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Chapter 48

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 48: Chapter 48 Abnormal

    While people were longing for something, they were always afraid of losing it. The real answer was actually not far away, and a lot of times, it was just covered by a translucent layer of a thin veil. Most of the time, people just pretend that they couldn't see the answer despite the fact that they could see it through the veil, and I was exactly this kind of foolish person. But at the moment, I finally and thoroughly revealed that layer of the veil, whether I liked it or not, the answer was just right in front of me.

    Mo Fei's response was the answer, "I thought so, you two are made for one another."

    I didn't like this expected answer, but unexpectedly I didn't feel lost about it either, perhaps I have already felt lost since a long time ago and my heart had become numb to it.

    Mo Fei's smile was very beautiful, and surprisingly, I could still smile with her. I was surprised by my own smile because it looked like a shy smile of a person, whose secret was exposed. Could it be that I was really a hypocritical person, and it was because of this that my act looked so real?

    I admit that there was a dull pain in my heart, but I also could not deny that the shy and relaxed feeling was true…

    While talking, Xiao Yike finally returned to the study. She was still a college student, and Mo Fei and I were discussing something about the company, so she couldn't butt in on our conversation, instead, she was looking around the room leisurely to kill time. It seemed that if I did not mention anything about leaving, she would not be in a hurry to leave.


    "What's the matter?" I looked at Xiao Yike, who was lying on the desk and frowned at her casual and inelegant posture.


    Xiao Yike was holding a photo frame in her hand and looking at us weirdly. "this photo is…"

    "Ah!" Mo Fei suddenly bounced up from the sofa and scared the shit out of me. I instinctively covered my chest, and thought that she wanted to push me down, and do some unspeakable things to me. But then I couldn't help but think if that really happened, would I resist?

    Of course, not. I'll ask her to take responsibility… *Blushing*, I apologize for my filthy thoughts to my ancestors and to my little brother…

    It was hard to imagine that Mo Fei would act like this. Normally, in front of other people, she would act so carefully as if every action of hers was measured with a ruler. But now, even if I had seen it in person, I still found it unbelievable, and I even questioned myself if there was something wrong with my eyes. The woman that gave people the feeling of being cold, elegant and weak, was currently running towards Xiao Yike like a professional athlete. In the blink of an eye, she appeared before Xiao Yike, snatched the photo frame and hugged it tightly. The fur shawl that was originally on her shoulders was slowly falling onto the floor along with my eyeballs…

    Holy shit, is she Usain bolt's sister? Or does she know a legendary lightness skill? Or maybe the true identity of superman is a woman? With this kind of speed, she can definitely set a new world record!

    Mo Fei took a quick glance at me. Probably, she knew why I gasped in shock, she immediately turned around with her back to me and Xiao Yike and said in a low voice embarrassedly, "this is the only photo of me and my dad…"

    Looking at Mo Fei carefully wiping the frame, my heart filled with a sense of sadness. Her father was no longer with her, so this only photo became the most priceless treasure for Mo Fei. No wonder she would be so panicked.

    On the way to send Xiao Yike home, she, who kept silent all the way, suddenly shifted her eyes back from the night scene outside the window, blinked her big eyes like stars and asked me, "uncle, is elder sister Mo Fei's father dead?"

    "Yes," thinking about what happened to her when she was still young, I couldn't help but feel sad, "she's a very unfortunate girl. Her father had an accident on her eighteenth birthday."

    "Oh…" Xiao Yike fell silent for a while and then said, "uncle, how does elder sister Mo Fei treat you?"

    "Very good." I couldn't help but wonder, why did this girl suddenly turn serious.

    "Which kind?" Xiao Yike was like a very nosy little girl, who was always interested in poking my scars, "is it like a friend's kind of good, or like a lover's kind of good? Or maybe some other… Hmm… Anyway, just how exactly is she very good to you?"

    Besides friends and lovers, there were only passers-by left, right? I replied feebly, "a friend's kind…"

    Xiao Yike knew that I liked Mo Fei, so I didn't need to hide or refuse to answer her questions. I knew very clearly that this was because of the so-called man's self-esteem. Even though I was reluctant to mention it, I was more afraid of being seen as someone, who was weak, fragile, and who couldn't let it go. I understood that only those who dared to face pain would grow up, and become stronger.

