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Chapter 51

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 51: Chapter 51 My Darling ‘Daughter'

    After coming back from Liusu's home, it was already midnight, so Chu Yuan had already gone to bed.

    Lying in bed, I tossed and turned, sleepless. As soon as I closed my eyes, I would think of Liusu's coy and smiling face. Before I left her home, she asked me coquettishly if I wanted to stay in her house like how I did in the past, I simply declined. However, the struggle in my heart, probably only I would know.

    Touching my lips, I could still feel the softness of her lips. Why was Liusu feeling sad, why was she drinking, we were both very clear in our hearts, but none of us had pointed it out, we did not have the courage to break that layer of veils we called ‘Best Buddies'. I think our scruples were the same.

    I didn't give up Mo Fei, and Liusu knew that I was persistent or you could say that I was stubborn.

    Zhang Mingjie? That was just Liusu's excuse for getting drunk, I knew, but I was still angry, and I knew why, but I chose to ignore it.

    This is the most difficult thing in anyone's life. Clearly, you know what it is, but because you are scared, you have to pretend that you did not know what it is.

    Why didn't I just let it go? Only if it would be that easy.

    Covering myself completely with the bedsheet, I started to kick my bed sheet like a child, using the most childish way to vent the frustration in my heart. No one could understand the complex expression on my face, including myself, "This bratty girl, could she not wash her mouth before she kisses me?!"



    They all said that the first kiss was sweet, but my first kiss was a taste of beer. There was indeed a taste of sweetness, but it could not cover the trace of bitterness…

    . . .

    I did not know if it was because I came back late last night, my little granny was not very happy. When we had our breakfast together in the morning, she did not say a single word. Only when she changed her shoes and was about to leave home did she finally say, "It is weekend tomorrow, plus it is a national holiday, will you still be working?"

    Normally, I would leave home later than Chu Yuan. So at the moment, I was sitting on the sofa watching the morning news. But I was dazed for a second when I heard she asked me this, "I am off, why?"

    Chu Yuan was obviously relieved. I even noticed that the original cold little face of her actually had some anticipation, "Are you free on Sunday? I want you to go somewhere with me."

    "Aren't you going home tomorrow?" I frowned and asked, "You have already left home for a week, are you not worried that mom would miss you?"

    Chu Yuan stared at me coldly for a very long time before she finally said, "You are more annoying than mom."

    You little bratty girl!

    Originally I wanted to give her a surprise at the weekend. Just when I wanted to tell her that she should not say this to her elder brother, she said, "Mom called me last night and asked me to go home after school this afternoon. She also especially emphasized that if you are off tomorrow, you also need to go back at night. But don't worry, if you want to bring a woman home tomorrow, I won't bother you, I will come back very late."

    "What do you mean I want to bring a woman home?" while saying this, Liusu's cheerful smile and red lips suddenly flashed in my mind, my heart could not help but beat rapidly, "What do you want to do on Sunday? Why do you need me? Going shopping? Or is it an amusement park?"

    Suddenly, I realised that it seemed like this was the first time that Chu Yuan took the initiative to ask me to take her out.

    "No, how old do you think I am that I need to go to an amusement park?" Chu Yuan's face became slightly red, but the way she responded to me was a bit evasive, "You just need to promise me that you will go out with me… I should go now, I will tell you in detail tomorrow night."

    Since I got nothing to do, and there was a chance to strengthen my relationship with my little sister, which was not a bad thing, so I nodded. Besides, I also wanted to give her a gift…


    With a pair of panda eyes, I walked into the investment department, then I was startled to find that Liusu had already come to the office.

    With elder brother Wei, elder sister Liu and the deputy team leader Gao Dahai together, they were looking at something somberly. Seeing me walk in, a flash of panic appeared on that bratty girl's face, then she pretended to greet me casually like how she usually did, "Nannan, something bad is going to happen!"

    Feeling that my face was very hot, originally, I wanted to go to the toilet to use cold water to calm the warmth on my face down first, but when I heard Liusu say this, I could not help but approach her and ask, "What's wrong? Is the sky falling or is the super Saiyan going to attack earth?"

    "Get lost, you even have the mood to tell jokes." Liusu rolled her eyes and said seriously.

    Yang Wei gave me a piece of paper with a wry smile. Shaking his head, he said, "Brother Nan, you now have Ms. Mo at your back, so you don't need to worry, but your brother, I will most likely be laid off."

    I was shocked. "the company is going to lay people off?!"

