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Chapter 30

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 30: Chapter 30 what is Mo Fei thinking?

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    "Thank you, I've already eaten," Mo Fei rejected Zhang Minjie's invitation indifferently. She subsequently turned towards me, "Chu Nan, have you finished eating?"

    Mo Fei probably wanted me to do something; otherwise, she wouldn't have asked me like this.

    Although we actually didn't eat much, I still nodded my head. I also noticed that Zhang Mingjie's smiling face quickly froze, "You are Chu Nan!"

    Mo Fei's pretty cold face slightly changed. She asked, "Do you know each other?"

    Zhang Mingjie hurriedly denied, "No, we do not know..."

    "Yes, we don't know each other," I deliberately gave an awkward smile and pretended to be afraid, "yesterday, in the elevator, I bumped into Young Master Zhang. He asked me if I knew Chu Nan from the investment department. I saw him gnashing his teeth and constantly cursing while... Oh, oh, I mean, he looked very serious, and his tone was a little bit harsh. I thought I had done something wrong by accident, and it offended young master Zhang. Because I was so afraid, I didn't dare to admit it at that time..."

    I can be very despicable if I want to, but only Liusu knew about it. Even Yang Wei also thought that the reason why Zhang Mingjie came to the investment department today, was not just because of Liusu. And in terms of why he disliked me so much, most of the people in the investment department all knew the reason.


    Young Master Zhang was a playboy, he wanted to chase both Liusu and Mo Fei. However, Liusu was very close to me, and recently Mo Fei went out with me very often...

    This poor guy. It was so obvious that it even made me feel sorry for him.

    Sure enough, Mo Fei frowned at Zhang Mingjie in disgust and even stopped talking to him. She just simply said to me, "Do you have time now?"

    I was speechless. Although lunch break had not finished yet, as long as I was still in the company, whether I had the time or not, it was entirely up to her to decide.

    Just when I was about to answer, I noticed that Mo Fei was looking at Liusu with a slightly apologetic look as if she wasn't expecting an answer from me, but seek Liusu's approval.

    Did she misunderstand the relationship between Liusu and me? That look made my heart cold as if it was falling into the icy water...


    "Chu Nan, did you just deliberately embarrass Zhang Mingjie?"

    "Haha, you can tell?"

    "You shouldn't offend Zhang Mingjie. He is a narrow-minded person. If he thinks that you humiliated him today, he will surely look for an opportunity to get even with you." As soon as I got in the car, Mo Fei began to lecture me. Her expression was still very serious, but it was no longer that cold.

    I smiled unconcernedly, "It's alright, Ms. Mo..."

    "Cough!" Mo Fei coughed heavily and looked at me with a cold frown.

    I was dazed for a second and then hurriedly changed the way I addressed her, "It's okay, Feifei..."

    Only until now did Mo Fei finally stop pressing her eyebrows together and reveal a satisfied smile. That smile looked like a snow flower that bloomed on a mountain covered by snow for thousands of years. It was dazzling, elegant, and pure.

    "How can that be okay?" she said.

    I had no idea what Mo Fei was thinking. Was it really because of our friendship that she was so passionate about me?

    "He is the deputy general manager of the Marketing Department, and I am just a small employee of the investment department. He would not be able to cause any trouble to me. Besides, what happened today was witnessed by many people. Once he tries to mess with me in the company, his reputation will be ruined. So if he really cared about his future, he definitely would not do anything to me. In terms of outside the company, haha, I am not scared of him even more."

    Saying that I was not afraid of his revenge was a lie, but as a man, there were some challenges that I had to take. If I didn't do so, how would I be able to face Liusu?

    In anyone's life, they might have many friends, but most of them were just passersby. How many of them would genuinely do anything for you? For me, at least, Liusu was one of them.

    Although I said that, Mo Fei was still worried about it. "Don't worry, I'll warn him when I get back."

    I was touched. Although Mo Fei's warning would only deepen Zhang Mingjie's hatred for me, I didn't point it out. "Thank you."

    "It's just a small thing. There's no need for you to thank me for it. But remember next time, it would be much better if you are not so impulsive," Mo Fei gave a sweet smile. Looking much more cheerful, she then said, "I was very surprised today. You clearly don't look like a person who knows how to fight. But last time, when you helped me, you sent one big guy flying, and today you even defeated four men single-handedly. Chu Nan, do you know Kungfu?"

