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Chapter 38

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 38: Chapter 38 I want to fight you again

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    I didn't know what this tigress was worried about, but when she had gotten halfway up, she instantly sat back down again. I was too lazy to argue with her, so I simply set the document on the table and impatiently said, "Hurry up and check the document. Then go back home and sleep."

    "You..." Dong Xiaoye took a quick glance at the documents and then asked, "where are my shoes?"

    "Here," Chu Yuan also came out of my bedroom. Hearing Dong Xiaoye ask about her shoes, she walked towards the shoe cabinet next to the door, took out a pair of short-heeled shoes, and placed them in front of her.

    Seeing such a well-behaved girl, I couldn't picture the version of her that's always arguing with me.

    "I'm sorry, older sister Xiaoye. I saw you fell asleep, so I helped you take off your shoes."

    "It's okay. Actually, I have to thank you, Yuanyuan, you really are a well-mannered and well-behaved girl." The difference between how this woman treated me and Chu Yuan was extremely obvious.

    Her cheeks turned slightly red as she snuck a glance at me and said in a shy and quiet voice, "I've been working since yesterday, so I haven't even had time to shower and change my clothes..."


    "What? You even want to borrow my clothes and take a shower at my place?!"

    "Can you shut up!" Chu Yuan kicked me, and the same as Dong Xiaoye, both glaring at me angrily as if I was their common enemy.

    Did I say something wrong? Women are really incomprehensible creatures, but this elder brother, I, really didn't dare to hold my head high in front of Chu Yuan, so I could only swallow the words that I originally wanted to say and stopped talking.

    Dong Xiaoye nodded at Chu Yuan gratefully and then quickly put on shoes, restoring her dignity as a policewoman.

    Chu Yuan looked up at the clock on the wall. It was already one forty, so she just said goodbye to Dong Xiaoye, and then hurried to the school. Before leaving, she didn't forget to glare at me once more, the look of shame and anger in her eyes only made her look even cuter.

    "Your little sister is much more well-behaved than you are." Dong Xiaoye pulled out a pen and stopped smiling.

    I sat casually beside her and smiled, "You think the word well-behaved is an appropriate word for an adult?"

    "There's nothing wrong with using it to describe a person, especially you."

    I did enjoy teasing Dong Xiaoye. It made me feel as if I was back in elementary school teasing my classmates. This pure and innocent, nostalgic feeling really made me reminisce about my early childhood. To be fair, this woman seemed to be even more naive than I was.

    Dong Xiaoye took a look over the document, and the expression on her face suddenly changed, "Adopted? Yuanyuan isn't your blood-related sister?!"

    Hearing this, the words that I originally wanted to say to tease Dong Xiaoye instantly went back in my throat, "Yes, my father was remarried, Yuanyuan's mother is my stepmother."

    In an instant, Dong Xiaoye's expression became very complex, filled with guilt, remorse, and shame... Clearly, she was thinking about what she had said just before I left the flat, "I'm sorry, I didn't know you two had this kind of relationship..."

    I really like this woman's straightforward character, so I just laughed, "It's okay, we don't mind, although we are not blood-related, we're much closer than blood-related families are."

    Of course, I wouldn't tell her that Chu Yuan and I didn't really get along very well in the past. It should be more appropriate to describe our relationship as hostile. It was a type of hostility as if we were enemies for eight generations.

    But what Dong Xiaoye said next made me feel so ashamed that it almost made me commit suicide, "Uhm, I can see that you two are very close."

    Embarrassed, I didn't want to admit it or deny it, but when I saw there were still some doubts lingered in between Dong Xiaoye's brows, I couldn't help but ask, "What is it? Something wrong with the residence document?"

    "Oh, no..." Dong Xiaoye quickly wrote down the relevant information on her register and returned the document to me. As I took back the document, she suddenly said, "It is just a little strange..."

    Woman's curiosity is the mischief of God, so women always couldn't suppress their curiosity.

    "What's strange?"

    "Since your parents were remarried, Yuanyuan should be your father's stepdaughter..."

