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Chapter 58

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 58: Chapter 58 Penguin Can Fly

    People are animals who like to compete with each other, especially beautiful women. Women are petty-minded and arrogant at the same time. I could understand why Liusu was unwilling to lose to Mo Fei, but there is no reason for me to get involved in this, right?

    "I… I admit that I am a scaredy-cat, can I not go?"



    Two of them spoke at the same time. Goddamnit, what did I do to deserve this? I wanted to cry, but my eyes could not shed a tear.

    "Yeah!" The little princess caught up with us with a cheer, and then said something that made us almost fall to the ground, "Daddy, just buy three tickets, I'll wait for you down here~"

    "Aren't you going?" Mo Fei was as surprised as I was.

    Kangkang played with her fingers shyly and said, "too high, I'm scared."


    Children's mentality was really difficult to understand. Since she didn't dare to play it, why did she want us to play it? Mo Fei suddenly smiled and said, "if that's the case, then I'll look after Kangkang, Chu Nan, you can go with Liusu." After that, she took a glance at the drop tower and sighed with relief.

    Kangkang blew out her cheeks, and said, "I can wait for you myself. Kangkang is small, so Kangkang can't play that. But witch sister is an adult, and she is still scared to play it, so she is a scaredy-cat."

    Mo Fei's face suddenly became cold, "I am scared?!"

    Before Kangkang said anything, Liusu said with a provoking smile and said, "Feifei, don't tell me that you are really scared of it."

    "I'm scared?" A flash of panic appeared on Mo Fei's face, but it quickly disappeared, then she sneered, "I am not the one who is scared of heights, why do I need to be scared."

    Liusu's lips twitched a few times. "Hehe, is it?" She thought that Mo Fei was making fun of the excuse that she used earlier.

    "Of course! Only if you dare to find it out!"

    On the surface, they were smiling at each other while talking, but there were actually knives hidden behind their smiles. The hands they used to grab my arms instantly became claws and clenched my arms tightly. Although it was so painful, I did not dare to utter a noise. The atmosphere around us was intense as if it was filled with gunpowder, and I was worried that if I made a noise, it would instantly cause some scary explosion.

    Goddamnit, what is going on?

    At first, It was KangKang provoking Mo Fei and Liusu, and then Mo Fei did not want Kangkang to think that she was scared, and then Liusu did not want to lose to Mo Fei, and in the end, Mo Fei did not want Liusu to think that she was afraid.

    Alas, women, what an unreasonable creature!

    Screams suddenly came from above our heads, and when we looked up, the people who made those screams had already fallen to the ground, and the faces of Liusu and Mo Fei turned pale instantly, "you guys want to play it or not, give me an answer. I need to buy tickets."

    The eyes of the two women stared at each other, and it instantly caused blue lightning arcs.



    The so-called drop tower, as the name suggested, was a type of amusement ride that would lift people very high and then quickly return to the ground. Although many people knew that it was safe, only a few people dared to play it.

    I was sitting in the middle, and the two women were sitting next to me, one on each side. They probably thought that men were much braver, so they wanted some psychological comfort, but I was also riding this for the first time.

    As the height gradually increased, I looked down and only felt very dizzy. Suddenly, I saw Kangkang, who gradually became smaller in my eyes, waving at me. Just when I gritted my teeth, forced myself to reveal a smile and wanted to wave back at her, Liusu suddenly said, "Don't move! What if you caused an accident?!"

    Looking at the thick safety lock that covered my chest, I was speechless, "with this, you really think there will be an accident?"

    "You never know!" Mo Fei on the right said nervously, "what if you moved too much and it caused the seat to fall off the tower."

    "Isn't it too exaggerated?" I couldn't help but say. At the same time, I deliberately shake the seat to test it. It instantly made those two women's faces turn pale.

    "Stop messing around!"

    "Stop moving!"

    My hands were held tightly by Mo Fei and Liusu. Seeing this, they both looked at each other embarrassedly. "Don't get the wrong idea, I'm not scared, I am just trying to stop him from causing an accident."

    "Me too."

    Nonsense! You two are clearly scared! I really wanted them to hold each other's hands, so they could feel the coldness of each other's palms! But before I could expose them, the seats shook slightly. Then both women let out short screams and immediately closed their eyes tightly.

