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Chapter 63 - She Wants To Kill Her Elder Brother, I Want to Kill My Little Sister

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 63: Chapter 63 She Wants To Kill Her Elder Brother, I Want to Kill My Little Sister

    Panicked and frightened, the way Chu Yuan reacted now was exactly the way I reacted when I went to a French restaurant with Liusu for the first time, but she started to sing "we will rock you" in the restaurant.

    Anyway, seeing my performance indeed scared her a little bit, I gently pushed her away and said in a sad voice like a girl who was wronged by her boyfriend, "how would I have the heart to hit you…"

    After I said it, I suddenly remembered that I had spanked Chu Yuan's buttock not long ago, and earlier on, I even wanted to hit her buttock with a rolling pin. So what I said was clearly a lie, but Chu Yuan obviously didn't realize that, she just blurted out, "then you can continue to tickle my feet to vent your anger! "

    "Huh?" I was dazed for a second and couldn't help but look down at my little sister's feet, "wouldn't it be inappropriate?…"

    "It's totally appropriate… Huh?" Chu Yuan suddenly realized something and immediately stared at my face dubiously.

    Shit! Did she notice it? I cursed at myself for not able to resist the temptation. At that moment, the desire and impulse in my heart really took over the control of my brain, it made me wonder if I really had an unhealthy interest in feet. And especially toward my little sister's feet? Including this question, it made me feel somewhat inexplicably stimulated…

    Fuck, I am not a creep!

    I quickly shook my head to clear my thoughts and then coughed, "I, I am not angry… hehe…"


    "You are indeed not angry." Chu Yuan was very clever. If it was not because of the phone call between me and Xiao Yike, she would never be fooled by me. She then sneered coldly and said, "how dare you make fun of me, you jerk!"

    "Ouch…" the bratty girl suddenly kicked me, making me scream in pain. "you bratty girl. Do you want to be punished again? Why is it okay for you to create that kind of name, but it is not okay for me to make fun of you?"

    "I…" Chu Yuan was lost for words, but she immediately changed the topic, "What is your QQ number?"

    "I don't have one." I squatted on the ground, rubbed the place where I was hurt by the kick and said.

    When I was in the college, only a few people had QQ, I used to have one, but I have already forgotten the ID and password after I started working.

    "Then apply one." Chu Yuan said, and then sat back down in front of the computer and started registering a new number for me.

    I got up and stood next to her, and said uninterestedly, "I don't like online chat, it's useless to have QQ." In my old QQ account, I only added one friend, and that was Liusu. However, that girl was exactly like me, disliking typing. If there was anything, we would call each other straightaway. Coupled with the fact that we almost see each other every day, there was no point for us to chat with each other using QQ.

    Chu Yuan said lightly, "it will be useful in the future."

    "What's the use of it?" While I was asking this question, I saw Chu Yuan typed, "I want to kill my little sister!" in the nickname section.

    "What kind of name is this?" I hurriedly said, "Change one, change to a handsome guy, or prince, whichever is fine."

    "You should go to the beach."

    "Why are you suddenly talking about that?"

    "Your head is so big that you could only see your own reflection using the surface of the sea as your mirror," Chu Yuan couldn't help but laugh. Then she said, "prince? If you are a prince, then I am a princess."

    After that, Chu Yuan probably also realized that this metaphor was somewhat inappropriate. She glanced at me sideways and then turned back quickly, then her pink and delicate face appeared with a few hints of red haze.

    As her fingers quickly typed the keys on the keyboard, she quickly filled in my information, including the date of my birth, "I want to kill you, you want to kill me, so that we are now even. In the future, if I can't call you while you are working, then I will send you a message on QQ. Don't you have your own computer in the company?"

    Surprisingly, this bratty girl knew everything about me. I couldn't help but ask, "how come you know my birthday?"

    I asked casually, but I didn't expect Chu Yuan would have a big reaction, "who… who remembers your birthday, I just randomly selected a date!"


