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Chapter 47

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 47: Chapter 47 Women's Intuition

    "Yike, how can you talk like that!?" I glared at this little minx, before I smiled at Mo Fei again, "Feifei, I bumped into auntie at a bar. I saw that she was very drunk, so I decided to send her back." I kept it very simple, without mentioning Zhang Peiwen lest she would be worried.

    Mo Fei first looked at Xiao Yike's sulky face, and then looked at Wu Xueqing, her small mouth slightly opened, seemingly wanting to say something, but she was hesitant as if she didn't know which question she should ask first, "this little girl is?…"

    She first asked Xiao Yike? Could it be that she was very concerned about why I would go to a bar with Xiao Yike? I couldn't help feeling thrilled, "she is…"

    "I'm his new girlfriend!" Xiao Yike reacted much faster than me. She even reached out her hand to shake hands with Mo Fei. "Are you his ex? Nice to meet you." She asked while straightening her back as if she deliberately wanted to show that her bosoms were as big as hers.

    My ex?

    Nice to meet you?

    Nice to meet you. My ass!

    I could hardly resist the impulse of wanting to kick her butt and send her flying to the roof, "Xiao Yike, shut up!"


    "Oh," this bratty girl answered obediently. With a sly twinkle in her eyes, she said coquettishly, "honey, I'm not jealous, I will listen to everything you say~"

    Shit! I really regretted bringing this little minx with me. "Feifei, don't listen to her nonsense, she is not my girlfriend!"

    "Really?" Mo Fei's calm expression was very abstruse, "Chu Nan, you should not lie to me, we are friends."

    Her words were like a steel needle piercing into my heart, I said hurriedly, "I did not lie to you!"

    "Uncl- Ah, honey, you are so heartless! Am I just a toy or a tool to you?" It would really be a shame if Xiao Yike didn't become an actress. She could easily win the Oscar award with her acting skills.

    "Little sister, you have misunderstood Chu Nan. He is not that kind of person, he has a sense of responsibility, and I am not his ex," Mo Fei stroked Xiao Yike's head lovingly, looked at me with a slight reprimanding expression, and then said mischievously, "his ex is a girl called Cheng Liusu…"

    Oh god, please kill me… How did she come to that kind of conclusion? Previously, Xiao Yike determined that I had just broken up with my girlfriend, and now Mo Fei completely misunderstood my relationship with Xiao Yike and Liusu… No wonder why people always said that women were self-righteous creatures, it was really true!

    "Can you just let me in first…" I felt so exhausted and didn't want to play with those two women anymore. Who knows what they would say next.

    "Oh, I'm sorry!" Mo Fei quickly got out of the way and helped me to carry Wu Xueqing into the house.

    Wu Xueqing's room was on the second floor, and Mo Fei's study was also on the second floor. After carrying her to the bed, Mo Fei needed to help her undress to take off the shoes, so she asked me and Xiao Yike to rest in her study first.

    Xiao Yike was very curious about everything in Mo Fei's house, after checking around the study, she sat next to me and said, "uncle, your girlfriend's family is so rich!"

    I simply knocked her head and said with a sulky mood, "she is not my girlfriend." At the same time, I was even sure about my guess earlier. Seeing such a luxurious villa, Xiao Yike only revealed a curious look but was not stunned by it, it could only mean that her family background was also not ordinary.

    "Then why do you call her mother your future mother-in-law?" This bratty girl still remembered what I had said in the bar, she pouted her lips and said, "uncle, it is because you don't have money that she doesn't love you? If she is this kind of snobbish woman, she doesn't deserve you!"

    This girl has completely misunderstood everything. It made me feel completely speechless. Then I saw her frown and said with a faint of jealousy, "she said that your ex is Cheng Liusu, uncle, don't tell me that you were abandoned by her because she found out that you had two girlfriends at the same time? By the way who is that Cheng Liusu?"

    "Can you stop talking about this," I really couldn't handle this anymore. "how can a girl make such a frivolous joke? If you make fun of me again, our friendship ends here!"

    "How am I making fun of you? I'm helping you! Last time you helped me, but I haven't found a opportunity to thank you," Xiao Yike said, "Uncle, you are a good man, I am not happy that she despises you, so I just want to pretend to be your girlfriend and show it to her that, even a super pretty girl like me also love you crazily, so she will definitely regret it…"

    The more she said, the lower her voice was, and her face also darkened. I couldn't help feeling funny, "and now? You still think you're super pretty?"

