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Chapter 37

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 37: Chapter 37 Oh my god, I am an idiot

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    Stepmother was a competent woman. With her own efforts, she opened a small restaurant, and the business was not bad. Originally, I thought that she would be busy in the shop, but I did not expect that she was at home when I called her.

    "Little Nan, since you don't need to go to work in the afternoon, why do you need it urgently?" Stepmother handed over Chu Yuan's residence document to me, who was standing at the door.

    I didn't even change my shoes. I just stood at the door and waited. It was for this reason that my stepmother had a long face. I hurriedly explained, "I'm sorry mom, but there is still a police officer staying at my flat. I will come back to visit you again when I have a holiday. So please don't look at me like that. It makes me feel bad." Fearing that she would ask me more questions, I did not dare to tell her that Chu Yuan was also at home.

    "Okay," stepmother finally smiled and said, "your father will come back soon. Originally, I would like to keep you for a while, but since you are so well-behaved, you can go now. But remember what you said just now. I'll prepare a lot of delicious food when you visit me next time."


    Well-behaved? How old does she think I am? I really didn't know how to deal with the stepmother. In her eyes, I never seem to grow up.

    "Dad doesn't have class today?"


    My stepmother straightened my collar and frowned. "Who knows?" she replied. "I was also called back by him. He said that one of his old students came to visit him at the school today, so he wanted to invite that student to come to our house. He wanted me to prepare a meal for them."

    Seeing stepmother's puzzled expression, I realized that she was also as surprised as me. The strict and old-fashioned old man, unexpectedly, took the initiative to invite someone to their house. What kind of student exactly would make him act so differently?


    Chu Yuan was too introverted. I was not worried about her failing to take care of Dong Xiaoye properly, and Dong Xiaoye would talk too much and make her feel nervous, so I took the taxi and came back to my flat.

    Upon entering the door, the quiet atmosphere made me quite surprised. Did Dong Xiaoye leave? When this idea had just appeared in my mind, I heard soft snoring noises coming from the sofa.

    As I went inside to check, unexpectedly, it was Dong Xiaoye. This girl curled her body into a ball and fell asleep!

    What! What does she think my living room is? Her bedroom?!

    I wanted to wake her up, but then I was hesitant. Surely, she wouldn't have done it if she hadn't been exhausted to a certain extent? And you don't say, this violent girl's look during her sleep was really adorable. Like a little pig, she was having dreams, and she was drooling. The corners of her mouth slightly curled up into satisfied smiles.

    Women really have many faces. I didn't expect that this girl had such a lovely side. So I simply shook my head and smiled. Then I returned to my room quietly.

    Sure enough, Chu Yuan was sitting in front of my computer busily typing. Seeing that I came in, she was not surprised, but her face quickly turned red. She probably couldn't help but remember what had happened earlier, "SHH, don't make too many noises, she fell asleep."

    "I saw it," I walked to Chu Yuan, and stood behind her. I put her residence document on the table. Then I leaned forward, placed my hands on the back of the chair, pretending to be curious about the novel she wrote.

    Thinking that this was a good opportunity to erase the awkwardness, I asked, "How many words have you written already?"

    Chu Yuan did not show antipathy to my intimate posture. She continued to press the keyboard, but the screen clearly reflected her nervous expression and flashing eyes, "Three thousand words." She said.

    "Three thousand words in less than two hours? That's very good!" My compliment was absolutely sincere. Although I have never written a novel, I still write work reports and things like that. A two or three thousand-words report would at least make me scratch my head for half a day.

    Chu Yuan's eyes instantly lit up. She stopped her busy fingers, raised her small pointed chin, and said proudly, "This is nothing. Usually, I only use two hours to type six thousand words."

    "What about writing by hand? How many words could you write by hand?" I asked with some interests.

    "Eight hundred or so, at most a thousand words, and then type it into the computer, a chapter with three thousand words, including editing, it will at least take four or five hours..." Chu Yuan's excitement instantly reduced a lot.