    Hearing what she said, I was dazed for a second. Are an adopted daughter and stepdaughter any different? Seeing I also seemed to be surprised, Dong Xiaoye hurriedly waved her hands and said, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't ask too many irrelevant questions."

    I got up to see Dong Xiaoye out of the house, but there was still an odd feeling existing in my mind. Of course, adopted daughters and stepdaughters are different.

    Just from my point of view, the fact that there is no blood relation between me and Chu Yuan was established a long time ago, so I have never seriously thought about this before, besides... The residence document was rarely used, I myself also saw it for the first time today. So when I checked that it indeed said adopted, I was very confused.

    What the hell is going on? Chu Yuan is my stepmother's daughter, so she really should be my old man's stepdaughter as well...

    "It's fine, you don't need to see me out, you can go back to do your own thing now," When Dong Xiaoye was about to go downstairs, she suddenly remembered what her Captain had told her, so she turned to my neighbor's door and rang the doorbell. At the same time, she smiled at me and said, "Maybe I will come to visit you again in the future. Yuanyuan is too introverted, she doesn't like to talk much. Maybe If I come here to talk to her more often, she will become more outgoing. Haha..."

    Originally, I wanted to return to my flat, but after hearing what she said, I also became very curious, "You seem to like my little sister very much. Why is that?"

    The smile on her face instantly froze, and her eyes flashed a trace of sadness. She forced herself to smile and said, "My older sister has a child, she is also a girl. If I remember it correctly, she is the same age as Yuanyuan... What, you don't want me to visit you, or you think that I'll have a bad influence on her?"

    Chu Yuan was already very violent. I was very scared that she would become another tigress, but of course, I wouldn't say this to her. I just asked curiously, "Your older sister's daughter is as old as Yuanyuan? I'm sorry if I offend you, but how old are you exactly?"

    Perhaps, this question really offended her, her face instantly dropped, "You want me to punch you?! I have already decided to forget about our past, but you still want to provoke me?!"

    "Absolutely not!" I was speechless, "I just wonder why you are so much younger than your older sister..."

    Dong Xiaoye glared at me for a while, and then said, "My older sister is ten years older than me..."

    Before she even finished, the door was opened slightly, and Zhou Tian popped his head out of the door. Seeing that a policewoman was standing outside, he was slightly surprised, "Er... how can I help you?"

    Dong Xiaoye quickly turned around and said to him, "Hello Sir, I am from the city criminal police department. I need to ask some questions from you, can we talk inside?"

    "Criminal police?" Zhou Tian looked at Dong Xiaoye and looked at me. Seeing that I just shrug my shoulders helplessly, his face suddenly became very serious, "You have a search warrant?"

    A search warrant? I was dazed for a second. Fuck! Why did I not ask her for this earlier?!

    However, before I could even say anything, Dong Xiaoye took a piece of paper from her briefcase and shook it before Zhou Tian, "Just some routine questions, please cooperate with us."

    It turned out that she came prepared. While I was surprised, I was also curious that since she had this document, why didn't she show it earlier?

    Zhou Tian's face was filled with embarrassment. He let out an award laugh, "Haha, I'm sorry, I haven't changed my clothes yet. Could you please wait for a moment?"

    Dong Xiaoye nodded absent-mindedly, "Okay."

    What's wrong with this woman? Since she mentioned her older sister, her mood seemed to drop a lot, "Er... your sister is only in her thirties. She's not that old. Did she get married very early? Her daughter is already sixteen..."

    "Yes, she ran off to get married before she finished college..." Dong Xiaoye sighed with complex emotions and suddenly stopped. Perhaps, she didn't want to discuss her family matters with an outsider, but in the next second, she turned to me while raising her fists and said, "Did you train?"


    "Pretending to be stupid? Of course, martial arts," Dong Xiaoye said, "that night when I met you, you actually pushed me away that easily. I am telling you that I have never lost a fight before, so if we have time, I want to fight you again."

    Hello! Are you sure that is this something that is okay for a police officer to say? Why do I feel like she was lying? She might actually try to get back at me for grabbing her boobs? Otherwise, why else would she blush?