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Chapter 27

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 27: Chapter 27 Beating is a sign of affection, cursing is a sign of love

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    "An older brother is like a father, educating you is my duty, how do you think I should educate you today?"

    I no longer hid my true intention, but instead revealed it to her. Watching Chu Yuan's little face start to show signs of fear, I couldn't help but feel satisfied. I lowered my voice and said in a scary tone, "If a child is not behaving well at home, and can't be reasoned with, then I have no choice but to use violence!"

    Chu Yuan's face instantly became pale, and just as she was about to get up and run, I grabbed her small hands suddenly, and spun her back to me. As her center of gravity fell forward, she fell directly onto my lap. I raised my right hand and gave a slap on her round and rather curvy small buttock.

    "Ah..." Chu Yuan let out a scream of both pain and embarrassment, she couldn't believe what I had just done. Glaring back at me, she shouted, "How dare you hit me?!"

    "Not only will I educate you, but I'll also show no mercy!" I said coldly, and then slapped her buttock one more time.

    Chu Yuan wore pure cotton sport pants, but it did not affect the feeling on my hand at all. The firm, elastic, and round tender flesh trembled seductively under my palm, the more she struggled, the harder I slapped. Besides, her buttock was thick, spanking it shouldn't cause any injuries.


    I had restrained both of her hands behind her back, but she was kicking wildly with her two long legs. However, it was so weak that not only were all her struggles futile, but it also made me spank her even harder.


    For Chu Yuan, who was usually pampered and arrogant, this was an extreme humiliation, so she suddenly broke out crying, "You are bullying me, you are bullying me!"

    "Say whatever you want, but until you admit that you're in the wrong, I won't stop!" Since the punishment had already started, there was no point in stopping now. There's no difference between one slap and ten slaps. The resentment that I had accumulated could also be vented using this opportunity.

    "I didn't do anything wrong!" Chu Yuan said stubbornly, "You promised me yesterday that you would be home early today. Why is it okay for you to break promises, but it isn't okay for me to throw a tantrum!"

    "I wasn't out drinking, and I wasn't out on a date, I would have told you that if you didn't hang up, then turn off your phone, and you still think that you did nothing wrong? You spoiled little girl, I think mom and dad spoiled you too much!"

    "Ah... ouch! You're dead! Chu Nan, I hate you!"

    I gave her a sharp pinch where the skin was the thickest and said, "How could you call your older brother by his full name? Disrespecting me and then wanting me to stop punishing you? No way!"

    "Ah... Ouch... Waaaah... Do whatever you like, but you'd better kill me," Chu Yuan said in tears, and then used her last defensive technique, "I will definitely tell mom and dad!"

    Liusu once said that I was a nice person, but if I became angry, I could be meaner than anyone else.

    Hearing Chu Yuan trying to threaten me, I laughed, "Go ahead, I'm curious if mom and dad will be more angry with me, or with you, after they see your ‘collections'"

    "You!" Chu Yuan reacted like a startled cat and said in a panic, "Don't forget that we are accomplices!"

    "You want to drag me down with just a few porn magazines?" Not only did she lack any signs of regret, she even continued to threaten me, I couldn't help but slap her buttock even harder and say, "Let's just forget about the accomplices part first. Even if they were really mine, what do you think would happen? I'm an adult!"

    Although I am an adult man, at the moment, I was abusing an underage girl. I felt extremely embarrassed, however, I had no other choice. In order to properly educate her, I had to sacrifice my own image, just like those nude models sacrificing themself and taking off their own underwear for art…

    As an old saying goes: Beating is a sign of affection, cursing is a sign of love. This classic adage made me firmly believe that revolution was hard and war required sacrifice, but liberation was bound to come sooner or later as long as the direction was correct. If I didn't teach her today, then in the future, she would bully me every day.

    "I... Waaah... I was in the wrong... I was in the wrong, okay?..." Chu Yuan was both ashamed and in pain, and she also knew that until she admitted fault, I wouldn't stop.

    So, she finally begged me for mercy, "Stop it, older brother, I was wrong, I won't trouble you ever again, I will never lie to you again... Waaah..."

    The tears on the little red face of Chu Yuan made me feel a sense of achievement, but I questioned her with a straight face, "Do you really think this is your fault?"

    Chu Yuan sobbed while nodding, the humiliated look on her face when she was forced to yield to me was so cute and pitiful that it made me even want to spank her a few more times and then enjoy this view a little bit longer... Er... Be gone, evil thoughts! Be gone…

    When I pulled Chu Yuan up, she knelt on the sofa, with two small hands between her buttock and the back of her legs. She glared at me angrily but didn't dare to say anything.

    I let out a satisfied smile, "Now, what did you want to talk to me about last night?"

    "You... You take a bath first, we can talk... Talk about it during dinner..." Chu Yuan's little nose twitched as she sobbed. She was punished for the first time in her life, so probably she needed time to calm herself down.

    With my wet clothes sticking to me, I was really uncomfortable, so I nodded. Although I admit that maybe I was too harsh, and should apologize for it later and try to comfort her, but... I can't do that, because, if I did, everything I did earlier would become pointless.

