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Chapter 26

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 26: Chapter 26 Love little sister, spoil little sister, but don't lie to little sister

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    "Where are you?" Her voice was even colder than the rain and filled with resentment, she must be upset that I didn't arrive home on time.

    "I'm out right now, I'll be right back..."

    "Hey, are you going to carry me or not~, did not you see the water puddle on the ground~" in the taxi, Xiao Yike probably didn't see that I was on the phone, she slowly moved towards the door of the taxi and used her baby voice to interrupt me.

    A chill suddenly went down my spine, and I began to have cold sweats.

    Sure enough, the voice on the other end of the phone suddenly raised eight-pitch. "Who are you with? Liusu?"


    Chu Yuan didn't want to listen to my explanation, and she shouted at me angrily "I told you last night that today I have something that I want to discuss with you, but you are still staying outside messing around with another woman! You clearly don't take my words seriously! You hate me, don't you?"


    "What? Who have I been messing around with?" I was speechless, but hearing Chu Yuan's upset voice, I could not help but try to coax her "How can I hate you, you are my little sister, I will only care-"

    "Stop lying to me! You clearly don't think of me as a sister!" Chu Yuan was still angry, "I don't care where you want to go and what you want to do. If I don't see you in one hour, I... I'll go home!"

    Go home? Fuck! This bratty girl would definitely say something bad about me to the old man. If that happens, I'll be fucking dead.

    Before I could say anything, she had already hung up the phone.

    Now that I was in danger, how could I have the time to think about others? I dragged Xiao Yike out of the taxi and quickly got in and said, "Sir, Dazhongma community, quickly please!"

    "Are you kidding me, Uncle!?" This bratty girl wasn't happy. She was kicked out of the taxi, and her right foot stepped directly into a small puddle of water on the roadside. The cotton stocking that was on her little foot was instantly soaked wet. She was so angry that she took off the other shoe and knocked on the taxi windows and said, "I twisted my ankle, but you want me to walk home? Do you have any decency?!"

    "Please, I have a really urgent matter," I rolled down the window and took a quick glance at her right foot, and tried to comfort her, "Your foot seems better now, at least, it can touch the ground. If you are still upset later, I'll buy you a new pair of stockings. So please go home by yourself and I'll see you again!"

    "See, see you again? See you my ass! Wait... Wait, don't leave! Ah, you stupid uncle! How could you ignore me because of another woman! What about bros before hoes?! Get your fucking ass back here!"

    Bros before hoes? Who did she think I was on the phone with?

    When I looked back, I saw the girl was jumping up and down, shouting at me. Seeing her right foot was stamping into the puddle of water, I felt a fire burning fiercely in my heart. This bratty girl, so she was just acting from the beginning, her foot injury wasn't serious at all!

    Apart from the fact that her foot wasn't hurt, there seemed to be something else strange about it... I stared blankly back at Xiao Yike until the Taxi took a turn at the corner and I could no longer see her, but that strange feeling lingered.


    After last night's scene, I was a little jumpy. It only took me five and half minutes to get home, but all I saw was Chu Yuan dressed in her casual clothes, sitting cross-legged on the sofa watching TV leisurely. There was no sign that she wanted to go home at all!

    Perhaps it was because she didn't expect that I would come back so quickly, a flash of surprise appeared on her face, and she subconsciously tried to hide a bag of potato chips behind her. However, this made her look even more guilty!


    The relief that I should be feeling was now stuck in my chest. Looking at the edge of Chu Yuan's mouth which had crumbs of the chips, I could clearly feel the muscles on my face gradually become stiff.

    The fuss she made last night might be reasonable; after all, I forgot to turn on my phone, and couldn't answer her call, but today? Not listening to my explanation and throwing a tantrum for no reason. Looking at her expression, she was clearly tricking me!

    I suddenly remembered the "Boy who cried wolf" story that was taught in elementary school. People would need to pay a price for their lies, and tricking you older brother also needs to be punished. I was furious, and thought that I couldn't let her keep doing this.

