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Chapter 59

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 59: Chapter 59 A Kiss Seen By The Little Mistress.

    Kangkang was young and energetic, but her energy also burned very fast. After all, she was still very small. When it got to the afternoon, she was already feeling exhausted and tired, so we all left the amusement park satisfactorily.

    Mo Fei came to the park by car and she insisted on sending us back. After finding it very difficult to refuse, I drove Kangkang back to the company using her car first. At this time, Older sister Liu was probably still in the company.

    When we arrived at the company's building, Mo Fei felt embarrassed to go upstairs with us. She insisted on waiting downstairs. Seeing this, Liusu asked me to send Mo Fei home, and she would send Kangkang up by herself. In her words, there were no longer concerns and hesitations, it seemed like she no longer doubted my relationship with Mo Fei.

    If other people in the company knew that Mo Fei went to the amusement park with us, it would have an impact on her usual cold and serious image, so I agreed. Before Kangkang went upstairs, she did not even forget to give me a big kiss again to thank me for taking her to the amusement park today.

    Although the three girls were competing with each other all the time at the amusement park, and it gave me some headaches, it was indeed a fulfilling and wonderful day for me. Liusu was relieved after the misunderstanding between Mo Fei and I was cleared up. In fact, to me, it was also a relief as well.

    The thin layer of the veil between me and Liusu was finally peeled off, and after giving up chasing Mo Fei, I no longer had worries. Most importantly, Liusu's first kiss and tears yesterday finally made me decide to face reality.

    Men are really complicated, they love women, but they can not fully commit their love to one single woman. After my fantasy about Mo Fei was shattered, I decided to openly respond to Liusu's feelings.



    Mo Fei stubbornly wanted to send me home first, which made me feel very uncomfortable. It made me feel like I am a toyboy that she kept in secret. However, I indeed did not have a car, so I could only accept her kindness.

    Men are such sensitive animals. Because of this, I secretly decided that it was time to buy a car. It would be convenient for me and for Liusu as well.

    The car stopped at the entrance of the Dazhongma Community where I lived. Because I was driving, Mo Fei had to get off and change to the driver's seat.

    "Feifei, would you like to go to my flat for a cup of tea?" she has passed by my house twice without entering. As a friend, it is impolite of me not to invite her.

    "Thank you, but I'm very tired today. Maybe another day," Mo Fei waved the plush white bear toy in her hand and smiled like a flower, "Chu Nan, I am very happy today, thank you."

    "That's great to hear, we are friends. We have many opportunities to hang out together in the future." After deciding to become just a friend with Mo Fei, it was the first time for me to say this with sincerity.

    Mo Fei habitually tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, and jokingly said, "okay, as long as you don't complain about me being the third wheel."

    "How come, hehe…" I laughed, "alright, be careful on your way home, and see you the day after tomorrow in the company."

    "Wait!" Before I was about to leave, I was suddenly stopped by Mo Fei, and at the moment I turned around, I smelled a faint sweet fragrance and felt something soft pressing against my face, then I was shocked to find that Mo Fei had kissed me!

    With so many people watching, and in the broad daylight, how dare she take advantage of me so blatantly in public? My mind was in a state of confusion, and it took me a while to realize what happened, but… why did she kiss me?

    "Thank you, bye." Mo Fei blushed and quickly got into the car. Looking at the taillights quickly disappeared into a corner, my mind was completely blank.

    Covering the cheek where fragrance remained, my dying fantasy was re-ignited again. I was scared, I was afraid, I had already decided to face reality and faced myself, but Mo Fei's kiss made me lose myself again, I was excited, I was thrilled, and then … I wanted to knock my head at a brick wall.

    Shameless, spineless, fickle and unfaithful! Chu Nan, who do you love exactly? Mo Fei or Liusu?

    What is going on! Mo Fei, do you want me to treat you as a friend, or do you want me to chase you? What exactly do you want?

    I don't know, like a fool, I don't know anything.


    "Uhm, a bit … huh?" I suddenly came back from the shock. Seeing the cold face in front of my eyes, I was trembling with fear, "Yuan… Yuanyuan?!"