    "I am always very pretty," Xiao Yike raised her head, looked at me and said stubbornly, but then she suddenly sighed, "I just did not expect that she is better than me… But uncle, I am very serious, can I be your girlfriend?"

    "Get lost, do I look like a pedophile?" I pinched her babyface and patented to be angry and said, "is it fun to tease me?"

    Xiao Yike didn't stop me, but smiled even more sweetly, "uncle, I'm already nineteen, I'm not a kid anymore…"

    Just as we were talking, the door was opened and Mo Fei was slightly startled by our intimate behaviour. I quickly put down my hands and stood up from the sofa, "Feifei, it is not what you think it is, we are just playing around."

    "Yeah, yeah, that's what we do when we're at home… Ouch!"

    I quickly stepped on Xiao Yike's small feet to stop her from causing more misunderstanding and ignored her angry glare completely.

    "I forgot to knock on the door, hehe, I'm sorry," Mo Fei's relaxed smile was like a sharp fruit knife, cutting my heart like an apple, "Chu Nan, thank you for sending my mother back."

    "You're welcome…" I could feel that her smile was natural. Did she really treat me as a friend? She didn't care about what happened between Xiao Yike and me? It seemed that my hope was really unrealistic…

    "You want something to drink?"

    "No, we're leaving now…"

    "Can we stay for a bit?" Xiao Yike suddenly hugged my arm and begged with a pleading tone.

    I asked in confusion, "why? You got something else that you need to do here?" If this bratty girl dared to provoke Mo Fei, I would definitely drag her out.

    "Hmmm… Older sister, where is the bathroom?" Taking a secret glance at me, Xiao Yike's face was a little red. I was dazed for a second and then remembered that not only had this girl drunk a lot of beer in the Internet café, but she had also drunk a lot of milk at the bar, no wonder she wanted to use a bathroom. I couldn't help but chuckle.

    Seeing my facial expression, Xiao Yike felt so embarrassed that she almost wanted to run away.

    "Once you leave the room, turn left, and walk straight to the end," seeing Xiao Yike's embarrassed expression, Mo Fei also could not help but smile, "or do you want me to take you there?"

    "No need, no need," said the bratty girl before she left the room in a hurry, "I'll go myself."

    "Ha ha, this girl is really interesting," whenever in private, the smiles of Mo Fei were very different. However, right now, I would rather see her serious face, "Chu Nan, am I not your friend?"

    I didn't sit down until Mo Fei sat down opposite and asked. "oh? Why do you think that way?"

    Looking at the beautiful woman raised her slender leg elegantly and placed it on her other leg, my heart was beating uncontrollably. Mo Fei did not wear socks, half of her naughty jade foot emerged from the slippers. Her tender and snow-white heel was glittering in the light like an artwork.

    "I was encouraging you to have a romantic relationship with Cheng Liusu this noon, but I didn't expect that you already have a new girlfriend. If you had told me earlier, I wouldn't have misunderstood your relationship. I'm sorry that I made you remember the unhappy things at that time, but I didn't expect that you could still protect Cheng Liusu in front of Zhang Mingjie. It didn't look like you two have broken up."

    But you still misunderstood it…

    Seeing Mo Fei apologized sincerely, it made me want to hold my head, kneel down and shout to the sky. Regarding this aspect, Mo Fei was exactly like Xiao Yike that little minx. Why did she trust their intuition so much?

    Who said women have great intuitions? Have you ever seen a real woman?

    "Please don't listen to that bratty girl's nonsense, we are not in that kind of relationship…"

    I simply told her how I met Xiao Yike. Only until now did she realize how wrong she was. Her normally cold little face blushed like a big red apple, "so, you still like Liusu?"

    I… I am losing my mind over this. This woman was usually a very smart woman. But if it wasn't work-related, she was as dumb as a pig… A cute little pig, of course.

    "Yes, I still like Liusu…" As soon as the words came out of my mouth, I suddenly realized what I had said. Mentally exhausted by many factors, I just wanted to end this subject as soon as possible. So I simply followed her words. But unexpectedly, my answer has caused great panic in my mind.