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Chapter 34

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 34: Chapter 34 Pretty Police Home Visit

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    ‘This is so fucking awkward!'

    Even a thick-skinned person, like me, would die of embarrassment, let alone my shy little sister Chu Yuan. Although we pretended that nothing had happened, it seemed to have an opposite effect, and made it even more awkward.

    Looking at Chu Yuan's expression, it seemed like she was about to cry again very soon.

    All of a sudden, the doorbell rang, and I was instantly released from all my stress.

    ‘There are guests! Wonderful!'

    The first person that flashed through my mind was my lovely neighbor. He came to visit me at just the right moment. With him, we would definitely be able to break this awkward tension!

    I was about to run out to open the door, but then I saw Chu Yuan suddenly stand up, and walk towards her bedroom door, hanging her head down, "You go open the door, I'm going back to my room."


    I was dazed for a second, and then couldn't help but reveal a soft smile after I realized why she wanted to go back to her room.

    Chu Yuan was slightly introverted. She was both very shy and very nervous around the strangers, even when she was at home, so she wouldn't normally come out to see our guests.

    This was originally very normal, but when I thought about it again, what was the point if I welcomed the guest alone, I still needed to use this guest to break the awkward atmosphere.

    "Yuanyuan, it is not appropriate to hide in your room when we have guests!" I pretended to frown and said sternly.

    However, not only did Chu Yuan not turn around, but she even began to speed up, "Who... Who said I'm going to hide. I just need to change my clothes." She said quietly and quickly.

    ‘Didn't she just put on this set of clothes this morning?' Before I could ask again, Chu Yuan had already run away.

    "Hi! Mr. Zhou, welco..."

    "Hello mister, I am from the city criminal police department, my name is Dong..."

    The door was opened, and through the security door(1), both the visitor and I stopped talking, and looked at each other in disbelief.

    "It's you!"

    "It's you!"

    We then both simultaneously jumped back a step, looking at the way she moved, I guessed that she was going to use the Iron palm martial art technique to hit me, but of course, I would not give up without a fight, so I took up the starting stance of the Touch of Death martial art technique. The middle-aged man behind her was astonished by our exaggerated poses, he patted his chest with his hand trying to calm himself down.

    Isn't this the same female police who accused me of trying to drug-rape Mo Fei that night?!

    "Xiao Ye, do you two know each other?" The friendly-looking middle-aged man looked at me curiously.

    "Oh, *cough*... No," The smelly policewoman let out a dry cough and answered. It seemed like she didn't want him to know about what happened between us. She gave me a dirty look as a warning, and then pretended she didn't know me and said, "Hello, mister, we are from the city criminal police department, my name is Dong Xiaoye, and this is my Captain Lin Zhi."

    If it weren't for the surprised look on her face, I definitely would have thought that she was here to get even with me. Indeed, I really wanted someone to help me to get out of the award situation earlier, but I didn't expect that my visitor would be this smelly girl. All my happiness instantly flew out the window, and vanished into thin air, so I just asked indifferently, "Officer, what do you need? You aren't looking for me, are you? I am a law-abiding citizen, and haveI have never committed any crimes before!"

    Dong Xiaoye?

    She was totally a tyrannosaurus rex reincarnated in human form, but surprisingly, her name was actually quite feminine. I didn't want to taunt her in front of her Captain, lest others laugh at me for being a petty-minded person, but who would have thought that this smelly woman was so ungrateful, and she immediately snapped, "Who knows if you're lying or not? Stop talking nonsense, and open the door!"

    "Hey!" My brows rose in anger, who cares if you are a good cop or a bad police, but if you want to cause trouble with me, then you are messing with the wrong guy, "Jeez, police with this attitude? How do I know if you guys are really police, I am now suspecting that you guys are pretending to be police officers so you can break into my house and rob me! Where are your IDs? If you don't have any, I'll call the police right now!"

    "You!" The police officer named Dong Xiaoye wanted to swear, but she could not. She was choked with fury from my words, and her facial expression became very interesting.

    "Xiaoye, your attitude is really unreasonable, once you get back you need to write a report and submit it," The middle-aged man reprimanded her, making Dong Xiaoye's face instantly turn red. Although she wasn't happy with my gloat, she didn't dare to express her anger.

