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Chapter 45

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 45: Chapter 45 Fake Lovers Meet Fake Lovers

    "Ouch!" Suddenly a person bumped into my back. Not only did it cause me nearly to fall from the tall swivel stool, but the rim of my glass was knocked on my two big front teeth. It was so painful that my tears almost fell out.

    Damnit, this is really not a good place at all. If you want to dance, then dance properly. How the hell can you dance from the dance floor to the bar? Are you blind?!

    Just as I turned back, wanting to vent my dissatisfaction, I suddenly found that the person, who was lying on the bar counter, was someone, who I was familiar with!

    Shit! Why is she here?!

    The swearing words that I was about to say out aloud went back down my throat. I almost subconsciously turned around quickly.

    Then I saw Xiao Yike look past me in surprise, "Zhang Peiwen?!"

    "Xiao Yike?!"

    Oh, fuck!


    I started sweating like a pig. I did not expect that the young man, who came over to help, was someone Xiao Yike knew.

    A trace of displeasure flashed past between Xiao Yike's eyebrows as she coldly looked at the woman, who interrupted our toast, and said in a mocking tone of voice, "you have a very unique taste, no wonder you rejected Fengxue. So you like older ones."

    Unique taste? Like older ones? Why does that sound so familiar?

    I took a secret glance at the young man, fine facial features, healthy lips color, and white teeth. Have I seen him before? Strange… I have a quite good memory. If I really saw him somewhere before, I wouldn't forget it.

    "Fengxue?" The handsome young man was first confused for a second, and then there was a moment of realization on his face, "oh, you mean the spring-roll-headed girl, who always follows you?…"

    Spring-roll-headed girl?

    Great minds think alike. I was about to cast a look of approval to him, but I was met with a scornful look of the young man, "speaking of the unique taste, sister Yike's taste isn't bad either. Uncle, how old are you?"

    If it weren't for the fact that I was scared of being recognized by the woman behind me, I would have already slapped him to death. Clearly, you look like you are only two years younger than me.

    After stepping out into society for about a year, and after reality taught me a hard lesson, I no longer looked like an inexperienced fresh graduate, but a bit more sophisticated and mature.

    Moreover, I was too hasty when I came out tonight, so I only put on a brown suit jacket that I bought 3 years ago from the cabinet casually. With the lake-blue trousers I was wearing, it looked both very strange and very old-fashioned.

    "Watch your fuc… Cough, Zhang Peiwen, my uncle… My boyfriend is a real sage, who just looks like an ordinary man, this is understated handsomeness and implicitness. Do you think every man is ostentatious as you?" Xiao Yike was even angrier than I was. She almost blurted out profanity.

    But this was not important. It was just that when she said that I was her boyfriend, I almost wanted to hide under the bar counter. Just what the hell was she talking about. If the woman behind me heard this, I would be dead!

    Originally, I wanted to swear at Zhang Peiwen to vent my anger, but now I didn't even dare to breathe. I prayed to God repeatedly in my mind, hoping that the woman behind me would not be able to recognize me. And it seemed to have really worked. The woman was so drunk that she was only able to mutter a few almost inaudible words. She didn't notice me at all.

    "Is he really your boyfriend?" Zhang Peiwen was very suspicious. Then he sneered coldly, "so your father knows…"

    "Zhang Peiwen, say one more word, I will kill you," Xiao Yike interrupted Zhang Peiwen coldly, jumped down from the stool, moved closer to me and hugged my arm intimately. She even kissed me on my cheek and said, "don't we look like lovers?"

    Zhang Peiwen's expression changed a few times. He held back his anger and forced himself to give an unnatural smile, which clearly showed that he probably had a thing about Xiao Yike.

    "Well… Sister Yike can do whatever you like. I am in no position to say anything. Let's not disturb each other, you may continue, continue… Let's go, babe."

    Before leaving, this fucker even gave a quick and ambitious look at the suit jacket Xiao Yike was wearing. His expression was so lecherous that Xiao Yike's face instantly turned red.

    However, she simply snorted coyly, turned her face away from him without anything. But when she looked away, she also rolled her eyes at me as if she was blaming me for not saying anything.

