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Chapter 57

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 57: Chapter 57 The Third Wheel And Scaredy-cat

    "Go to hell!" Eventually, Liusu still did not break the thin layer of paper between us. It was exactly what I prayed, but it also made me disappointed.

    Now I knew very well that I liked Liusu. Otherwise, I wouldn't be so afraid, but I also knew very well that I still had feelings for Mo Fei.

    "Okay, I am going to hell now. Please don't stop me."

    "Who wants to stop you," Liusu rolled her beautiful eyes and said, "if you want to drink poison, I will help you to pour it. If you want to hang yourself, I lend you money to buy a rope, if you want to cut your wrists, I will give you a knife… No matter how you want to die, I will do my best to help you. After all, we are best buddies."


    "Of course."

    "That's great," I whispered in Liusu's ear with a lecherous smile, "I want to be raped by a woman to death. I think tonight is a good time, are you free?…"

    Liusu's face instantly blushed, "Nannan! You pervert!"


    "Ha ha ha~"

    In the wild laughter, a young couple chased each other like children, attracting countless envious eyes and heartfelt emotions, ‘alas, these two people definitely have problems in their heads, and they probably forgot to take pills this morning…'

    . . .

    As I expected yesterday, after the rain, the air today was particularly refreshing. The amusement park also ushered in the first peak passenger flow during the switch of the spring season and the summer season, there were people everywhere.

    "Come, my dear, let daddy hold your hand." The little girl was very energetic, I was worried that she would run everywhere and be lost in the crowd.

    "Chu Nan, I can hold Kangkang's hand, you can hold Liusu's hand." I was already used to Mo Fei's misunderstandings, but Liusu's face instantly turned red. She was more surprised than shy by what Mo Fei had said. As soon as she heard it, she even looked at me in shock.

    Moreover, during the time I went out to buy drinks with Liusu, it seemed like Kangkang was getting along very well with Mo Fei. She even said, "Daddy does not need to hold my hand, daddy can hold little auntie's hand. Witch sister said that the little auntie will be very happy."

    Hearing the words, Mo Fei nodded to Kangkang with approval and then smiled at Liusu.

    Liusu was not used to Mo Fei's ambiguous smile. She immediately said nervously, "Ms- Ms. Mo, you have misunderstood us, I and Nannan… Chu Nan and I are not in that kind of relationship!"

    "It's fine, we are not in the company, you don't need to hide it from me. Besides, the company doesn't prohibit employees from dating one another, does it?" Naively, Mo Fei thought that Liusu was just embarrassed.

    She gave Liusu a friendly smile and said, "although today we are mainly here to accompany Kangkang, if you two are very overly nervous, what is the point for me to be here? So I will hold Kangkang's hand, and Chu Nan, you will hold Liusu's hand."

    Mo Fei said resolutely and directly, giving people a faint feeling that she was a boss giving out tasks in a company. However, the way she said it was like she was here to help us look after Kangkang, this little third wheel.

    Liusu was so shocked that she could not say a single word to her. I could not help but give her a bitter smile. I have already explained to her, but she still did not believe me. To completely convince her, I decided to show it to her, "hehe, okay." As soon as I finished, I directly grabbed Liusu's hand without her permission.

    Liusu was startled, "what are you doing?!"

    "Holding hands," I did not let her break free from my grab. At the same time, I whispered to her with a smile, "did you forget what you asked me last night? We have already done many things, and we have even kissed each other already, so why can't we hold hands?"

    "You…" Liusu suddenly stopped struggling. It seemed like her mind had completely stopped working because of extreme embarrassment. I admitted that I did it for a selfish reason. I wanted to see Mo Fei's reaction. I did not understand this woman at all. If she had feelings for me, she would definitely not want to encourage or see me having this kind of intimate behavior with Liusu, but if she did not have feelings for me, why did she call me today and want to come to the amusement park with me?

    However, as if Mo Fei did not want me to see through her heart, she smiled and then held Kangknag's hand, and headed toward our first destination.

    "Nannan, you and Ms. Mo are really not in that kind of relationship?"

    "Isn't that obvious? I just started to talk to her a few days ago, you think she will start a relationship with me just like that? Based on your logic, we have known each other for five years, but where is our kid?"