    It was very obvious that after experiencing the convenience of using my computer to type chapters, she was reluctant to use the old method that she had used in the past.

    The progress of science and technology is exactly based on the bad habit of human beings being extremely lazy. The so-called convenience of life is, in a word, the greatest degree of laziness. But the key problem was that it would be convenient for Chu Yuan, but it would not be convenient for me.

    Originally, I thought that Chu Yuan would not be able to find the secret on my computer, but I never expected that she would be able to find it the first time using my computer.

    Don't tell me that for her convenience, I need to say goodbye to Maria Ozawa, and other bunches of Japanese "romantic action" actresses?! As a true virgin, without their company on lonely nights, I will be very very inconvenient!

    "Cough, um... Yuanyuan, can I ask you a question?"

    Chu Yuan turned to look at me in confusion. But this brother, I really did not have the courage to look at her clear eyes.

    Slowly moving closer to that pot of cactus, I reached my hand out to play with it, pretending to be very relaxed but asked in a nervous tone, "Ummm, how did you find those videos?"

    If I didn't find the answer to this question, I would always feel that as if there was something in my heart always tickling me. While I was asking, I couldn't help but speed up pulling the thorns of cactus to reduce the nervousness in my mind.

    "You... You!" Chu Yuan was instantly blushed. She was both angry and embarrassed. From the initial reaction, it was as if she wanted to hide straight underneath the table.

    "No, no, no, I absolutely didn't mean to make fun of you," I was afraid that this granny would go berserk again. I tried to comfort her hurriedly, "I am just curious, I think I hid that thing very well..."

    "How is that well-hidden?!" Chu Yuan responded sharply and immediately, and then she could not help but burst out laughing.

    Seeing I was looking at her in confusion, she stamped feet in frustration, "Anyone with a little computer knowledge will be able to find that stupid folder!"

    This was clearly an insult to my intelligence! Although I felt ashamed, my brows could not help but raise in anger.

    Because Liusu often came to my place, so in order to avoid her discovering my secret, I had specially checked other people's valuable experience on the internet. People suggested that to avoid the clear signs of having a guilty conscience, I should not set the folder to be hidden, so I just kept the folder with several other files, and gave it a name that most people wouldn't be interested in. So there was no way that it would be easily discovered by other people.

    Seeing my face was filled with disbelief, Chu Yuan almost wanted to bite me again. Her hand, which was holding the mouse, was currently shaking violently at the moment. She was definitely thinking whether she should hit me with the mouse as well, "Which drive do you usually install your system in?"

    I was dazed for a second and responded instinctively, "C drive, what's wrong?"

    "And you still ask me what's wrong?!" Chu Yuan opened the E drive, pointing to my secret folder, which was next to the "novels" folder she had just created and said embarrassedly, "look what kind of name did you give to it!"

    "Windows system files..."

    Oh my god, am I an idiot?! Only until this moment did I just realize how stupid this name was. Because no one pointed it out, I always thought it was very safe. But...

    It was at this moment that I heard a noise from the living room. Lucky! That girl woke up just in time. This brother, I really had no face to see my sister now. I had to run away.

    I quickly picked up the residence document and walked away. Heading towards the door, I couldn't help but think that Liusu had touched my computer more than once, but how come she could not find it...

    Dong Xiaoye was lying prone on the sofa. She lowered her big head, seemingly trying to look for her shoes below the sofa. Seeing me walk out of the room, her face instantly appeared a charming red color, and she quickly sat straight, while trying to hide a pair of small feet, which was covered in the cotton socks below her buttocks. She then gritted her teeth and hissed, "Is it you, who took off my shoes?"

    I was speechless, and I really had no mood to answer her question, "Older sister tiger, is this your attitude of being a guest in someone else's home?"

    "Older sister Tiger... Tiger?" Dong Xiaoye, who had just woken up thought for a while before she finally realized what it meant. She was so angry that she almost jumped up to hit me, "You! You're courting death!"