    "No, I don't know kung fu," I laughed. "I used to fight a lot back in school, so I'm quite experienced in it."

    "Oh?" Mo Fei was confused, "but I've read your file, and it said you were a good student back in college. It didn't mention that you had a lot of fights during those times."

    Speaking of this, I got so many things that I wanted to complain about, so I didn't think properly but blurted it all out, "It's all Liusu, that bratty girl's fault. Using me as her shield every time. It made those who wanted to chase her always cause some troubles for me. Also, if I met some unreasonable people, then we often end up fighting each other."

    After I said that, I did not hear Mo Fei respond to me. So I turned to her, wondering what happened. Then I just saw her looking at me ambiguously. I almost wanted to slap my own face. Why the fuck did I say this to Mo Fei? This would only make her misunderstand my relationship with Liusu even more.

    Sure enough, Mo Fei jokingly said, "Haha, Chu Nan, it must be because you wanted to protect her, that you fought with them today, right? I have already heard that you two are very close. But it seems like it is more than that. Tell me the truth, is it because of Cheng Liusu that Zhang Mingjie wanted to cause troubles to you?"

    What is the biggest fear of those sad lovesick men? The biggest fear is that the woman, who has just developed some feelings towards them, mistakenly thought that they love someone else.

    "You have misunderstood us, we are not in that kind of relationship..."

    "Hehe, all right, all right, you are not a kid anymore, there is no need to feel embarrassed about it. Besides, you two are really well-matched, and I can see that Cheng Liusu really likes you. Chu Nan, even if the girl is willing to become your girlfriend, she still hopes that the man would make the first move. So, as your good friend, I absolutely support you in taking the initiative to say it." Mo Fei clenched her fists and cheered me on. However, in my eyes, what she clenched on was my heart, and she was crushing it mercilessly.

    What is the greatest sorrow of life? This is the greatest sorrow of my life! My dream girl wants to be my best buddy, and my best buddy wants to be my girlfriend. Alas, the irresponsible god, are you fucking playing with me!

    I didn't want to continue the conversation, so I diverted the topic, "Mis... cough... Feifei, where are we going?"

    "My home."

    I was startled, "Your home?"

    "Yes," Mo Fei's watery eyes narrowed into two curved crescents as she said happily, "my mom wants to see you."

    Looking at Mo Fei's jubilant smile, I couldn't help but shout in my mind, ‘what does that bitch want to see me?!'


    Compared to my first meeting with Wu Xueqing, whether the look or the posture, today's Wu Xueqing was much more coquettish. But there was one thing that did not change. It was the way she looked at me. If it weren't for Mo Fei, I would have already slapped her face. Motherfucker, what are you looking at! And why are you shaking your head and clicking your tongue while looking at me? I'm not an animal in a fucking stable!

    "Mom, have some tea. Chu Nan, drink tea. This is the best tea leaves that I took back from my uncle. I don't even drink that often." Mo Fei was like a happy child. She put the two teacups in front of Wu Xueqing and me.

    Only after I got into her house did I know why she wanted me to come here. It turns out that her mother took the initiative to invite me so she could thank me in person.

    No wonder Mo Fei was so happy.

    Although I did not think that I knew Mo Fei's mother better than Mo Fei, I don't believe that a person's personality could change rapidly in a short period. Unless the sun rises from the west tomorrow. I did not think that she simply wanted to thank me. This bitch must be planning something else.

    "Feifei, I'd like to talk to Chu Nan alone for a few minutes. Could you leave the room for a moment?" Wu Xueqing said with a tender smile and soft tone. However, I could easily tell that she was pretending. Because I have seen this kind of fake smile many times on Chu Yuan's face... I had so much experience in it that it made me kinda sad.

    "Okay, take your time." The woman who is in love is always weak-witted. This sentence is actually not accurate. I think the correct way to describe it is, all the women, who have unrealistic hopes, are weak-witted. Mo Fei was such a wise and shrewd person most of the time. But when Wu Xueqing talked to her in a tender tone, she lost all her ability to distinguish what was real and what was fake.