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Chapter 36

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 36: Chapter 36 Women are tigers, but men eat tigers

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    Dong Xiaoye quickly discovered that my hands, which were originally holding her up on her abdomen area, were beginning to slowly slide upwards suddenly.

    Her expression instantly froze and her face became pale, "What are you doing?!" She was both angry and embarrassed.

    "What do you think?" My hands were moving closer and closer to her chest, and with just a little bit more, I would be able to touch her towering breasts. This smelly woman's body was indeed very firm, it was probably the result of a lot of physical training. It made me wonder if her ample bosom was as firm as the other parts of her body.

    I didn't like the feeling of being a lecher, however, I couldn't deny the fact that I wanted to do some lecherous things. Holding back the nervous feeling in my heart, I began to smile lecherously, "Of course helping you satisfy your desire, auntie."

    Feeling my fingers moving across her body as if I was playing the piano, the itchy feeling made Dong Xiaoye both angry and nervous. Her tan skin had already turned red and her overbearing eyes twinkled with clear watery light. "You dare touch me?!"

    I wouldn't dare, but I wouldn't admit it either, "You have already touched me, why can't I touch you?"

    However, Dong Xiaoye was a police officer after all. She immediately saw through my trick and knew that I was bluffing, so she laughed contemptuously, "Hah! If you really dare to touch me, I'll change my surname to yours!"


    "Change your surname to mine? Oh, so you want to marry me. Why didn't you just say so? No wonder why you want to molest me!" What does a 23-year-old virgin fear the most? It is to be looked down upon by women! A cornered dog will jump over the wall, and a cornered rabbit will bite! People often say that women are tigers. Hah! If they dare to push a virgin into a corner, that virgin will have no problem eating tigers!

    I let out an angry laugh, and my originally calm mind was consumed by the rage. Both of my hands suddenly grabbed her chest mercilessly, "I don't care if you want to change your surname or not, as long as your son's surname is Chu!"

    "Ah..." Dong Xiaoye instantly jumped up and moved to the other end of the sofa like she had an electric shock. She was covering her bountiful chest with her hands while looking at me in disbelief.

    Watching her stare at me like that also dazed me a little.

    This was the first time that I touched a woman's chest with my hands, and the feeling... Was amazing! They felt so soft, but also firm, with a simple grasp, they would change into different shapes without even using much strength, but both palms also met strong resistance, as if they could bounce off my hands at any time...

    We both were sitting at opposite ends of the sofa while our faces were extremely red. She was glaring at me with hatred, and I was looking at her with guilt. She wanted to beat me up, I wanted to run away.

    It was at this time that my dear little sister Chu Yuan finally appeared like the savior of the world. She opened the door slightly, and then popped her head out.

    Seeing that there was only a female guest, who was wearing a police uniform, she hesitated. Only when she looked at me again did she finally walk out of her room timidly.

    Didn't she say that she was going to change her clothes? Why is she still wearing the same clothes?

    Dong Xiaoye clenched her hands into fists and shook them before me a few times before she opened her hands and casually adjusted her hair. Seeing I was trying very hard not to laugh, her eyes flashed with a trace of resentment, but then she looked at Chu Yuan, and asked me with a smile, "This must be your little sister?"

    Women are truly fickle indeed. If I didn't witness it, who would have known that just a few seconds ago she wanted to beat to death.

    Although she asked casually, when she finally paid attention to Chu Yuan, she was very surprised. I couldn't help but feel proud and nod my head, "Yuanyuan, this is Officer Dong Xiaoye from the city police department. Why don't you greet her? You can call her auntie... I mean, older sister." Shit, I almost made the same mistake twice.

    Sure enough, Dong Xiaoye glared at me fiercely for a second, then she got up, held Chu Yuan's hand, and then asked her to sit between us.

    Looking at Chu Yuan's tender pretty little face, she said softly, "Little girl, your name is Chu Yuan? You are really pretty. Chu Nan, how do you have such a lovely little sister?"

    She was indirectly saying that I was ugly, so I replied in a huff, "Why can't I have such a lovely little sister?"

    Although the relationship between me and Chu Yuan was not very harmonious, in front of outsiders, I have always been proud of having her as my little sister.

    In my opinion, women's external beauty can be divided into three kinds.