    After putting my phone and wallet on the table, I went to my bedroom to get a set of dry clothes, and then went to the bathroom.

    Unexpectedly, halfway through my shower, I heard Chu Yuan banging on the bathroom door and shouting angrily, "Chu Nan! You big liar! Get out here!!!"

    Big liar? I was extremely confused. Since when did this brother, I, lie to you?

    "I am still in the shower. We'll talk about it later!"

    "No! Are you coming out or not?" Chu Yuan was ravaging the poor door like a mad man, "If you don't come out, I'll go in!"

    Come in? I unconsciously covered my little brother and thought, ‘Oh shit!'

    "All right, all right, I'm coming out. Stop banging on the door!"

    I quickly washed out the foam in my hair, hastily wiped dry, and didn't even have time to put on my underwear and shirt. I simply put on the sweatpants and then opened the door.

    Then I saw my little sister glaring angrily at me, both her eyes almost burning with flames. Before I could even ask her what was wrong, she suddenly threw a kick at me, aiming for my leg.

    Fortunately, I dodged in time, yelling, "What's wrong with you!"

    "Revenge!" Chu Yuan gnashed her teeth and spat out one word, and then jumped toward me again, scratching at my face .

    How am I supposed to show up at work tomorrow with my face covered in scratches?

    I dodged again and hurriedly said, "Stop it, Yuanyuan, if you are being unreasonable again, I will have to spank you again!"

    "I'm being unreasonable?!" Chu Yuan subconsciously touched her buttock, and said in an angry voice, "How dare you to say that I was the one that is being unreasonable when you lied to my face!"

    "When did I lie to you?"

    "You're still denying it?!" Chu Yuan grabbed my phone from the coffee table and threw it at me, "Look for yourself!"

    Look at what? Confused, I turned on my phone. There was a text reading, "Honey, you left in such a hurry that you forgot your suit and underwear here.'

    What the fuck! This brother's eyes almost exploded and flew out of my eye sockets. This message was from... Xiao Yike, who I had met earlier! When that bratty girl borrowed my mobile phone to exchange numbers, she saved her number under the name - beauty Keke, on my phone!

    "How dare you say that you haven't been fooling around with other women?" When Chu Yuan saw my livid face, she was even angrier, "You hit me and lied to me, and then act like you're innocent, I... I hate you!"

    Chu Yuan suddenly ran forward fiercely, slamming herself into my arms. Startled by her unexpected charge, the back of my leg hit the coffee table, and I fell backwards over it, onto the sofa.

    It was the third time in three days that I was pushed over by Chu Yuan, and currently, she was sitting on top of me, biting my shoulders.

    "Ah... Stop it! It's a misunderstanding! It's an absolute misunderstanding!" I shouted in pain while trying to stop her.

    No wonder that group of delinquents would call her big sister. She was not an ordinary girl. Just because I didn't take her home, she deliberately sent this text message to frame me, so she could take revenge on me. With just a few words, it would make people think of a lot of things.

    Fortunately, there was a huge loophole in her lies, and it was enough to prove my innocence!

    "Misunderstanding?" Chu Yuan sat up with a cold face. With the cold and pale face, and some blood in between her lips, she looked like a cold-blooded beautiful female vampire.

    Goddammit, this bratty girl actually bit me that hard that my shoulder was bleeding!

    "Do you think I'll believe you?"

    "Why not? I have proof!"

    Chu Yuan was dazed for a second, the corner of her eyes involuntarily glanced at the phone in my hand, seemingly indicating that the thing on my phone was also the evidence for my lies.

    "What proof?"

    "My... My undies are in the basket, you can take a look at it whenever you want, my naughty little sister..." I blinked my watery eyes shyly, and pointed to the bathroom and said in a very quiet voice as if I were a little girl, who was very embarrassed by what she had just said.

    Sitting on top of me, the charming body of Chu Yuan suddenly trembled slightly. There were even visible goosebumps appearing on her fine and smooth-skinned arms.

    She looked at me in shock, and gradually her face started reddening, all the way to her ears. Then her delicate soft small hands gently moved across my shoulder, and she slowly lowered her tender body until her chest was pressed against mine.

    My heart was beating wildly as her face approached my ear and her little mouth opened and closed near the wound on my shoulder, I could even smell her elegant fragrance.

    "My older brother..."

    This bratty girl was clearly trying to tease me. My mind was very clear, however, my body was producing the flame of evil desire, and it was burning fiercely in between my thighs, and as if I was an animal, my little brother started to have a physical reaction...

    This minx clearly wanted to tempt me to commit a crime! Whenever Chu Yuan and I have skin contact, "Stepbrother and stepsister" three big words would always appear in my mind.

    With those words and this kind of situation, I could not help but respond nervously, "Wh... What?"



    From a window of the fourth floor came a man's earth-shattering cry, like a lonely Wolf howling on a rainy night.

    I don't know whether I am the wolf or the prey, but I do know that the relationship between my little sister and me is definitely similar to the relationship between the wolf and the prey...