    Her loose long hair was tied behind her head by a big, cartoonish hairpin, and she was dressed in a red hooded T-shirt and a pair straight-leg slacks. With light makeup, although she dressed very casually, she still attracted a lot of attention from the passersby. She was my dear little sister Chu Yuan.

    I quickly moved my claws away from my red face and put it in my pocket, and I did not know why I was even more nervous than when I was kissed by Mo Fei, "what, what are you doing here? Did, did you see it?"

    Chu Yuan's face was very cold. Seeing other people pointing to me and probably discussing something about the kiss, she took off her small backpack, slammed it into my arms, and said sulkily, "You think I want to? Shameless!"

    Hey! There are many people kissing on the street nowadays, and she just kissed my face. How is that shameless? Although… I was still quite shocked by it.

    Anyway, there was no need to tell this little girl about how I feel. After clearing my throat, I pretended to ask with a casual tone, "did you just come back from mom and dad's house?"

    Chu Yuan rolled my eyes without answering the question. Instead, she asked, "you just sent her away? Driving a BMW, she is both very rich and pretty. No wonder you always say that Liusu is not your girlfriend, so you have a better one… Liar!"

    In the beginning, Chu Yuan said calmly, but all of sudden, she blurted out "liar", making my face red with embarrassment, "how, how am I a liar?"

    Chu Yuan said coldly, "didn't you say you didn't have a girlfriend?"

    "Yeah," I replied so confidently that it made me also feel very sad, "she is not my girlfriend."

    "If she is not your girlfriend, then why did she kiss you?" Chu Yuan glared at me and said. But seeing I show a confused look, she turned around and stepped into the community, "liar always tells lies! You big liar!"

    Big Liar? And always tells lies? How many times have I lied to you? I was speechless. Even if she was my girlfriend, as the younger sister, she should be happy for me, right? I'm almost twenty-four. It was the golden age for marriage. Don't tell me that you really want me to be single forever?

    Hurriedly catching up with Chu Yuan, I quickly came up with something and said, "what do you know, she just came back from other counties, this is what they call faire la bise, the french greeting."

    As soon as I said it, I just realized that Chu Yuan was right, I could lie to her easily. However, in my mind, I actually hoped that it was really just a french greeting, because I really did not have the courage to be sucked into the love vortex of two women again.

    Chu Yuan's beautiful eyes glanced at me and said, "that woman really isn't your girlfriend?"

    "Even if she is really my girlfriend, you should not show this kind of attitude. At least, you should call her elder sister, right?" Since Chu Yuan asked, it proved that she probably also saw that Mo Fei just kissed my cheek, "I have already told you that day, if I really have a girlfriend one day, I will definitely tell you."

    Hearing what I said, Chu Yuan's expression obviously eased a lot, but she still had a little distrustful attitude, "if she is not your girlfriend, then why did you bring her to our house?"

    "Who brought her to our house? Today is the national holiday, several colleagues of mine agreed to hang out together, she just sent me back," I flicked Chu Yuan's forehead and smiled, "besides, even if I really want to invite my colleagues to our house, do I need to ask your permission Look at you, you almost became a little housekeeper."

    "Stop it!" Chu Yuan covered her forehead, her small face suddenly turned red. She quickly ran up the stairs, and stuck her tongue out at me in the corner, and said, "I am not a little housekeeper!"

    Seeing Chu Yuan's lovely look, the confusion caused by Mo Fei's kiss disappeared slightly. I laughed, "haha, not a little housekeeper, then a big housekeeper?"

    Chu Yuan was dazed first, and then immediately ran up the stairs, but her voice appeared from above, "I am not a housekeeper, from now on, I am the mistress of this house!"

    The mistress of this house? What does she mean? I chased and asked while smiling, "If you are a mistress, what about your future elder sister-in-law?"

    "She will be a housekeeper! No! A maid!"

    I almost slipped and rolled down the stairs…

    Seriously, is she planning to stay with me forever?