    I walked to the sofa with a long face, dropped my briefcase heavily on the coffee table, glanced at her mobile phone at the side, and then stared at Chu Yuan and questioned, "Why didn't you let me finish talking before you hung up the phone? Why did you turn off your phone? You're being very unreasonable, don't you know that?"

    Chu Yuan's face changed from surprise to embarrassment, however, she did not answer my question, instead, she asked back, "Where's your suit?"

    My suit? I looked down at my wet shirt, and suddenly realized I wasn't wearing my suit. Fuck! No wonder why I felt something was wrong when leaving Xiao Yike, she was wearing my suit! Chu Yuan's call distracted me, and I couldn't think straight.

    Although I didn't expect a reward for doing a good deed, losing a suit enraged me further, so I angrily responded, "I lost it! Don't try to change the topic, answer my question!"

    "Who wants to change the topic?" Chu Yuan's face suddenly went cold as ice, and she spat, "You left your clothes at Chen Liusu's place, didn't you? Is that why you're angry, because I interrupted your date?"

    "You have an itchy butt, don't you?" Spare the Stick, spoil the child. How could she talk to her older brother like this?

    Since I already saw it, Chu Yuan simply took the bag of the potato chips out from behind her back, threw a chip into her mouth and sneered at me while chewing it in disdain, "What, don't like me talking about it? I'm so scared..."

    "Look, you've got it all wrong, here's what happened today..."

    I sat down next to Chu Yuan. Chu Yuan frowned and quickly moved to the other side of the sofa. I didn't know whether she disliked me being so close to her, or she simply didn't want to get wet, but I didn't want to think about that, so I just explained what had happened today, and said, "See, it is nothing like what you were imagining. Please don't be so unreasonable next time. Otherwise, I'll have to punish you if you do that again."

    Who would bother to invent such a complicated lie? When I looked at Chu Yuan's expression, it seemed like she started to believe what I said, but as I expected, she still refused to admit that she did anything wrong. Instead, she raised her small chin and said arrogantly, "So what if I was unreasonable. What are you going to do about it?"


    "Have you heard the saying that the older brother is like a father?"

    Chu Yuan didn't expect me to suddenly mention this, so she was dazed for a second, and nodded her head and replied carefully, "Ye-ah, I know that."

    "Do you know what it means?"

    Chu Yuan was a very clever girl, and she seemed to know what I was trying to say. A trace of panic flashed in her watery eyes, but she quickly came up with something, "Of course I know, it means that the older brother should be tolerant like a father, love his little sister, spoil his little sister, and shouldn't lie to his little sister. The things that he promised to his little sister must be fulfilled. And every word he said to his little sister must be sincere and truthful. He can't bully his little sister, scold his little sister and he must believe his little sister. If other people were bullying his sister, as the older brother, he must come out to help his sister immediately. If his sister is happy, the older brother should be happy as well, and if the little sister is not happy, the older brother must make the little sister happy, and the older brother must always feel that the little sister is the most lovely girl in the world..."


    What! This bratty girl... The familiar lines were constantly flowing out of her mouth, making me completely speechless.

    Goddamnit, why do I feel like she knew what I was trying to say to her, but she twisted the meaning to diss me?

    I cleared my throat embarrassedly to stop her and said, "As an older brother, of course, I will always care about you, and everything else you said, I almost did it all, but there is also another layer of interpretation, it is that the little sister has to respect her older brother like how she respects her father."

    Chu Yuan was unable to refute me, her eyes flickered, trying to avoid my eyes, and she said, "Is... Is there?"

    I sneered at her to let her know that there was, but Chu Yuan seemed to feel that her arrogant pride was challenged by me, so she raised her chin again and said, "Okay, I admit that I didn't show enough respect to you today, so what do you want?!"

    Today? How do you even have the audacity to say that. Acting as if you have always respected me in the past. I was completely speechless.