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Chapter 33

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 33: Chapter 33 Die if exposed - The Elder Brother's Embarrassing Secret.

    Doggotranslation  Doggotranslation

    After opening the door of my flat, I discovered that it was very peaceful and quiet. It was a type of feeling that I have not experienced for a long time.

    Ever since Chu Yuan moved in to live with me, not a single day did I not come home anxiously. But before I had time to take a breath of my own quiet and pleasant air, I vaguely heard a few faint gasps coming from my room, it was seductive and suggestive.

    Huh? Why did this noise sound so familiar? I was suspicious but also not sure, so I decided to go straight to the room.

    The door was only slightly closed, and I pushed in without thinking. As I pushed in, I was surprised to find that Chu Yuan, who should stay in the school at this time, was sitting in front of my computer table, looking at the screen with a very strange expression!

    With the erotic moans, Chu Yuan's face was extremely red, and she was also breathing at an abnormally rapid rate. Her eyes, which were supposed to be filled with cold expressions, were now melting into spring water, rippling with ambiguity.

    One of her hands was on the mouse, and the other was holding onto her kneecap as if to support her body. Her shoulders were hanging weakly, and her body looked so soft that she couldn't even sit up properly. Both of her legs were closed tightly and rubbing against each other strangely from time to time.


    She nervously swallowed, licked her thin lips, and then turned around slowly and dumbly. Only until this moment did she notice that I was standing at the door with an extremely shocked face.

    I could not help shouting loudly in my mind, Maria Ozawa! Oh my fucking god. I'm completely dead this time!

    Fucking hell, no wonder I felt that the frequency of the moan was unusually familiar! Whenever my body was burning with desire at night, I would release myself in her wild performance!

    Now even if I dragged that mixed-blood actress from the screen and beat the shit out of her, it would not solve the problem. As for why Chu Yuan was home at this time, and how she found the "research" folder that I carefully hid, was not something that I should consider at this moment. The most important thing right now was to figure out how to face this damn situation!

    Oh my little granny, you really know how to make my life difficult. I can pretend that I never saw your adult collections. But why did you let me catch you watching adult videos!

    Scold her? It was me who downloaded the video, and I was as guilty as her; punish her? I tried yesterday, but I got two rows of teeth marks on my shoulder, and it still hurts... Besides, what excuse should I give her? It was me who gave her the permission to use this computer...

    "Ah! My eyes! I really need to move my lazy ass and clean the room. So much dust got into my eyes..." I tried very hard to squeeze my eyes and lowered my head to use the back of my hand to rub my eyes. But inside, I was terrified that my heart was having a cold sweat.

    God, this is strange. I didn't even feel nervous when dealing with the crafty Wu Xueqing. But whenever I stood before my little sister, I would become timid.

    Only until now did Chu Yuan let out a strange scream. She quickly closed the player, and when she turned around again, her pretty face was already full of ferocious and murderous intentions.

    Suddenly, she sprang up from her seat, wanting to charge towards me, but she accidentally knocked over the chair, and with a "bang", she was scared into jumped up, and drew back her neck. All the fighting spirit that she had gathered all disappeared.

    "You, you, why didn't you knock at the door?!"

    Er... Do I have to knock on my door to get into my room? If I really said it out loud, I guessed that if Chu Yuan didn't lose her mind because of embarrassment, then she would probably open the window and jump off the building to completely liberate herself from embarrassment. So I simply pretended that I didn't see anything, "Ah, my eyes hurt really bad. Yuanyuan, can you help me check my eyes and blow out the sand from it..."

    This is the bitter stratagem of the thirty-six stratagems, which is used to inflict injury on oneself to win the enemy's trust. I kept rubbing my two eyes until it became like the red eyes of a rabbit. My eyes were covered with burning sensations after being rubbed repeatedly, and it caused the tears to come out like a dam releasing the water.

    Arguably, even professional actors would not have this kind of dedication. However, this granny didn't believe it at all. And the same as usual, she, who didn't know how to get out of the embarrassing situation, was stomping the floor in shame and anger, and shouted with a crying voice, "stop pretending! How could dust get into both of your eyes at the same time?!"

    "Er... It is just that coincidental. I really can't open my eyes..."

    "Go to hell!" Chu Yuan suddenly rushed to me again and wanted to kick my shin, but I dodged it by quickly jumping aside. "Didn't you say that you can't open your eyes?" Chu Yuan said angrily.

