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Chapter 39

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 39: Chapter 39 You are very bad

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    "Forget it, this little one will never be able to defeat you." I waved my hand to dispel any ideas. This girl had easily restrained me using just brute force earlier, there was no way I would want to fight with her again.

    "Tut-tut, are you really a man?" As I expected, Dong Xiaoye definitely wanted to find some excuses to punch me. After hearing what I said, she carried on taunting, "You don't dare to accept a woman's challenge, you're such a sissy."

    Taunts wouldn't work on people, who had thick skin, like me. Who would be stupid enough to fight with a police officer? But being a man who couldn't defeat a woman, indeed, I would be looked down upon, but defeating a woman also wouldn't make a man look great either, right? What if she gets angry and accuses me of attacking a police officer?

    "What do you mean sissy? This is what you call - a true gentleman will not hit a woman. Besides, if I fight you with my full strength, even if I win, it'll make me look bad, but if I don't fight you with my full strength, then I won't be able to beat you, and I don't think you will be happy with that, so it is completely unnecessary." Although I couldn't defeat her physically, I could still defeat her with words of wisdom, "Let's find some time when we are both free, I'll buy you a meal, what happened between us was just a misunderstanding, let's not hold grudges against each other, shall we? I insulted you, but you also pointed a gun at my head, let's just have a drink together and forget about it, what do you think?"

    What I said flattered her slightly, and I didn't lower myself when saying it, so I felt that what I did was good. Besides, what she did that night was much worse than anything I did.

    "Of course, what happened that day was not that big of a deal, but what happened earlier..." Dong Xiaoye blurted it out in a huff and accidentally revealed her true intention. Seeing my eyes were looking at her firm and bulging bosom, she was both embarrassed and angry. "Just admit that you are scared!" She gritted her teeth and said.

    "I don't think I will be scared of fighting you, but I think you would be..." I smiled at her lecherously and carried on, "We are both adults, so having physical contact with each other is not a problem, but what if there was an accident? And something like that happened again, and If we are not careful, a new life will be born into this world. I mean, I don't mind taking the responsibility, but I don't think that's something you would like to see?"


    "Who says... No that's not what I meant!" Dong Xiaoye was almost tricked into saying that she didn't mind it. She didn't know how to respond to my question nor did she want to give up. Facing this kind of dilemma even made her eyes start to turn red, "Chu Nan, you are shameless!"

    Afraid that she would suddenly rush to fight with me, I quickly grabbed the handle of the door and carried on taunting her "If I am shameless, it is definitely because of you. In fact, if you do not mind, I am very willing to accept your challenge."

    "You wish!" Dong Xiaoye finally gave up, turned around angrily, and then as if she was venting her anger, she kept pressing my neighbor's doorbell, "Why is he so slow! Is he dead!"

    "I'm coming, coming..." Zhou Tian opened the door, noticing that I was still standing outside, the smile on his face froze a split second and then quickly disappeared. Then he warmly welcomed Dong Xiaoye in.

    Dong Xiaoye was in a fit of anger, so she didn't notice his unusual expression, but I noticed it clearly, and not only that flash of strange expression, but also his right arm... The arm that had been perfectly fine when I met him in the corridor earlier, was now strapped in a bandage hanging in a sling around his neck!

    "I'm sorry, I was too careless and fell down two days ago, so my arm was injured, so it isn't very easy for me to change clothes. I'm sorry to let you wait for this long..." Zhou Tian stood aside to let Dong Xiaoye in first, and then turned around, followed her in.

    I quickly caught up with them and used my foot to stop the door, but the corner of the mouth of Zhou Tian, who was originally very friendly, suddenly twitched, and he let out a few very unusual dry laughs, "Brother, you..."

    Fell down two days ago? Bullshit, earlier, he clearly told me that it was scratched by her girlfriend last night!

    "Oh, I and Xiaoye are actually friends," It was just my instinctive behavior, I didn't think it through carefully, but when he questioned me, I quickly came up an idea and winked at him and then pouted my lips to Dong Xiaoye and whispered, "Understand?"

    Zhou Tian was a smart man, he immediately realized what I was trying to say and responded happily, "Oh... *cough*... Xiao Chu, please do come in, come in."

    Nowadays, whenever dealing with civil servants, it was always good to have someone familiar around, because the so-called routine check was mostly for show, and how that routine was conducted entirely depended on the mood of the person involved.

    Zhou Tian thought that I was there to help him to deal with Dong Xiaoye, so naturally, he wouldn't kick me out. However, it only made me suspect him even more.

    If he wasn't guilty, there was no need for him to do this. If he wasn't guilty, he would simply let her in without asking for a warrant. Hmm... I seemed to have found a very good excuse for not asking for a warrant from Dong Xiaoye earlier...

