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Chapter 55

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 55: Chapter 55 I Had Little Constipation

    At this critical moment, no one else could be counted on, I still had to do it myself…

    I sat down and held Kangkang on my lap while pointing to Mo Fei with a smile, I said, "Kangkang, didn't you say that only an ugly, old hag would eat people, but a mysterious witch like the beautiful elder sister, flies through the skies with a broom? Which one do you think she looks like?"

    The truth was, Kangkang never said this. She only said that the old hag was sinister and cruel, and who liked to eat people. I slightly twisted what she had said, so it was half true and half false. Fortunately, although the little girl was still very naive, there was no problem with her aesthetic standard, "beautiful witch sister!"

    "Yes, so how can she eat people?"

    Almost all boys dreamed of becoming a superman in their childhood, and just like boys, almost all girls dreamed of becoming an omnipotent witch. Being beautiful and mysterious have always been something that almost all the women wanted to be, Mo Fei was no exception to this, and sure enough, her expression eased into a more neutral one. Then everyone all looked at me with gratitude or envy.

    However, before we even could even feel relieved, Mo Fei walked around me, squatted down, smiled and asked Kangkang, "little girl, what did you call him?"

    Mo Fei seldom came to the general operation team's working area, so although she knew that Kangkang was elder sister Liu's daughter, and silently approved that when elder sister Liu had no other choice, she could bring her daughter to the company, she had never heard of those strange names, no wonder she would be curious.

    Kangkang was still a little afraid of Mo Fei. She quickly turned around and put her arms around my neck and said timidly, "daddy…"


    "Dad… Daddy?" the smile on Mo Fei's face seemed a little bit forced, "Chu Nan, you and team leader Liu…"

    "It is not what you think it is…" Elder sister Liu knew that Mo Fei got the wrong idea, so she hurriedly explained, "Ms. Mo, it is a misunderstanding. She is just playing around."

    Song Jia also said, "yes, Ms. Mo, I am Kangkang's little sister, Yang Wei is her elder brother, Susu is her aunt, the deputy team leader Gao is her grandfather, we each have a nickname."

    Mo Fei thought for a second, looked at me and asked Kangkang in confusion, "why don't you call him elder brother or uncle, why do you call him daddy?"

    "I like daddy, so I'll call him daddy!" The little girl raised her chin and said. Probably because she was still not familiar with Mo Fei, so she showed a little hostility towards Mo Fei.

    "Oh… hehe," Mo Fei probably also felt that Kangkang did not like her, so she stood up embarrassedly, "Chu Nan, don't forget what I just said."

    "Mhm," I responded, then gently pinched Kangkang's cheek, and smiled, "you little crying baby, tell me, how did this elder brother bully you?"

    The little girl giggled, and pointed at Young Wei, "he said that if I don't kiss him, he will not give me food to eat. Daddy, he is very bad, you need to punish him."

    "Okay! I will teach him a lesson!" I said with a straight face. It was at that moment, Brother Yang suddenly rushed over and said, "father, I was wrong!"

    Looking at brother Wei's exaggerated performance, everyone burst out laughing. Then I noticed that Mo Fei, who had already walked quite far away, looked back at me, and her eyes were filled with complex emotions.

    Mo Fei was a lonely person, longing for a friendship but was afraid to open up to people, I think, she must be envious of our laughter, and she must be hoping that one day she would be able to blend in this kind of atmosphere.

    . . .

    As I expected, the reason why Mo Fei asked for me, had something to do with her mother. She wanted to use the lunch break to invite me to her home.

    Last night Wu Xueqing was very drunk. She didn't wake up until noon. When she heard Mo Fei said that it was me, who sent her home on the phone, she said that she wanted to thank me personally.

    This time, of course, it was probably a genuine thank-you, and it was also only after Mo Fei was asked to leave the room did she finally inquire what had happened last night.

    According to Wu Xueqing, after I taught her a lesson yesterday afternoon, she indeed felt shame and regret. (Although I wasn't sure if she was telling the truth, I understood that she was very upset at that time.) Feeling frustrated, she went to ‘Psychedelic COCO" at night to drink away her frustration.