    Facing the heartbroken reality was like having alcohol sprinkled on the wound, although it was painful, it was actually helping the recovery.

    "Do you think she's being normal?"

    "I don't think you're normal." I had no idea what this girl was trying to say.

    "Is it?… Hmmm, maybe I am thinking too much, she does seem quite normal." Xiao Yike fell silent again, and this time, she did not speak again.

    . . .

    God Dammit! In the first place, the reason why Xiao Yike called me out was to return my suit jacket, but because of the incident, I had completely forgotten about it. Only after she waved at me and hopped back to her community did I suddenly realized that she went back home with my suit jacket again.

    Sigh, I think I'll get it next time… As soon as this idea came into my mind, I immediately killed it. Next time? Are you kidding me?

    "Sir, Dazhongma community please." I got in a taxi, feeling unusually exhausted. In terms of whether it was physically or mentally, I was too lazy to think about it, I just wanted to go home as soon as possible.

    When the taxi stopped at the gate of my community, it was already half-past ten, just when I wanted to get off the taxi, my mobile phone suddenly rang. Originally, I thought it was Xiao Yike, but after taking the phone out to have a look, I could not help but shiver.

    "Hi, Liusu…"

    "Nannan, where are you?" The lazy voice of Liusu came slowly over the phone, I could even smell the alcohol through the phone.

    I frowned and said, "have you been drinking?"

    "Yes, drank a, a lot, hehe," Liusu was very drunk, she even started to slur,

    "Come, drink with me, otherwise… I won't go home."

    *Facepalm* Not this again…

    "Are you just by yourself?"

    "It is just me at the moment, but I don't know what will happen later," she laughed foolishly, "I've had so many people come up to talk to me, and I've ignored all of them. But if you don't show up, I will probably go with the next person, who comes to talk to me."

    I know what kind of person Liusu was better than anyone else. Knowing that she was clearly lying, but I still could not help but ask coldly, "where are you?"

    "The barbecue shop near my apartment…"

    I was speechless, that place, and at this time, who the hell would chat her up?!

    Too many things have happened today, and I was already exhausted. If I could go back to my room at this time, I would not hesitate to lie on the bed sleeping. I would even delay the weekly "research time"…


    "Are you looking for someone?!" the uncle, who looked like the shop owner, shook my hand excitedly while his eyes were in tears, "young man, you are finally here. Please take her away, we, we already closed a long time ago, but she… she…"

    The uncle was choking up and could not speak properly. I completely understood how difficult it was to kick Liusu out, even nine cattle would not be able to drag her away. The two young waitresses yawned repeatedly, while pressed their hands together when they saw me, it was as if they finally saw the god.

    With a sulky face, I walked through the empty dining room and made my way to a corner, where Liusu, this brat was currently lying on the table, drunk, squinting her eyes while playing around with an empty beer glass.

    Clearly, Liusu had left the house after she had bathed and changed, a full head of silky hair fell down like a small waterfall, and a short-sleeved tight T-shirt shrank upwards, revealing a pale-skinned waist.

    Damn, fortunately, there were no guests in the shop for a long time, otherwise, how many people would have taken advantage of her?

    Hearing footsteps, Liusu did not even raise her head, she simply said, "boss, two more drafts of beer!"

    "Two more my ass. Get up. let's go home!" I immediately pulled her up and dragged her towards the door.

    "Who dares to touch me! I'm telling you, my boyfriend will beat you up… Ah, Nannan! You are finally here!" Liusu was surprised. Then she let out a laugh and dragged me back, "you came at the right time, let's have a drink!"

    This bratty girl… I almost could not help but place my palm on my face again. Was that how she rejected all other people, who wanted to chat her up?

    "Go home, or we are no longer friends anymore, you choose." What time was it now?! Why was she still drinking!?

    "I…" seeing my angry face, Liusu's excited face slightly darkened. "are you angry?"

    "Yes!" I had seldom been angry with Liusu, but now I could not tell why there was a fit of unquenchable anger in me.