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Chapter 64 - Time Is Like A Fart After Eating Too Much Carro

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 64: Chapter 64 Time Is Like A Fart After Eating Too Much Carrot

    After putting on a gray casual suit, a dark checked shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers, finally, I was able to walk out of my flat under the approval of Chu Yuan.

    "Yuanyuan, aren't we here too early?" I said to her after remembering the time Chu Yuan agreed with Smaller Boobies Are Better was 10:30, but it was only 9:40 at the moment. However, we were already standing on the side of the road opposite the Ice-cold cold drink shop.

    Chu Yuan held my arm like a little bird cuddling with its parents and looked left and right nervously. Er… we are not meeting some secret agents, is it really necessary to be this secret?

    "Not early, I'm going to take a seat by the window first and wait for her. You pay attention and wait here. Once you see someone sit opposite me, you need to go in quickly," Chu Yuan then raised her little fists and said with a fierce expression, "If it is a man, you will teach him a hard lesson for me."

    No wonder she dragged around the street for a long time, it turns out that she was trying to find the most favorable observation spot, but… I glanced at the trash can with strange smells next to me and shook my head with a bitter smile. "What if it is a woman? Can I go home directly?"

    "Of course not!" Chu Yuan stared at me with dissatisfaction. "Even if she is a woman, it is still hard to tell what kind of person she is, we need to be careful. After all, this is the first time we meet each other, I will be scared."

    Chu Yuan was introverted, apart from always giving me hard times when there was no one around, she was, in fact, very shy in front of outsiders. To put it bluntly, she would only be harsh and unreasonable at home, but I intended to help her change this bad habit, so I said, "scared? Then are you not worried that she would be scared? Seeing you bring a man, what do you think she would think?"

    "That's why I am telling you to wait outside first," Chu Yuan looked at me like I was an idiot. "When you go in later, you pretend not to know me and find a seat near me. In this way, she will not be thinking too much, and I will also not be scared, but…" Chu Yuan suddenly kept her face straight and warned me sternly, "you are not allowed to sit in a place that I can't see you. Remember, you must not!"


    Look at you, how timid you are. "Why can't I go in with you and wait for her inside?" I gave her a flattering smile and said.

    Chu Yuan elegantly pushed the black-framed glasses on the bridge of her nose, and said, "What if she is as careful as me? If she is already sitting inside and waiting for me now, Then if we go in together, we will be exposed."

    I looked up. The extremely bright sunlight gave me sudden dizziness. Probably the sister moon didn't let the brother Sun get in the bed last night, it was extremely angry, it was burning fiercely. I could not help but say, "then, I will just go in after you go in."

    "No!" Chu Yuan simply rejected it.

    "Why?" I needed a reasonable explanation, otherwise, I firmly oppose the stupid idea of being fried by the angry sun.

    A flash of panic appeared in Chu Yuan's fierce eyes, and a faint of redness also appeared on her pink little face. She bowed her head and played with the corner of her clothes embarrassedly and said quietly, "I will be very nervous. When waiting for someone, I will not be able to control myself but look at you. So if I sit by the window and if you stay here, it will be very natural if I look at you…"

    I was completely speechless…

    I bought a football newspaper, pulled out a report about national football, and spread it on the road. I then read the newspaper with relish to kill time. In just a few minutes, I received a phone call from Chu Yuan, saying that I failed to do my job properly, and reading newspapers would distract me from protecting her. Only after I poked a hole in the newspaper did it finally satisfy her and hang up the phone call.

    But soon, I found out that this small hole was very convenient for peeping the passing beauties.

    A woman is beautiful or not, look at her legs. This is every man's taste. The summer in the north came a little later, but it was already May, so the sun in the sky was already quite hot. There were a lot of girls wearing skirts on the street, and various beautiful legs were moving past before me from time to time.

    White cotton socks are pure and youthful; colorful stockings are sexy and dazzling, all of them are so irresistible! From younger sister to elder sister, from newly married wives to mature women, from schoolgirl to white-collar ladies, actually, if they covered their faces, there are still many beauties in the world. I could not help but think this way.

