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Chapter 60

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 60: Chapter 60 Why Are You Using My Chopsticks?

    Chu Yuan was so suspicious that only after she searched the house inside and out to confirm that there were really no traces of people staying did she finally believe me.

    All girls were probably like her, thinking that their territory was sacred and inviolable. This girl was used to taking things from me, and this flat was no exception, it was clearly now her territory.

    I was curious, what did she want to do tomorrow that she had to hurry back today? To be honest, I was used to living on my own after I moved out, so it was inevitable that I could not feel relaxed when Chu Yuan was around. For example, I could not walk around the flat topless, or reach my hand into my big pants and scratch my buttocks. Even when I wanted to fart, I had to go back to my room and cover myself with a quilt before I could fart…

    "Meal is ready." After I took a shower and came out of the bathroom, Chu Yuan greeted me coldly. She already started eating the meal herself.

    "Oh." Looking at the table, there was a dish of braised octopus, Moo shu pork, shredded potato, tomato and egg soup. It seemed like this bratty girl knew how to make a lot of dishes. Since the day she moved here, she hasn't made the same dish twice.

    I pulled over a chair, held my rice bowl, picked some shredded potato and was about to eat it, but all of sudden, I saw Chu Yuan was staring at me, making me feel very uncomfortable, "what's wrong?" I asked with hesitation. Did I pick too much food?

    "Nothing?" Chu Yuan bowed her head and ate slowly like a lady.

    "Oh okay." I was relieved. After playing with three girls the whole day, I was already very hungry. I quickly sent the potato into my mouth and chewed it a few times. It did not taste right…


    "Ah-" A sour and spicy taste quickly spread out like an explosion of gas, getting straight into my nasal cavity and throat, irritating my eyes. Tears instantly came out of my eyes and even snot almost flew out my nose. Quickly opening my mouths, I saw Chu Yuan's shoulders were shaking while she was still looking at her rice bowl.

    God damn it, it must be her!

    I pointed my finger at Chu Yuan angrily, wanting to say something. However, my jaw was so sour and painful as if it was disconnected from my face. Frustrated, I quickly ran towards the bathroom while using my hand to cover my mouth.

    After spitting out whatever I had in my mouth into the toilet, and washed my mouth several times, but my tongue was still feeling numb. I rushed back to the living room with anger, glared at her and said, "what is this!"

    The bratty girl drank the soup calmly and said with confusion, "What's wrong?"

    "You even have the audacity to ask me what's wrong?" I was burning with rage, "how much vinegar, pepper oil, mustard oil did you put in this dish!"

    Chu Yuan said calmly, "a little bit."

    "A little bit?" I sneered, picked up some shredded potatoes using my chopsticks and sent them to the mouth of the bratty girl and said, "you still want to deny it? How dare you pull a prank on your elder brother! If nothing is wrong with this dish, then eat it."

    Chu Yuan's small face suddenly appeared with a hint of redness, and I immediately realized that the chopstick I used to pick the food was the one I used before, but before I took back my chopsticks, she already opened her mouth and ate the potatoes on my chopstick. I was shocked, and quickly urged, "what are you doing! Spit it out, this thing is not edible! Quick!"

    However, Chu Yuan chewed it with relish, while enjoying my panic-stricken expression with great interest, "Why do I need to spit it out? it is delicious."

    Delicious? I was confused, but my sharp eyes suddenly noticed a faint of cunning smirk slip away from the corner of Chu Yuan's eyes.

    Dubiously, I picked some shredded potato again and ate it. It was a little sweet and sour, but very delicious. What happened?

    "You…" Chu Yuan was embarrassed, "Why are you using my chopsticks?"

    My face suddenly blushed. Indeed, this pair of chopsticks had just been pulled out from my little sister's mouth, "aren't your chopsticks in your own hands? This is mine."

    Chu Yuan was even more embarrassed, her eyes were flashing the strange expression as she said sulkily, "then why are you feeding me with your chopsticks?!"

    I was just wondering why the same dish actually had two different flavors, so I casually retorted, "why didn't you remind me before eating?"