    The first types are those who look beautiful at a first glance, but the more you see them, the less beautiful they are. These women typically rely on other things to make them look pretty, for example, Mo Fei's mother. At first glance, she looked very beautiful, but if people looked carefully, they would notice that the eyebrows she drew were too thin, her lipstick was too bright, her eyeshadow was too heavy, she had too much jewelry hanging around her neck, and her hair was too curly... Gradually, people would feel that such heavy style makeup was just to cover up her own defects, which would give the impression of dishonesty and lack of sincerity.

    The second ones are those who don't normally wear makeup. The temperament of this type of woman is usually much more attractive than the physical beauty of the first type of woman. Just like Liusu, she hardly ever wore makeup to make herself look pretty. Her look was like the white lotus in clear water, it was natural and not deliberate, elegant, yet reserved. This type of beauty usually stayed in people's minds much longer. I had to admit that Dong Xiaoye also had this kind of natural beauty.

    And the third ones are those who look very beautiful at first glance, but the more you look, the more beautiful they are. These kinds of women often only appear in books, and exist in people's fantasy, such as Jin Yong's Little Dragon Maiden, who was beautiful and elegant beyond convention. Even if such a person was in the vast crowd, you would be able to find her immediately.

    The beauty of Chu Yuan belonged to the third kind. Even if I didn't like her personality, it would not change my evaluation of her appearance.

    Being mysterious can make a woman look more beautiful, but that's just one type of temperament. Chu Yuan may lack this type of temperament, but her external beauty goes beyond it all, thus she doesn't need to add anything to enhance her beauty.

    Dong Xiaoye was bewitched by the doll-like beauty of Chu Yuan, and she was constantly comparing my appearance with hers, and in the end, when she looked at me again, her eyes were filled with disgust, "You're so ugly that you don't look like her older brother at all. Are you sure that you two were born to the same mother?"

    Although I know she didn't really mean it, her words made both my face and Chu Yuan's face instantly dropped, and Dong Xiaoye's observation ability was extraordinary. She immediately noticed the anomaly in the atmosphere, and asked, "What's wrong? Did I say something wrong?"

    "Oh, no..." I just instinctively responded to her question, but I didn't expect that Chu Yuan's face would become even cloudier. She bit her lips and her sad eyes were like sharp knives piercing my heart. Fuck! My stupid mouth!

    The more I say, the more mistakes I will make, so I decided to avoid talking about this and leave the flat to get Chu Yuan's residence document, "Yuanyuan, Officer Dong is here to check your residence document. I'm going home to get your document now, so you can stay here and talk to Officer Dong, I will be back very soon."

    Dong Xiaoye couldn't wait to see me disappear from her sight, she just waved her hands impatiently and said, "Okay, okay, I will help you to take care of your little sister, you can leave now."

    What the fuck, is this my house or your house? I just stood up angrily, but Chu Yuan suddenly pulled my cuffs. She looked at Dong Xiaoye nervously and asked me, "Do you know her?"



    Shit! Dong Xiaoye and Chu Yuan both stared at me after I said no. God damn, this is awkward.

    Dong Xiaoye held Chu Yuan's small hand and smiled gently, "Don't listen to your older brother, Yuanyuan, don't be afraid of me, I am your brother's friend. Am I right? Chu Nan!"

    This smelly woman clenched her teeth while saying my name. She was clearly trying to scare me. It is said that the fiercer the animal is, the gentler its other side will be. This tyrannosaurus rex seemed to like Chu Yuan very much, so she did not hesitate to get close to me so that she could get closer to my little sister. Frankly speaking, I didn't hate this woman, and I even started to like her simple and straightforward personality, so I just scratched my head embarrassedly and said to Chu Yuan, "Haha, actually we do know each other, although we had a little misunderstanding in the past, we are still friends."

    Hearing what I said, Chu Yuan bowed her head down and no longer said a single word. Seeing her behaved like this, I heaved a sigh, shook my head and thought to myself that her timid personality really needed to change, then I told Dong Xiaoye, "My little sister is a little bit introverted, don't bully her!"

    "I..." Dong Xiaoye wanted to punch me, but then she suddenly stopped and forced herself to make a twisted smile and said in a coquettish tone, "This girl is a lady, okay? This girl does not do that kind of thing."

    I couldn't help but shiver and left my flat with goosebumps all over my body.