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Chapter 65 - Smaller Boobies Are Better

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 65: Chapter 65 Smaller Boobies Are Better

    Unwittingly, my attitude towards Liusu turned out to be less like a buddy, but more like a man, who tried to appease his girlfriend. I was also surprised. And Liusu on the other end of the phone obviously felt it too. The coyness in her voice couldn't even be concealed when she responded obediently, "K…"

    Maybe she was also aware of her abnormal obedience, she immediately added, "just buying things for you little sister, do you really need to make it sound like you are having a date with your mistress? Anyway, I'm not going to disturb you two anymore, bye."

    "Bye …"

    Feelings are such a subtle thing. It is like a thief that came quietly, and sometimes, even if it is gone, we still don't know what has been secretly taken away from us; it is also a robber, once it is noticed by people, even if it cannot take away something that they want, they will make you remember what it has done.

    Liusu was like a thief, stealing my heart secretly, I was also like a thief because I wanted to steal my heart back… Chu Yuan was like a robber, while I was lost in the thoughts, she walked past me and then suddenly kicked my leg fiercely without anyone noticing it, making me hold my leg in pain…

    God Dammit, what's wrong with her?!

    I thought Chu Yuan wanted me to follow her, but when I just got up, my phone rang again. When I saw the name, the pain started to shift from my leg to my head.

    "Hi, Yike, what's wrong?" I could only endure the pain and ask. While asking, my eyes landed on the girl, whose internet name was the ‘Smaller Boobies are better'. She was staring at something outside the window with her cheek resting on her hands. When I turned around to look for Chu Yuan, that bratty girl had already disappeared. Strange, where did she go?


    "Dear Uncle, what are you doing?" it was a little noisy in Xiao Yike's background, and there was also music, plus her voice was very low, it was very difficult for me to catch what she was saying.

    "Speak loudly, why are you talking like a thief?" I laughed, "I am having a cold drink with my little sister, how about you, at a party?"

    "Yeah, can't you hear how noisy it is here?"

    "I heard it, that's why I asked you to speak louder. It is also a bit noisy here, so I can't hear you." I always thought that the social gathering of rich people would either be at noon or at night, but I didn't expect that they would start the event in the early morning. Or maybe it was a wedding or some business activities?

    "Uncle, the relationship between you and your little sister is really good, I have a few friends, and they also have elder brothers, but none of them are as close as you and your little sister. Hehe," Xiao Yike said nicely, but to me, it sounded like there was something else in her words.

    Then she carried on, "originally, I thought that you just didn't want to go out with me, so you deliberately used my future little sister-in-law as an excuse. Sorry, uncle, I was wrong."

    "Huh, it's good that you know it. Let me tell you, there is no gap between my little sister and me. Who do you think I am? Having a good elder brother like me, it is a blessing for her."

    I didn't have a long tail, otherwise, I would have already shaken my tail like a dog right now. It was understandable that I would think like Ah Q sometimes(refer to chapter 2). After all, the way Chu Yuan treated me normally did not make me feel like an elder brother at all. Not to mention that she had just kicked me. So naturally, I wanted to brag about myself to adjust the psychological balance.

    However, I did not expect that Xiao Yike was quite smart. She immediately noticed the flaw in my words, "Uncle, your little sister is not with you right now, right?"

    I almost blurted out and asked her how she knew, but thankfully, I stopped myself in time, "Who said? She is just sitting across from me… There is no need to feed me, didn't you see that I am answering the phone?" Whether I was in the college or at work, I was known for my quick response and wit. So I frowned at the air and said a few words as if Chu Yuan was really sitting opposite me.

    "Oh, I thought she was not there," Xiao Yike laughed lightly, "otherwise, how would she let you brag about yourself in front of her. You are probably not embarrassed, but I will be embarrassed for my future little sister-in-law."

    Would Chu Yuan be really embarrassed if she was really sitting opposite me? No! She would probably want to cut me up to eight pieces, or chop me up so she could make meat dumplings with it and eat it with vinegar! I let out hollow laughs and continued, "what I said is true. Where can you find such a good elder brother like me? She will not be embarrassed, she will only be proud of having me."

    If I were Pinocchio, my nose would have pierced through the ceiling already. Xiao Yike chuckled, probably thinking that I was bragging. "Did she really feed you a cold drink? God, how old is your little sister? Is her boyfriend not jealous?"

    "Boyfriend? Where is she going to find a boyfriend after realizing that no other men are as good as her elder brother? Sigh, this is truly sad, so I must care for her even more…"

    Although I said it, I could not help but think to myself. ‘Yeah, with Chu Yuan's temper, can she even find a boyfriend in the future?'

    Then the student of my old man named Guo Xiang flashed in my mind, but it was immediately shot down by me. Yuanyuan is still young, why does she need a boyfriend? I am worrying too much.

    "You really love your little sister. For her, you can even ignore me. Huh!" Xiao Yike pretended to be angry, but then she carried on, "but she also loves you a lot, listening to you bragging like this, she is not even angry with you."

    "Of course, Yuanyuan, feed me one more time, ah-" I opened my mouth, imagining Chu Yuan was currently feeding me ice cream. But I didn't expect that a spoonful of sweet cream ice cream really appeared before me. I was startled, and my eyes slowly followed the hand that was holding the spoon all the way to the person's face. What appeared before me, was Xiao Yike's smiling face!

    White T-shirt, sea blue denim suspender skirt, petite figure, and two incredible mountains… Huh? The way she dressed is… Then my mouth was wide open in shock, and as if the mechanical parts in my neck were rusty, I could even hear the noises it made when my neck turned slowly. Then I noticed that there was no one in Chu Yuan's seat!

    Looking back, and staring at the huge pair breasts in front of me, I felt like my tongue seemed to have been stung by a wasp, it was paralyzed and stiff, and I began to stutter, "S, s, smaller Boobies are better?"

    "My dear uncle, eat this. Just consider this as me feeding you for my little sister-in-law." Xiao Yike's pitiful gaze made me feel very embarrassed. She shook the phone in her left hand and then lifted her hat to reveal the Bluetooth earphone.

    God, why do you have to play me like this!

    "Hey? Uncle, why are you hiding under the table?"

    "To get away from you!"

    "I wasn't even laughing at you, I really didn't laugh … Ah ha ha ha ha, haha hahaha! Ouch! Why are you hitting me?"

    . . .

    For fuck sake, why was there a coincident like this? Chu Yuan's online friend ‘Smaller Boobies are better', was actually the delinquent girl Xiao Yike! I thought she was a female gangster. Why did she pretend to be a novelist?

    "Waiter, Can I have another glass!" my face was currently burning with embarrassment, I really needed to cool myself down.

    "Laugh all you want, no one is forcing you not to laugh." since I have already lost all my face, I might as well stop pretending it.

    Chu Yuan probably had a bad stomach after having a cold drink, so she went to the bathroom. Xiao Yike took the opportunity to make fun of me. However, this moment, this delinquent girl was rubbing her bruised forehead with a few drops of tears in the corner of her eyes. She bit her lip, looked at me timidly, and murmured, "I dare not laugh, you will hit me."

    I nodded in satisfaction, "When did you see me?" She never looked back at me while chatting with Chu Yuan. Otherwise, I would have recognized her already.