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Chapter 40

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 40: Chapter 40 That Kitty Cat

    The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind. I didn't wait for Zhou Tian to turn around. When he acted, I also grabbed the back of his collar from behind and then used the strength of my waist to spin my body and threw him out mercilessly. Zhou Tian quickly moved back a few steps and then fell on the tea table heavily.

    "Mr. Chu, is this how you treat your friend!" Zhou Tian seemed to be physically fit, such a fall still did not injure him. When he stood up, he grabbed a ceramic bowl from the table and threw it at me. I was scared into crouching onto the ground immediately.

    The ceramic bowl flew past me scratching my scalp, making me break out in a cold sweat. Then I heard a painful grunt.

    Today was probably the unluckiest day in Dong Xiaoye's life. She, who had just gotten up from the ground, was hit very hard by the bowl again. The bowl hit her shoulder and the soup, which was probably already spoiled, was spilled all over her body. Probably it was really painful, she held her shoulders and fell to the ground again. Her pretty face once again touched the dirty floor.

    I did not care if he attacked the police, but Dong Xiaoye was not just a police, she was also a friend that I just made.

    "I don't make fucking friends with thieves!" furious, I grabbed a heavy wooden chair and swung it very hard at Zhou Tian. The outcome totally surprised me.

    Zhou Tian had already stepped on the tea table, wanting to jump over the sofa and run out of the flat, but he did not expect that he would be hit by a chair from behind. He instantly fell down with his head hitting the Mahjong table.

    Unable to withstand the hit, the table suddenly cracked from the middle, split into two, scattering the Mahjong pieces everywhere on the ground, and Zhou Tian instantly passed out before he was even able to make a sound…


    Shit, this guy is too weak! I was dumbstruck.

    Did I kill him?


    Fortunately, Zhou Tian just broke a few bones and had a mild concussion. He just passed out temporarily. Soon, Lin Zhi rushed in with some other plainclothes officers and handcuffed him.

    I was afraid of trouble, so I just gave all the credit of catching Zhou Tian to Dong Xiaoye, and told other people how she fought him bravely, and how was she wounded honorably, and how she threw the chair at the thief that was trying to escape… Dong Xiaoye could not handle the praise, her face was extremely red from the beginning, but old Lin always praised her that she was being too modest. She was so embarrassed that she was constantly gnashing her teeth at me.

    Nowadays, if the police injured the criminal, that would be called upholding justice and eliminating harm from society. But if it was a regular civilian like me, at most, people would just say that I was a good Samaritan. However, how many good Samaritans had good endings? It would be lucky that Zhou Tian did not sue the shit out of me because of his injury. So if Dong Xiaoye got all the credit, even if Zhou Tian wanted to sue me, he had to get through Dong Xiaoye first.

    Originally, I thought that this group of police had nothing better to do than bothering this neighborhood, but when the stolen things and a face mask were found under Zhou Tian's bed, Old Lin was exulted, and finally revealed the truth.

    It turns out that last night when the female owner of the house that was broken into accidentally bumped into Zhou Tian when he broke into her house. Flurried, she scratched his arm during the struggle. Afraid that Zhou Tian would get angry and harm her because of the injury, she simply pretended to have passed out after she deliberately fell to the ground and knocked her head to the floor.

    The thing like she filed a report in the morning was just a lie. In fact, as soon as Zhou Tian left, she called the police straight away and told them not to make any noises, because the bulgar was very likely to be the resident living in her community.

    Who said housewives were simple-minded people? This lady was very smart.

    Actually, at two o'clock in the early morning, Lin Zhi and Dong Xiaoye had already arrived in the community. They first obtained the surveillance video from the security office of the community. After confirming that no cars were coming in and out of the community after the crime was committed, they became more convinced that the burglar was the resident of the community.

    Since most of the stolen items were large objects, it would be very noticeable to carry those stolen items on one's back, so the police arranged some people to pretend to be securities, checking the vehicles at the two entrances and exits of the community, and then after daybreak, the search warrant was obtained, and then they started to check every house.

    It was actually Lin Zhi's idea that they should not show the warrant first. This sly old fox thought that their uniforms were already enough to prove their identities, and if they acted more sincerely when asking the residents to cooperate with them, normally, people would not refuse to let them enter, and those, who refused, must have done something that made them feel guilty.

    Rabbits don't eat the grass by their burrows. Surprisingly, there were thieves, who really took advantage of this mentality. Zhou Tian was also very audacious. Perhaps, he wanted to move those stolen items in the afternoon, but he did not expect that he would bump into me… It was just that if this guy knew what he had stolen was worth less than 2000 Chinese Yuan, he would probably regret it to death.


