at her large chests... she does not look like nineteen even more. This girl simply looks like a patchwork of two different things, the immature and mature parts of her body were completely out of proportion!

    The intense sensation on my back stirred up my mind like billows, almost making me have a physiological reaction. I quickly stopped her and said, "Stop that now. I know that you are mature, very mature, okay? Just stop doing that!"

    A virgin man like me can not withstand this level of tease, it was truly sad.

    "Oh?" Xiao Yike was suddenly dazed for a second. Her pretty face then turned to me, and she started to look at me while having a smirk on her face.

    "Oh my god! Uncle, you are so naughty, you blushed, is it because of this giving you too much stimulation?" As she said it, she intentionally pressed forward again and rubbed her body close to my back even more tightly. That type of feeling was so comfortable that it almost made me utter audible moans.

    "How can you be so dissolute at such a young age." Perhaps it was because of the embarrassment, the slightly improved image of her in my mind plummeted, "If you do it again, I will leave you here immediately."


    "Uncle, how can you say that?" This bratty girl seemed to become addicted to teasing me. She winked her eyes wretchedly and used her coquettish baby voice, "I am very pure and innocent, I never even had a boyfriend before."

    "If you were pure and innocent, then I would be a saint. I am much older than you, but I haven't had a girlfriend." Although it seemed like I was joking, actually, the latter part of my words was filled with sadness.

    "No way..." The little girl instinctively wanted to cover her mouth in shock, but then she realized that she was holding her shoes in her hand. However, her eyes were wide open as if she was mocking at me.

    Seeing her react like this, I simply decided to completely ignore my dignity and said shamelessly, "What? Does a handsome man, like me, must have a girlfriend? So don't compare me with you, the purity and innocence of this uncle is not something that your dirty mind can compare."

    "Damn, uncle, you are so thick-skinned." As I expected, Xiao Yike did not believe that I never had a girlfriend before, after hearing what I said.

    Her big bright eyes moved nimbly, reflecting the meaningful flicker. Then she said, "I see your face has an unhealthy color, and a dark shade is lingering on your forehead. With the black eye rims, and the whole body reeked the smell of sadness. Don't tell me that you were just dumped by a woman. Oh, no wonder you just poke your nose into other people's business and hit a woman. So you were venting..."

    The girl was talking to herself about her own wild guess, I snorted coldly to stop her, "You guys were doing bad things, so I certainly have an obligation to stop you. Yes, I was venting. But I was venting the anger that was caused by you guys."

    "Hey, uncle, I know you're a stupid good guy, but don't slander me. From the beginning until the end, I have never said a word at that time, okay?" Xiao Yike pouted her lips adorned with light lipstick as if she was not very happy that I considered her and the other three girls as the same type of people. The corner of her eyes clearly showed disdain.

    "To not speak out was exactly your fault." Perhaps I became slightly familiar with her for a bit, so I said it indirectly. "You think I didn't hear what they called you. They called you big sister, obviously, you are the leader. If you spoke out, you think all of this would have happened? Look, it caused so many troubles for me."

    Xiao Yike was very smart; she didn't refute it. Instead, she smiled coquettishly and used her baby cheek to rub my head, like a cute puppy asking for a pet, "Don't say this, uncle. Carrying me who is such a beautiful and charming little beauty, how can you say that I'm trouble? You should say that you are in luck for a new peach-flower-like romantic relationship. So congratulations!"

    "Peach flower? I don't think so, more like a dog's-tail flower." I jolted Xiao Yike upward, hinting that she stuck to me like a tail.

    "Smelly uncle, if I am the dog's tail, then what are you?" This girl acted completely different when she was in front of me and her friends. She was quite like Chu Yuan, it was just that Chu Yuan only treated me coldly.

    A real man doesn't fight women. While talking, we had already arrived at the station, and both of us were already soaked wet, "Well, you wait here for the bus. I'm in a hurry, I must go first."

    "Don't!" Xiao Yike stood on one foot, her thin heel was shaking from side to side as if she could fall at any time. She acted pitifully and grabbed my arm, refusing to let it go, "Look at me, do I look like I can take the bus by myself? Uncle, can you take me home. Please..."

    Because it was a rainy day, the majority of the cyclists chose to use the bus, and this time just happened to be the rush hour. The station was full of people, with Xiao Yike's current situation, it was indeed not convenient for her to squeeze with other people on the bus. Before she even got on it, many men had already started to take advantage of her using their eyes.