    Behind the hole, my eyes were moving left and right every time when a pair of beautiful legs walked past, this was the sadness of being a virgin. Because I could not get it, so I could only spend my time fantasizing about it. However, time was like a fart after eating too much carrot, and with a puff, it just passed away like that.

    It was now the agreed meeting time. Through the clear glass, I saw a woman with a sea-blue wide brim hat sitting down opposite Chu Yuan, and the little idiot Chu Yuan instinctively looked at me. Although I couldn't see clearly, I still felt her timidity and nervousness.

    I patted my trousers patiently and threw the newspaper into the trash can before I slowly walked across the road and entered the cold drink shop.

    It just happened that there were quite a lot of customers in the shop now. Originally, I wanted to sit at the table next to Chu Yuan, unfortunately, there was already someone there, so I could only sit down diagonally opposite her, but in this way, I couldn't see what that "Smaller Boobies Are Better" looked like.

    Her face was blocked by her hat, but her figure… As I looked down… Holy shit, those are really big! Compared to her, my little Yuanyuan's… I couldn't help but shake my head. She should go home now. Doesn't she feel inferior?

    Chu Yuan apparently noticed my expression. She glared at me with a red face and then continued to talk with the girl, who sat opposite to her. The cold drink shop was not a French restaurant. Although there was also music, it seemed loud and noisy. Unable to hear their voices, I ordered a glass of lemonade and started to drink it slowly.

    From the way the girl dressed, she was young. White T-shirt, sea blue denim suspender skirt, it was simple and neat, giving people a pure and beautiful feeling. I couldn't tell her height from her sitting position, but I could feel that she should have a petite figure, and her height should not exceed 1.6 meters.

    Then I remembered her online name. Alas, it is indeed true. Smaller Boobies Are better. With this kind of height but that kind of boobies, although it looked great, I can imagine how tired it is to carry them around.

    Both girls had a thick notebook in their hands, which was a way to confirm their identities in the shop, and it was also the main discussion topic. It was the novels they wrote. I slowly lost my interest and ordered one drink after another. It was at this moment my phone suddenly rang.

    It was Liusu.

    Chu Yuan also noticed it, and probably she still felt guilty about the phone call Xiao Yike made last night, her face was suddenly overcast with guilt.

    Finally, you have a little conscience. I smiled, and in order to appease her, I asked aloud deliberately, "Liusu, is there anything wrong?"

    Chu Yuan's face instantly fell, and I suddenly realized that this girl always disliked Liusu, and she probably thought that I was trying to provoke her using my flaunted expression and proud tone. I could even see the petite body of the girl opposite suddenly shook and became stiff. She was probably shocked by Chu Yuan's expression as well.

    "Nannan, what are you doing? Do you have time to go shopping with me?"

    "No," I refused while my forehead was already covered with cold sweat. I lowered my voice and continued, "I'm shopping with Yuanyuan at the moment…"

    "Where?" Liusu suddenly became interested, "since we are all shopping, we can do it together, it will be much fun with more people, don't you think so? Besides, girls have the same taste, and it is more convenient for me and her to exchange opinions with each other than with such a smelly man like you."

    Doesn't she know that these words really hurt? "Why do you need me if you want convenience? Wouldn't it be better to find Song Jia? She is free anyway."

    Liusu is like the wind, but Chu Yuan is like water, one can not stop talking, and the other is as still as water. If the wind blew over the calm water surface, it would surely cause a wave of ripples, this was probably the reason Chu Yuan did not like Liusu. I did not want to see Liusu's embarrassed look when she noticed that no matter how she tried to please Chu Yuan, Chu Yuan would only give her a cold look.

    "You… I'm just kidding, why are you so serious?" The grievance in Liusu's tone was more like coquetry.

    My heart was softened and I could not help but laugh, "If I really take what you said seriously, I would have been sent to a mental hospital already. Anyway, I need to take Yuanyuan to buy some stuff. I can't take you with me. I will make it up for you another day, Okay?"