    This Zhou Tian even had the audacity to invite me to come to his house as a guest. His flat was so messy, that it was no different than a pig house.

    The tea table was laid with leftovers, empty beer bottles. The square table was covered by a blanket and had Mahjong pieces scattered all over it. An ashtray was filled with cigarette butts and covered by a thick layer of dust. God knows how many days have passed since he last cleaned. There was even a pile of dirty clothes on the sofa, including women's underwear.

    Dong Xiaoye had found a slightly cleaner chair to sit down in, and frowned at me,, "Don't call me Xiaoye, we aren't that close! And why are you even here? Get out!"

    This smelly woman!...

    Fortunately, she just expressed her dissatisfaction and didn't deny our friendship, Zhou Tian's smile was even more obvious on his face. Seeing him react like that, I knew that he clearly misunderstood our relationship.

    "That is none of your business. This is my buddy's house. I can come here whenever I want and I don't need to ask your permission for that." I said crossly. The more I thought about Zhou Tian's behavior, the more I worried about leaving Dong Xiaoye alone here, so before I found out why he was lying, I wouldn't leave her here alone here. "Go do your stuff and stop bothering me. You see he is laughing at you."

    "You!..." Dong Xiaoye really did not seem to want to reveal her true nature in front of Zhou Tian. She held back her anger and explained why she was here to Zhou Tian.

    I pretended to be curious about Zhou Tian's flat and began to walk around the living room to find anything that was suspicious. At the same time, I also paid attention to Zhou Tian's expression. However, I didn't notice anything strange. Then all of sudden, I realized something! How the fuck do I know what suspicious things look like?

    After hearing what Dong Xiaoye said, Zhou Tian reprimanded the burglar's shameless act furiously. Then he went back to the room to take out the residence document.

    Dong Xiaoye this silly girl probably felt that a man with a broken arm wouldn't be a suspect, so after she wrote down the information, she got up and was ready to leave.

    But how could I let her go just like that? I ignored Zhou Tian, who was looking at me gratefully, made a few quick steps forward, grabbed Dong Xiaoye's wrist from behind and said, "Hold on a second, you just finished like that?"

    Dong Xiaoye's face instantly blushed. She quickly flung away my hand and said, "What? You got some other business here?"

    I was stupefied by her question. Shit, this smelly woman didn't know that Zhou Tian lied about how he injured his arm. And because she finished her questions so quickly, I didn't even have any chance to tell her that. I could tell her right now, but if Zhou Tian was not the burglar, how was I supposed to face him in the future after exposing his lie in front of him.

    Helplessly, I slapped Dong Xiaoye's curvy and firm butt and pretended to be angry and asked, "Why did you only search my room? You even checked the place under my bed with a flashlight and accused me of having a mistress? You think I'm stupid!"

    "How dare you touch my..." The consequence of touching a tigress's butt was very serious. Fortunately, Dong Xiaoye, this tigress had more human nature than beast nature.

    Only after I winked at her repeatedly while standing with my back to Zhou Tian did she finally understand what I was trying to hint at her. Then she mercilessly pinched the most tender part of my waist and said with an intimate tone, "Darling, you are very bad~, how could you do this to your wife in front of other people, and I am not a petty-minded person. I'm really just doing my job~"

    Darling... Your wife... Goosebumps instantly emerged everywhere around my body, I couldn't help but shiver. The power of this tigress' coquettish act was simply too lethal. At the same time, I was also finally relieved that she finally realized what I wanted to tell her.

    Then Dong Xiaoye's face became very serious. She looked at Zhou Tian, whose face had already turned pale and said coldly, "Mr. Zhou, I'm sorry, Can I have a look at your room?"

    "Yes, of course, haha, why not?" Zhou Tian's eyes glanced at me with obscure resentment, his forehead already covered with sweat.

    I thought to myself secretly that this guy had definitely done something bad!

    Maybe it was the calm and friendly cooperation attitude of Zhou Tian that made Dong Xiaoye let down her guard, but this girl looked at me with slight suspicion. I directly ignored her and completely focused on Zhou Tian.

    "Officer Dong, please..." before Dong Xiaoye even entered the room, Zhou Tian's friendly look suddenly disappeared, instead, a fierce malevolent intent poured out from him like a powerful landslide, "Go fuck yourself!"

    "Ah..." both of Zhou Tian's hands pushed Dong Xiaoye's shoulder at the same time, causing the tigress to lose her balance and directly fall to the ground, looking very piteous.

    I couldn't blame her, she had no idea that Zhou Tian's arm wasn't injured.