    "Chu Nan, thank you for what you did today…" Dong Xiaoye had been working since yesterday morning, now that the burglar was caught, Lin Zhi immediately gave her a day off, and asked her to have a good rest.

    Originally, this girl wanted to go straight home, but the police uniform was dirtied by the spoiled soup.

    Helplessly, I took her to Chu Yuan's room and wanted to help her find a set of clothes for her to change.

    "You're welcome. As long as you don't think that I was deliberately taking advantage of you when slapping your butt…" Huh? Why is it just underwear? Er… It is the wrong drawer.

    Dong Xiaoye sat over-cautiously by the bed, rubbing her shoulder ,smiling at me, and said, "Am I that petty-minded? This girl can distinguish grudge and kindness clearly."

    I did not even bother to answer her question, but pulled out a loose, long-sleeved sports t-shirt from the top shelf and threw it to her. "Is your shoulder all right? Why don't you listen to your captain and go to the hospital?"

    "It is nothing, just a scratch, it will recover in just two days." the face of Dong Xiaoye suddenly turned red as she said bashfully, "please don't mention it again, it is an embarrassment to be injured by a thief using a bowl…"

    I shook my head and laughed wryly. "It serves you right! I have already warned you."

    "Bah! This is also a part of your fault!" Dong Xiaoye quickly retorted, "I thought he was your friend, otherwise, I wouldn't be that careless!"

    Now come to think of it, the friendly attitude I had towards Zhou Tian was indeed very easy to mislead Dong Xiaoye, so I smiled, "All right, all right, my fault, but I help you catch the burglar, so that should make up for it, right? You can use the bathroom. After you take a bath, I'll send you home."

    "I am not crippled, why do I need you to send me home?" Dong Xiaoye went straight to the bathroom, but she still didn't forget to look back and said fiercely, "You think that I don't know why you want to give all the credit to me? Actually, I don't care if I get the credit or not. The reason why I didn't expose you, was just that I want you to owe me!"

    So it was my fault again to give all the credit to you? I was completely speechless. This girl's ability to pretend to be a victim after taking advantage of someone should not be underestimated.

    "After my shoulder fully recovered, let's have a good fight. Just consider it returning the favor." It turns out that she was still thinking about beating me up.

    "I'd rather go to the station and have a cup of coffee and cooperate with the police. At least, I might get a good Samaritan banner back." For Dong Xiaoye's competitive character, I started to get used to it. This girl definitely didn't want to accept the fact that I defeated Zhou Tian in front of her, "Are you not afraid that I will take advantage of you again?"

    "If you want the banner, I'll request one for you. In terms of taking advantage of me," she closed the bathroom door and shouted, "You have already touched almost all the parts or my body, you think I would care about you touching me again? I'll use this chance to take revenge… Huh? Chu Nan, don't you have a place to keep clothes in your bathroom?"

    Dong Xiaoye pulled the door open, popped her head out and looked at me, who was sitting on the sofa, embarrassedly. Originally, I thought that she really didn't care about it anymore when she said those words, but when I saw her red apple-like little face, I almost burst out laughing. She really didn't like to lose, even in such a trivial argument.

    "Clothes…" I suddenly remembered that when Chu Yuan moved in, she wanted to avoid letting me see her dirty underwear. The basket for the dirty clothes in the bathroom was moved to her room, "Yes, one moment."

    I quickly ran back to Chu Yuan's room. After glancing around, I finally found the basket behind the door. But just when I was about to lift it up, I suddenly noticed that at the bottom of the basket lay a small cotton underwear. It was white-colored, and with a Hello Kitty embroidered on top.

    This is… Chu Yuan's…!

    Huh? Hold on a second… When Dong Xiaoye rang the doorbell, Chu Yuan said that she was going back to her room to change clothes, but she went out wearing exactly the same outfit she has been wearing since this morning, so what did she change?

    The scene of sitting in front of the computer watching Ozawa doing unspeakable things suddenly emerged in my mind. I suddenly felt that my mouth was so dry as if there was a fire burning inside…

    Could it be… No way…

    Driven by the evil reverie, a thing called "curiosity" manipulated my trembling claws and forced them to slowly reach the small underwear that my little sister once wore…

    Two thin black hairs were glistening, a small and slightly wet area was striking and shocking. The heat in my mouth spread to my limbs and I could feel the temperature of my skin rising in a straight line. Perhaps the temperature of my forehead was already hot enough to cook an egg, and there was even no need to season the egg because my sweat had appeared like rain.

    I struggled, and trembled, I was ashamed of a particular moving part of my body and wanted to cut it off, but… I was still staring at that small wet area, slowly, and slowly moving it close to my nose…