    "Stop joking around, I am serious!" As if Liusu was worried that Mo Fei would hear it, she moved closer to me and whispered into my ear. At first glance, we really looked like a lovey-dovey couple that could not be separated from each other for a single second, "do you think it is appropriate?"

    "Why is it not appropriate? This is definitely more appropriate than a kiss?"

    "Nannan! Won't you stop talking about yesterday?" Liusu's face blushed and glared at me with embarrassment, "I mean, don't you like Mo Fei? But this will make her misunderstand us."

    "Yes, I like her, but I also want her to like me, too. However, Liusu, do you think she is interested in me?" I said helplessly.

    Hearing what I said, Liusu frowned. After all, she had personally seen Mo Fei's reaction earlier, but after a few seconds, she shook her head and said, "maybe she is not interested in you now, but it doesn't mean that she will not be interested in you in the future."

    I had never had a girlfriend, but it did not mean that I could not tell what she was thinking at the moment. While I was moved by her intention, there was also a faint of pain in my heart. I could not help but hold her hand more tightly, took a deep breath and asked while looking at her eyes, "you want her to like me?"

    Liusu was surprised and quickly looked away and said quietly, "if that is what you want…"

    I clearly felt that Liusu also held my hand tightly, as if she was afraid that I would disappear with the wind. I could even feel the sweat in her warm palm…

    . . .

    "Daddy, let's go play that!"

    Looking at the place Kangkang pointed, I and the two beautiful women suddenly lost the strength in our knees and collapsed on the long bench on the side of the street. Why did she choose the drop tower…

    Liusu quickly avoided Kangkang's ardent eyes and waved her hands feebly, "I'm a little tired. I am going to take a rest first. Nannan, Feifei, you can go with her…"

    "Me?" A flash of panic appeared on Mo Fei's face, but as if she did not want to reveal that she was scared, she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear gracefully and said lightly, "my hairstyle does not allow me to play that. Liusu, you can go."

    "In fact, I have a fear of heights, my heart almost stopped beating when we were riding the roller coaster, now I am still feeling a little bit dizzy, you two can go." Liusu leaned on the bench, covering her forehead while facing the sky, even if she had stretched her body and bent her body back to the maximum, the size of her bosoms was still not comparable to Mo Fei's… alas, this poor little girl.

    Their excuses were so lame that even Kangkang could also tell that they were scared, so Kangkang shook my arm and acted cutely and begged, "little auntie and witch sister are scaredy-cats. Daddy, let's go play it, please~"

    My feeling was not much better than that of Liusu and Mo Fei. I have underestimated the strength of Kangkang. Originally, I thought that such a young little girl, at most, would be interested in the rides such as carousels and miniature railway, but who would have thought that this little girl was full of adventurous spirit. Roller Coasters, Top Scan, Swing ride… whatever was scary, she would play that.

    For us who have been sitting in the office for a long time, staring at the computer screen all day, and have lost our dynamic vision, the extreme speed and weightlessness experience were extremely scary. If it was not because Kangkang was small, and she must be accompanied by an adult, I would definitely not want to play any one of those rides. Looking up at the height of the drop tower… my heart was now beating twice as fast as usual…

    Damn it, who invented this thing?!

    "Scaredy-cat?" Mo Fei suddenly stood up, pulled me towards the direction of the drop tower, "Chu Nan, let's do it!"

    Do what? What she said made me confused. When I figured out what Mo Fei meant, my face quickly became pale. That thing was almost sixty meters high!

    But just when I wanted to find an excuse, Mo Fei looked back and sneered coldly, "only a scaredy-cat doesn't dare to play it!"

    I could attest that Mo Fei was saying this to Kangkang, although I didn't know why she would want to compete against Kangkang. But Liusu completely misunderstood it.

    Liusu was showing a tired expression while looking at the sky. When she heard what Mo Fei said, she looked at her in confusion. However, she only saw Mo Fei's sneer a split second before she turned around. Plus Mo Fei was holding my hand as well, her face instantly darkened.

    She quickly stood up, walked two steps toward me, and grabbed my other arm, and said in a huff, "yes, only a scared-cat doesn't dare to play it."

    Clearly, she did not want to lose to Mo Fei.