    "I…" Chu Yuan was lost for words. And her speechless expression suddenly reminded me of something. Yes, she clearly realized that it was the chopsticks I used, but why did she say anything earlier? It was as if she eagerly wanted to prove that there was no problem with the potato…

    Seeing I seemed to have realized something, I also noticed a flash of panic flashed on Chu Yuan's pretty face, and her eyeballs rolled unconsciously towards the corner of her eye.

    As I followed her eyes, I noticed that she was looking at the kitchen!

    "Ah, where are you going?"

    Seeing I was running to the kitchen quickly, she suddenly hugged me from behind, but she was very light and could not stop me from moving forward. There was definitely a problem, otherwise, why was she so nervous?

    I glanced left and right and finally locked my eyes on the small trash bin under the cupboard. Noticing that Chu Yuan's face suddenly changed, I was even more sure about it. Walking toward it, I lifted the lid. Sure enough, there was a plate of potatoes that had just been dumped. The sour and choking smell almost made me puke again.

    In order to trick me, the bratty girl actually made two plates of cold shredded potato. She must have replaced it while I was in the bathroom.

    My brows twiched, and my tone suddenly became extremely gentle, "Yuanyuan~"

    "I'm full, I am going to type my novel now, please don't disrupt me… ah!" The bratty girl pretended that she did not know anything, and wanted to walk towards my room. But I quickly grabbed her back collar and stopped her.

    Her body shook slightly and as she turned around. Seeing my face was filled with a twisted smile, her lips twitched slightly as she asked nervously, "Elder brother, what is wrong?"

    "Keep pretending, let me see how long you can hold it," I sneered, and waved the rolling pin in my hand, "there is nothing wrong, but I think… your butt is probably itchy again!"

    "You … What are you doing? Let me go! Let me go! Ah…"

    I suddenly lifted her up, carried her in my arms and then walked back to the living room. After throwing her on the sofa, I pressed my left leg on her two slender legs and used my right hand to lock her neck and said, "I can let you go, but you need to tell me honestly, why are you pulling a prank on me? Otherwise… Huh! Don't blame me for what is about to happen!"

    I really did not understand why this bratty girl wanted to do this to me? I didn't even do anything to her, did I?

    Chu Yuan's beautiful big eyes were staring at my rolling pin in horror. Immediately, she covered her little buttock with her hands, and her face instantly went pale, "are, are you going to hit me with that?"

    "Huh?" I was distracted for a second, and then mocked, "what? You prefer me to hit you with my hand?"

    "Bah!" Chu Yuan shouted with embarrassment, "Why do you want to hit me? I accidentally made a mistake while cooking, and I served the wrong dish earlier. Can I not apologize for it?"

    Do you think I am stupid?

    "Why didn't you take any bite when you served the wrong dish? Besides, what kind of mistake did you make that it would have that kind of taste?"

    "It's just a coincidence, what can I do?" Maybe after she was hit by me last time, she knew that struggling was useless, so she did not struggle. However, she was still very stubborn, refusing to admit what she had done.

    If I don't teach her a lesson, she would definitely do this to me again! I wanted to hit her buttock with a rolling pin, but her hands were covering her buttock so tightly that I could not find any place to land the rolling pin. She even cocked her chin up to me with pride, "Release me at once. Otherwise, I will definitely shout that you are molesting me!"

    Knowing that I would not dare to hit her hand, she started to get cocky. However, she clearly underestimated me!

    "There is more than just one way to punish a disobedient child." I showed a sinister smile and turned to sit on Chu Yuan's thigh. In the little girl scream, I dropped the rolling pin, lifted up her two legs, and hugged them tightly in my arms, so that her body bent backward like a shrimp, "tell me now, or I will use another cruel punishment!"

    "Cruel, Cruel punishment?" Chu Yuan tried to prop up her body, but her strength was too small, "You, what are you doing?"

    "What do you think?" I said while taking off the slipper on her right foot. The little foot tightly wrapped in white cotton socks jumped out like a cute little rabbit. Then I gently tickled her feet.

    The bratty girl's body suddenly shuddered, and she already knew my intention, "Chu Nan, do you dare!"