    Those who were with their girlfriends only dared to peek at her secretly, and those who were single were looking up and down at her implicitly. When their sights stopped at her chests, they all showed the same surprised expressions as I did before. There was even a bald uncle, who was staring at the Xiao Yike's slightly lifted right leg straight and her small exquisite feet. Realizing that he was literally dripping saliva, he hurriedly wiped it using his hand. That lascivious expression was so disgusting that it almost made me want to puke, but on the other hand, I also confirmed that the charm of this bratty girl was almost invincible.

    "I'll call a taxi for you."

    "No," Xiao Yike's pink face blushed, and she said embarrassedly, "I don't have money..."

    Did this bratty girl just give all her money to the old woman? I liked her kindness and frankness, but It also made me wonder if she had intended to torment me from the beginning.

    "It's okay, I'll give it to you."

    "No!" Xiao Yike pouted her lips and puffed out her pink cheeks. Her big bright watery eyes were glaring at me, making my whole body uneasy, "you let a girl with an injured foot take the taxi alone? Are you not worried that the taxi driver will drag me to some remote area and do some unspeakable things to me?"

    Unspeakable things? I really did not know what kind of education she had received that she would have this kind of thought. But looking at her dress... it was indeed very hot. It was fair to say that she would make people want to commit a crime.


    Xiao Yike changed her tone and started to act coquettishly again. She suddenly threw herself into my arms, and her body was repeatedly moving while her two soft bosoms pressed against my chest tightly, turning into various types of shapes. She clearly wanted me to take advantage of her!

    "Uncle~ please~ help me~ plea~se"

    "All right, all right..." God knows what kind of method she had not used. Instead of wasting time talking to her, it would be much quicker if I just admitted defeat. Time was pressing, I could only pray that her home was not too far.

    "All right, you won."

    Xiao Yike's face changed so quickly as if it was just a book page that she could turn easily. She smiled, "Thank you, uncle ~ you are really a good guy ~"

    A good guy? I looked down at the two large bosoms that were squeezed flat against my chest and secretly thought, nothing is free, right...

    Fortunately, the place the girl lived in was in the same direction as mine. However, the girl still could not stay quiet when she was in the taxi.

    After she asked for my phone from me, she dialed a number. Then a phone's ringtone appeared under her bottom. I could not help but ask curiously, "You have a mobile phone, but you still want to borrow mine?"

    "Uncle, you are so dumb, I was exchanging number," Xiao Yike pressed a few times again, and then pushed the phone back to me, "my father always tells me since I was young that receiving a drop of water shall be returned with a burst of spring. So uncle, since you helped me today, I will find a day to properly thank you."

    I unconcernedly put the phone back into my pocket and said while shaking my head, "Forget it, it's just a small thing, there is no need to do that."

    I had no interest in dealing with a little delinquent girl. But hearing her reply, I could not help but wonder, if she had really listened to her father's words, she would not have become a delinquent girl.

    "Why not?" Xiao Yike said seriously. "Uncle, without you, I had to hobble home barefoot in such a big rain. Moreover, it is getting dark as well, maybe I would be frozen to death on the way home. Besides, I'm such a pure, lovely, beautiful, infinitely charming, and super invincible, little beauty, who knows what would happen to me if I walk home alone. I might be kidnapped by some perverts. So, uncle, not only did you help me, but you also saved my life."

    Hearing she kept calling me uncle, it made me exasperated. Just when I was about to pinch her baby face to warn her, I suddenly saw that this bratty girl's face suddenly became sad.

    She lowered her eyes and whispered, "And if uncle, you did not stop them, I really did not know what to do. You probably don't know, I feel extremely conflicted..."

    I really did not understand, since she did not like to do bad things or bully people, why did she want to stay with that group of bad girls? She clearly had a very good heart, so why would she feel ashamed of doing good deeds and pretend to be cold-blooded in front of other people?

    Perhaps she also had her difficulties, although I did not understand, but I did not ask, because I had a bad presentiment: it is better to stay far away from this girl.

    I could smell the faint smell of danger coming from her...

    The taxi eventually stopped at the gate of some upscale community, the security guard forbade the taxi to enter. But when I looked at the girl, she did not seem to want to move. It seemed like she wanted me to carry her home. Without any choice, I planned to get off the taxi and carry her, but just when I just got off the car, my mobile phone rang, unexpectedly, it was Chu Yuan that little granny.