    Though the economic crisis led to the sluggish market, downsizing was nothing new under the influence of the environment, but because of Mo Yizhi's conservative policies and sharp visions, the Fengchang Corporate Group has not been affected much. Besides the adjustment period has already passed, the company did not even lay off anyone at that time, but why now?

    "Don't talk like that," Team leader Liu Xinlei gently kicked elder brother Wei, "Ms. Mo just asked me to ask everyone to fill a form, she did not say anything about laying anyone off. Besides, even if the company was going to lay someone off, they would not only ask our general operation team, right?"

    "Yes, yes." The little chubby Gao Dadai immediately said to support her. This fellow was like the elder sister Liu's echo. Since the day I joined the company, I knew that he liked elder sister Liu.

    Elder sister Liu was a widow. She was pretty and had a great personality. So it would not be strange that there would be someone chasing her. But the unusual thing was that Gao Dahai was forty-five years old this year. He was married and had a kid. But he still could not help but fall in love with elder sister Liu. This was not a secret in the generation operation team, not even in the entire investment department.

    Actually, Gao Dahai was not a bad guy. He should be considered as the victim of an arranged marriage. Apart from his not so good appearance, and having fewer hairs on his head, his personality was quite good. Just based on the fact that he has been chasing elder sister Liu for more than a year, and it still did not seem like he wanted to give up, anyone could tell that his love for elder sister Liu was real. Unfortunately, elder sister Liu was not interested in him, and she did not want to become a person who destroyed other people's families.

    I put my briefcase on the table, took the paper from Elder brother Wei and looked at it, "A survey?"

    Liusu sat back to her chair feebly and sighed, "See, these three questions are more than sufficient to explain the current situation. Elder sister Liu, if you were Ms. Mo, you would probably lay off the staff in the general operation team as well, right? After all, our team is famous for having ‘high salary, low ability'.",

    Liu Xinlei smiled embarrassedly. Clearly, she also agreed with Liusu. Yang Wei's face was even more ghastly. Based on his average performance, if the investment department needed to lay someone off from the general operation team, he would be the first one.

    The three questions on the paper were not difficult. They just needed to add three names: One, if the general operation team was dissolved, all staff faced unemployment, but only one person could stay in the company, who would you choose?

    Two, if two people, including you, could stay in the company, who would you want the other person to be?

    Three, if there was just one person that needed to be laid off, who would you choose.

    What was Mo Fei up to? She especially noted that all questions must be answered, and they could choose not to write down the reasons. The survey must be given to Song Jia before 9:00 and the general operation team was required to arrive at the company at 8:30, that was to say, she only gave us half an hour to consider…

    But those are very difficult questions. It would easily cause internal conflicts.

    "Chu Nan, please be careful when filling out the form!" Elder brother Gao was a good person, but whenever he talked to me, there was always a wave of faint anger in his tone, and the reason, well, everyone knew about it.

    Sure enough, after Liusu and Elder brother Wei heard it, they all had ambiguous smiles on their faces.

    Elder sister Liu blushed and glared at Gao Dahai, "Deputy team leader Gao, did you forget about what Song Jia just said? Everyone should fill their forms on their own, no threats or discussions."

    Gao Dahai's face also turned red, however, he just laughed foolishly. His silly smile was very funny.


    The milk-flavoured sound drifted from afar. Hearing this, all the members of the general operation team had tender smiles on their faces. I turned my head in surprise and saw Song Jia was being dragged towards us with a doughnut in her mouth by a girl of five or six years old.

    The little girl was very lovely. With the purple dress, white socks, and small leather shoes, she looked like a little princess. Pink face, pointy chin, her big eyes flickered as two shining black gems. From far away, she could already see me.

    Opening her arms, she ran toward me and shouted, "Daddy…"

    "Oh my! Kangkang, let me hug you…" I put my hands underneath the little girl's armpits, lifted her high and then sat her on my lap, "Come one, give daddy a big kiss."

    "Mwah…" The little girl gave me a very big kiss on my cheek and then giggled.

    "Silly girl, you said it wrong again.." Elder sister Liu flicked the little girl's forehead and said. Her eyes were full of tender love. No one was surprised that the little girl called me daddy, because she had a special name for everyone in the general operation team.

    Elder brother Gao quickly got near and said, "Kangkang, give me a big kiss as well."

    "No," Right after she said that she probably felt bad, so she handed the remaining half of the doughnut to Elder brother Gao and said, "Grandpa, you can have this."

    Older brother Gao instantly felt like a deflated balloon and went to the corner with a sad face. But at the same time, he still did not forget to send a glare at me from time to time.