    The middle-aged man then put on a smiling face, took out his ID from his pocket and showed it to me, "Sorry about that young man, she's still young and has a little bit of a bad temper, so I hope you won't mind her. We have some questions we would like to ask you. Can you please open a door so that we can talk inside?"

    "Look at his attitude, this is the real police! Tut-tut, see the difference?" I really enjoyed Dong Xiaoye's angry expression. It was just like she wanted to eat me alive, but she couldn't act out because her captain was standing next to her.

    I nodded satisfactorily, opened the gate, and smiled to Lin Zhi, "You can rest assured, I am a gentleman, and I won't argue with a woman. Please come in, come in."

    When Dong Xiaoye walked past me, I could even hear her grinding her teeth clearly. Glaring at me? This brother is not scared.

    "You guys drink tea?" To tell you the truth, I don't like to talk to the police. I just wanted to make Dong Xiaoye angry, that was why I opened the door when her captain asked. In my impression, police are a profession dealing with suspects. It means that most people who are talking with police are suspects. So talking to them made me feel very strange.

    "No need, we will be leaving very soon." This Lin Zhi was definitely not a simple man. When his seemingly cloudy eyes revealed a sharp gleam, I had a feeling that he had peeped into my mind. "Young man, you live alone?"

    "With my little sister," I answered lightly, looking at Dong Xiaoye from the corner of my eyes. This smelly girl had already sat on the sofa without even asking. From a tacky briefcase, she then took out a notebook. Seeing me looking at her, she rolled her eyes.

    Lin Zhi walked a circle in the living room, although he tried to hide it, I still noticed his strange behavior, as if he was looking for something, "Young man if you don't mind me asking, what do you do?"

    Perhaps it was the specialty of the profession that limited his questioning method. I dislike the conversation that had a distinct hierarchy involved and frowned in disgust, "I'm a White-collar worker, working in Fengchang Corporate Group. Comrade officer, if you have something to say, please say it clearly. Don't just beat around the bush. As a citizen and a citizen of Bei Tian city, I will assist you in your work, but I am not your suspect."

    Lin Zhi was dazed for a second and then smiled apologetically. "I'm sorry, well then, I will be straight with you. Do you know anything about burglaries that happened in this neighborhood last night?"

    I could feel that Dong Xiaoye fixed her eyes on my eyes, but I still asked in confusion, "Burglaries?"

    Seeing my confused face, Lin Zhi relaxed his expression and then said gravely, "To be exact, it was a robbery."

    "Robbery?!" I was taken aback. You have to know that although the community that I lived in had many tenants that came from other cities, the security condition was still very good, "Was anyone injured?"

    "Yes, is this your room? Can I go in and have a look?" I nodded and then opened the door for him. Then Lin Zhi continued, "The robber was spotted by the female owner of the house during the crime. Then a fight broke out. SHe was hit over the head, knocked unconscious, and then the robber escaped. In the morning, she filed a report to the police station, saying that apart from some cash the robber had also taken some valuable things she took back from oversea."

    Fuck, so that is the reason why he wants to check my room, he thinks that I stole those things? I frowned and asked, "How do you know that the robber is from this neighborhood? even if rabbits do not eat the grass around their burrows, let alone criminals..."

    "We suspect that this is what exactly the robber wants people to think." Dong Xiaoye finally got a chance to mock me, then her cold face finally smiling, but at least, she still remembered some professional ethics, so she then carefully explained, "The female owner is a full-time wife, her husband had been sent to Taiwan on business the day before yesterday, and it will take at least a week for him to come back. She had only told a few people about her husband leaving, and why do you think the robber wanted to break into her house instead of other people? Isn't that obvious?"

    "Of course, we are not completely sure, ha-ha, today is just a routine check," Lin Zhi walked out of my room and added, "There are quite many tenants in this neighborhood, so what we want to do is to make a household registration for the current residents, so that we can take precautions and know what will happen next."

    Do they think I am an idiot? I am sure that Lin Zhi definitely has a list of suspects, and the so-called registration maybe just an excuse, otherwise, why would he want to reveal such information to me?