    If I don't open my eyes, I'll have a broken leg!

    Knowing that I couldn't hide it anymore, I smiled bitterly but didn't know what to say. Seeing Chu Yuan's big bright eyes were wide open, but her lips were pressed tightly together, I instantly stopped smiling.

    "If you want to laugh, don't hold it!" Chu Yuan clenched her hands into fists and suppressed her anger. She took a few deep breaths and then tried to explain herself, "I wanted to type my chapters, but then I accidentally found those... I didn't know what it was, but when I just opened it, you came in..."

    Just opened it... I was speechless. If you just opened it, how could you be so into it? Do you think I'm stupid?

    Seeing my expression was very strange, her calm mind, which she tried very hard to keep, almost collapsed. She hurriedly said, "I really just opened it!"

    "I know, I know," I quickly replied, "I didn't laugh at you, Yuanyuan. It was my fault. I shouldn't have stored those things on the computer..."

    "You... You still don't believe me!" Hearing what I said, Chu Yuan pouted her lips and burst into tears. She raised her fists and jumped towards me, while her white teeth were flashing the cold gleam. I thought to myself, that how stupid I was. Originally, I wanted to take full responsibility, but by saying that, it would mean that she indeed saw the video.

    Chu Yuan didn't know how to fight. Although she looked ferocious, her athletic talent was an idiot level. Before she even came close to me, she slipped, her slippers went flying, and she staggered and was about to have close and intimate contact with the floor.

    Fortunately, I held her in time, so she didn't fall, but this posture was... really suggestive! Extremely suggestive!

    At the moment, I held Chu Yuan in my arms from behind while her body was bent over, the tight short t-shirt was shrunk to the armpit, revealing the snow-like tender back, and my hand directly touched her soft and smooth skin.

    Her fine waist was small, but not to an absurd degree, slender but not too skinny. This bratty girl indeed had a great body shape, even the professional models were not as good as her.

    Her originally curvey buttock was pressed tightly against my lower abdomen, and because she wanted to stand up straight, she was constantly moving her body. The sensation caused by two private parts rubbing each other made me feel strangely stimulated in the shame of moral condemnation.

    "Stepbrother and stepsister" three subtle words flew over my mind like a meteor, leaving a trail of vague and absurd thoughts. I didn't dare to dive deeper into the thoughts and explore the unknown. The thought itself already made me tremble uncontrollably, and the hairs around my body were like steel needles stabbing into my skin. This kind of intangible pain made me panic at first, and then an indescribable fear began to emerge.

    Chu Yuan also felt my body's physiological reaction. Her body suddenly became stiff and stopped moving. However, when she suddenly stopped moving, it made me look even worse. It was just at that moment, my little brother couldn't help but twitch a few times. The clear sensation was instantly passed to my brain. My face was so hot that I felt like I could cook food with it.

    Since I could feel Chu Yuan's tight buttocks, she was definitely able to feel my little brother's twitches. Then I saw her turned around with an extremely red face and looked at me with her big and teary eyes, "you... Sick pervert!"

    Sick pervert? I felt like I was hit by a lightning bolt. What an accurate description... Fuck, why did I react to my sister's body! Fuck, Chu Nan, you are really an animal, even worse than a pervert!

    After our bodies separated, the atmosphere was still very awkward, I stood next to the computer table and whistled at a small pot of green cactus.

    Gradually, I even finished counting how many thorns it had. Chu Yuan was sitting in front of the screen, eyes flashing the strange luster, and typing the keyboard absent-mindedly. From time to time, she would take a sneak peek at me, she was more embarrassed than angry.

    "Writing novels?" I broke the silence with a question that had an obvious answer.

    "Mhm," Chu Yuan nodded softly, did not dare to look at me in the eyes, and her fingers randomly pressed the keys on the keyboard. Even if her story was wonderful, I doubt the words she typed out at the moment would make any sense, "why did you finish your work at noon?"

    "I have the afternoon off, the company suddenly decided it," I said while using the finger to touch the only few thorns the poor cactus had. And then my finger was pricked by this damn thing. Clearly, it was not as pretty as a rose, it should be appreciated that if someone wanted to play with it.

    "Oh..." Chu Yuan's head was bowed down, almost reaching the table and her voice became lower and lower, "I have classes at 2 o ‘clock in the afternoon, so I want to use this time to type some words..."