    As I looked down again, I could not help but scream in my mind, "oh my god, this is too high."

    Quiet, extremely quiet, all the twelve people, who were lifted up sixty meters above the ground, held their breath and could only hear the wind whispering in their ears and their own heartbeat. I instinctively wanted to hold the safety lock, but I was shocked to find that my hands were held by the two women next to me.



    I couldn't tell whether it was the wind or women's scream, my heart seemed to be dangling to my throat in an instant. It felt like it would instantly fly away if I opened my mouth. The speed of falling really made me understand what it felt like to jump off a building. What was worse was that other people were able to hold the safety lock tightly, but my both arms were in the air. To other people, I looked so brave, but actually, I almost wanted to cry.

    After we landed on the ground, the two women completely lost their strength to stand, they were almost hanging on my shoulders, one on each side. They did not even dare to open their eyes.

    ‘If you are scared, why do you want to play it?' I wanted to scold them, but in the end, I also did not have the strength to say anything. After I finally recovered from the fear, I actually felt that the falling process was too short, or too fast. It was actually not that scary. What was scary was that when it was rising up slowly but you knew it would suddenly fall at one point.


    "Hum hum, the bullet was shot slightly to the left, and the parabolic curve required needs the barrel to be raised about five to seven degrees. Do you think with this kind of trick, it will keep you alive? Hum hum… "

    With a sneer, I pulled down the cowboy hat's brim slightly, staring at the prey not far away, and suddenly withdrew half a step, raised my hand and the gun.

    "Pop!" Five steps away, a fluffy pink plush rabbit suddenly fell over as the sound appeared.

    "Yeah!" Kangkang took the toy from the staff, and gave me a big kiss excitedly, "Daddy is the best!"

    I proudly raised my chin and holstered my gun like a western cowboy who had just won a pistol duel and said, "a piece of cake."

    Mo Fei suddenly pulled me over and took a quick and envious glance at the rabbit in the arms of Kangkang's arms and said, "Chu Nan, I want that bear!"

    "Bear? It's not cute at all, Nannan, I want that penguin!" Liusu said while giving me a coin.

    Kangkang blew out her cheeks, looked at Liusu, and then looked at Mo Fei, and then pulled the corner of my clothes and said, "Daddy, can I have one more dog, so it will eat the witch sister's bear and the little aunt's penguin~"

    I felt like my head was getting bigger and bigger like a balloon, and it felt like it could explode at any time soon.

    I didn't know what happened to those three girls. From the moment we played the drop tower, they started to compete with each other. However, after taking all kinds of scary rides, they still did not have a winner, so they came to this place to compete for the best shooter. However, after spending all their coins, they only got the booby prizes. It was understandable that Kangkang wanted to be the winner, after all, she was still a kid, but why did Liusu and Mo Fei also compete with each other all the time like kids?

    Unable to bear seeing Kangkang's upset face, I decided to show off a superb shooting technique that I had been forced to train by my little sister Chu Yuan in the past, and get Kangkang a small gift, but I did not expect that they wanted to compete with each other again…

    Mo Fei glanced at Liusu and said, "can dogs even eat bears? They are more likely to eat penguins."

    Liusu was not willing to give in, "Nonsense, penguins can fly, how can dogs eat it?"

    KangKang clapped her hands and giggled, "Auntie is so silly, penguins can't fly, they can only swim."

    "You are just a little kid, what do you know? Even if they can only swim, can your dog eat them? Bears are stupid, so go eat them."

    "Bears are stupid? Have you ever seen a bear? They run faster than people and like to eat dogs most, that is why they are called Giant Dog Bears in Chinese…"

    Penguins could fly, dogs could eat bears, bears were called Giant Dog Bears because they liked to eat dogs… Oh my god, are they stupid?

    While they were still arguing with each other, a kid from the back of the line suddenly said, "Mom, does that elder brother think they are too stupid, so he abandoned them and ran away?"

    The mother quickly covered her son's mouth, "Hush! Baby, don't say it! "

    Only until this moment did those three girls realize that I had already run away.

    "Chu Nan!"

    "Nan Nan!"


    I smiled helplessly and ran even faster. Before I disappeared, I even heard a guy say, "one daughter, but two mothers, I am so envious!"