    If I let that woman recognize my voice, the happiness of my life would be over!

    Only after Zhang Peiwen held the woman and left the place with difficulty did I finally let out a long sigh of relief.

    Hurry up disappearing from my sight with your babe as soon as possible…


    Wait a minute!


    I have been worried about being recognized by the woman before, so only until now did I suddenly realize that how come she was Zhang Peiwen's girlfriend?!

    Could it be that they had just hooked up with each other recently? No way? The age difference between the two was too big, even if Zhang Peiwen liked her, there was no way she would like him. Besides…

    The more I thought about it, the more I felt something was amiss. She definitely saw me. But why didn't she say anything? Was it luck? Having that pair of hazy inebriated and unfocused eyes, and staying in this kind of bar? If she was drunk when Zhang Peiwen came over to talk to her, then…

    Shit! I can't let this happen!

    Thinking of the small bottle I hid under my bed, I couldn't help but break out into a cold sweat. That woman had enough reason to come to the bar to vent frustration tonight.

    "Uncle, why didn't you say anything earlier?"

    "Yike, who is that young man?"

    "Hmm? Oh, my school mate, a senior student who is three years ahead of me. In the past, he used to chase me. He was like a stalker, following me all day long until I found someone to teach him a lesson." Xiao Yike said with a disgusted expression, "just because his family has some money, he is spending all his time in bars picking up girls! Only foolish girls like Fengxue would fall in love with this kind of guy. Huh!…. Huh? Uncle where are we going?!"

    I had no time to care about what kind of story that Xiao Yike and that Zhang Peiwen had in the past. Taking out one hundred Chinese Yuan and placed it on the bar counter, I quickly dragged her and headed towards the door, "picking up girls? He is not picking up a girl, He is picking up a mom!"

    Thinking I was joking, Xiao Yike giggled, "hee, hee, that age is indeed enough to be his mother, but uncle, if he likes it, why do you care?"

    "Why shouldn't I?" I immediately replied, "if he became your dad, would you be happy about it?!"

    "What?! Is that your mother?"

    "Bah! She is going to be my future mother-in-law!" Looking at Xiao Yike's surprised face, I said helplessly. That drunk woman was Wu Xueqing, Mo Fei's mother.

    . . .

    I was sure that Wu Xueqing didn't have a car, so the Audi A8 outside the bar was definitely Zhang Peiwen's. This fucker hasn't even graduated from the college, but he was already able to drive an expensive car like this? This is such an unfair world.

    And as I expected, Zhang Peiwen gave the parking valet two hundred Chinese Yuan and was about to push Wu Xueqing into the car. I quickly ran towards them and grabbed the car's door.

    "What are you doing!"

    "Auntie, it really is you," I ignored Zhang Peiwen, and confirmed again.

    Zhang Peiwen's face was originally filled with annoyance. But after hearing what I said, his body couldn't help but tremble, and a faint of panic flashed past his face, "you… You know each other?"

    "What? You don't know each other? Also, where are you taking her to?" Instead of answering his questions, I asked him a series of questions.

    "I…" Zhang Peiwen didn't dare to look at me. He just replied nervously, "we just got to know each other this evening. She is drunk, so I am planning to send her home."

    "Drunk?" I looked at Wu Xueqing suspiciously, and she also looked at me. However, her eyes were dim, cloudy, and unfocused, and her lips were constantly moving as if she was whispering or singing. Although it looked like she was drunk, and she was leaning against Zhang Peiwen's body weakly, her head and arms were still shaking repeatedly, making her elegant curly hairs very messy.

    This is what drunk people look like?

    Does he think I'm stupid?

    "Zhang Peiwen, what did you give to auntie?!" Xiao Yike also noticed the strange behavior of Wu Xueqing, so she asked sharply.

    "I, I didn't give her anything. She was like this when I met her."

    Zhang Peiwen instinctively moved back a step in Xiao Yuanxie's angry glare. I took the opportunity and dragged Wu Xueqing from his arms. What he said exposed himself. Wu Xueqing definitely took some kind of drug.

    Knowing this, I looked at him coldly and said in a deep voice, "you said you want to send her home?"