    She vaguely remembered that when she was a little tipsy, a young man came to chat her up. Because it was not the first time that Wu Xueqing had seen such a thing, so since someone was happy to buy her a drink, she also did not refuse it and started to chat with him, then what happened later, she could not remember it clearly.

    She felt like she was above the clouds and fogs, she felt both excited and very comfortable. Hazy-minded, she did not know when she lost consciousness completely. When she finally regained her consciousness, she was already in Mo Fei's house.

    I was very happy that Wu Xueqing owed me a favor, so I spiced it up and told her that, if it weren't for me, an extremely terrible thing would have happened to her. Originally, I thought that because of her pride, she would blame me for ruining such a great chance for her to hook on someone young and rich, but I did not expect that she would curse Zhan Peiwen angrily non-stop.

    Although Wu Xueqing repeatedly thanked me, it still could not change her bad image in my mind. Having a mother like her, it was the greatest sorrow in Mo Fei's life.

    On the way back to the company, it began to rain lightly. If it was going to be sunny tomorrow, I think the air would definitely be fresh and cool. It was very suitable to take Kangkang to the amusement park to play. Thinking of this, I could not help but smile.

    "You look very happy, what are you thinking?"

    "Oh, I wonder if the weather tomorrow will be nice."

    Mo Fei smiled and said, "so, you have a date tomorrow? That's right, tomorrow is the national holiday."

    "Mhm, a date with a beautiful girl, we are going to the amusement park."

    "Cheng Liusu?" Mo Fei's playful smile made me feel uncomfortable. Although I had decided to give up chasing this woman, when I saw that she did not have any feelings for me, I still felt a bit disappointed. This was probably due to a man's pride. After all, the narcissistic nature of men always makes them think that all women have feelings for them.

    "It is the little beauty, Kangkang, elder sister Liu's daughter. She has been calling me daddy for a year now, I need to find a way to reward her effort. Don't you think so?" in front of Mo Fei, I always could not help but want to avoid talking about Liusu.

    The cars in front of us drove like snails, and the cars behind us blasted horns repeatedly to urge me to move the car forward. It made me feel very irritated. After a while, I did not hear any responses from Mo Fei, so I turned around to look at her. Only until now did I realize that Mo Fei was staring at something outside the window.

    Did she hear what I had just said? I was confused.

    After the traffic finally started to move again, I repeated, "elder sister Liu is working tomorrow, and it is not convenient to take her kid to the company, so it is quite dangerous to leave her kid alone at home. Since it is the national holiday, I am planning to take Kangkang to the amusement park."

    "Is it? That's very good, Hehe." Mo Fei smiled at me, and then no longer said anything but turned around to watch the rain out outside the window again.

    I know Mo Fei does not like to talk, but isn't this an awkward way to end the conversation? And… Why do I feel that her smile was so reluctant? Did I offend her somehow? Did I really?…

    At night, I went to my parent's house with Chu Yuan to have a meal with my parents. And since it was the national holiday, I was forced by my old man to drink some alcohol, and then I stayed at my parents' house for an evening. The next day, I got up very early and hurried home to change into casual clothes. Just as I was about to go out, my mobile phone suddenly rang.

    "Hello? Ms. Mo…"

    For a while, no one responded, I checked the mobile phone number again, and it was indeed Mo Fei's number, "Ms. Mo?"


    I was dazed by the cough for a second and shook my head with a wry smile, "good morning, Feifei."

    "Good morning," only until now, did Mo Fei finally respond, "Chu Nan, I… Today is the national holiday, it is my day off."

    Day off? Of course, I know it is your day off. Actually, It is not even exaggerated to say that except for the days of her period, I know almost everything about her. After all, I have an informant that is close to her. The little gossip Song Jia would get chocolate from me every week.

    "It is my day off, too. Do you need anything from me?" If it was two days ago, I would definitely think that she wanted to go out with me, but now… I have already woken up from my unrealistic dream.

    "Nothing…" Mo Fei paused for a second, raised her voice a little, and added, "I said, It is my day off today, and I don't need to go to work."

    "Yes, I know, and you…" If I need to use an inappropriate metaphor to describe the situation right now it will be: Talking to Mo Fei right now made me feel like I had little constipation…

    It is quite worrying.