    Such a lie was too far-fetched. Chu Yuan took a deep breath and then said angrily, "whenever it is your birthday, mom will not stop telling everyone. Do you think I want to remember it?… Back to the main subject…"

    As Chu Yuan said, she added her number to my QQ, and then opened her own QQ, pointing to ‘Smaller Boobies Are Better' in her friend list and said, "she is a friend I met online last year. Like me, she has also written books on the Girls' Channel on the Qidian website. Because we share the same interests, and we just happen to live in the same city, so we agreed to meet each other tomorrow. You need to go with me."

    Taking a closer look, including me, Chu Yuan's friend list only had three people, and the other person's nickname was ‘Pity, I'm a woman'… another one with a strange name.

    "You are meeting with your online friend, why do I need to go?" I was puzzled. Since the other girl was a female writer, who also wrote books online, I felt relieved. Meeting with this kind of friend did not seem to be a dangerous thing, so there was no need to worry about anything.

    Chu Yuan pouted her lips and said, "What if it is a guy who pretends to be a girl?"

    "Have you never video chatted with her before?"

    "No, but we have sent pictures to each other," Chu Yuan said impatiently: "Who knows if the person in the picture is her? What if he is a man and wants to abduct me?"

    Then you don't need to go. I really wanted to say this, but I saw Chu Yuan was looking at me with pleading eyes, I could not help but nodded, "If it is a man, I'll beat him up for you…"

    . . .

    In the early morning of the next day. While I was sleeping soundly, a sudden knock on the door woke me up cruelly. Sitting up in a daze, I was still wandering between the dream and the reality, "Liusu, How many times have I told you to stick your tongue in my mouth when kissing … Huh?"

    After I finally woke up completely, I could not help but blush. Looking at my watch, I wanted to check what time it was. This bratty girl! She has already taken over my place, but now she even wanted to take away my sweet dream.

    Putting on a suit, I turned around in front of Chu Yuan feebly.

    With a light makeup, the bratty girl sat beside the bed. The way she dressed today was casual and refreshing. Under the big white collar short jacket, it was a loose bowknot belt brown knee-length skirt. It was noble and elegant, at the same time, it also did not lose her vibrant youthful charm. A pair of opaque cotton socks made her two straight slender legs look sexy and attractive, but with the entire outfit, she looked pure and lovely. Below her skirt, it was a pair of white leisure closed-toe shoes with ankle straps. At the moment, the small glittering ornaments on the ankle straps were giggling constantly, indicating that the person who wore the shoes was very nervous.

    I didn't know where this bratty girl found the lensless glasses that Liusu gave me, but at the moment, that pair of lensless glasses were on her nose bridge.

    "This one doesn't work. You are not going to work, why do you have to dress up so formally? Change!"


    "Sportswear? You have such bad taste. Don't you have casual clothes? Change!"


    "Dark green jacket, white hoodie, straight casual trousers, um, this black waist belt is also very good…"

    Finally, there was a set of clothes that this little granny was satisfied with. While I was relieved, I could not help but be impressed by women's ability to choose clothes. This outfit was much cheaper than the Nike sportswear I had worn earlier, and it was selected by Liusu personally. No wonder my little sister would be satisfied.

    "No, change it!"

    I was dazed for a second, and finally couldn't help but ask, "Why?!"

    Chu Yuan rolled her beautiful eyes, and her ruddy pretty face suddenly looked away and said, "It looks too good on you, too eye-catching."

    What kind of reason is this? But it was rare for Chu Yuan to compliment me, so this reason still greatly satisfied my ego. People always say that clothes make a man. It was indeed true. And with the aesthetic standard of Chu Yuan, it was not easy for her to say ‘it looks good'. You have to know that in her eyes, even Beckham was just a bad uncle who had unshaved beard and tattoos all over the body… On the other hand, she never seemed to compliment any other men as well.

    Thinking of this, I felt even better and even more willing to change my clothes now.

    Alas, looking too good is also a sin.