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Chapter 66 - The Actor And Actress

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 66: Chapter 66 The Actor And Actress

    Xiao Yike giggled, and said, "I saw you when you crossed the road, my little sister-in-law really did not know how to hide it, but I wasn't sure at that time. But when you answered the phone, not only did I recognize your voice but I also recognized the name ‘Liusu', I remember that name clearly because she is my enemy."

    Her tone suddenly changed at the end, but it was then changed again. She leaned toward me and said with a smile, "Uncle, don't you think that we are destined to be together? People always say that in any family, it will be very hard for one's wife to get along with one's little sister. But you see, I know Yuanyuan before I know you. Do you know what she usually calls me? Sister Booby, oh hehe~ So in the future, you don't have to worry about my relationship with my little sister-in-law, we both have a common hobby and we are like good sisters."

    "I think you are destined to be my nightmare," I pushed away the bratty girl's face that was getting too close to me and frowned, "Also, who are you calling your little sister-in-law? Why should I marry you?"

    Xiao Yike totally ignored what I said. Seeing the waiter put a glass of lemonade in front of me, she snatched it and took a sip before she gave it back to me. Then she laughed, "I understand that love takes time, but I will wait, you will fall in love with me one day… Hehe, I didn't expect that Yuanyuan is your sister, hehe…"

    She, who dressed like an innocent girl today, started to laugh foolishly. Anyone could tell that she must have been thinking something dirty. She even started to drool.

    "Stop whatever the dirty things you are thinking and clean yourself, you are drooling all over the place." I really didn't know why Xiao Yike liked to stick with me, but I did not want to ask. This girl was mysterious, whether it was her personality or background. I had a hunch that once asked, I would sink deeper into her quagmire.

    Taking out the straw she used, I picked up the glass and took two sips and said dubiously, "You also write novels?"

    Xiao Yike raised her eyebrows in dissatisfaction, and said in a perfunctory manner, "last year, I was bored during the summer vacation and wanted to have some fun, but I didn't have friends, so I wanted to work, but the weather was too hot, so I tried to write a novel online, and then I met with Yuanyuan at that time, and then we joined the same QQ group."


    And she probably suddenly remembered something, she glanced at my right leg, where Chu Yuan kicked earlier, and said with a smile, "Uncle, you know what Yuanyuan calls herself online right? Is your relationship good or bad?"

    Xiao Yike wasn't asking a random question, her expression was very serious, and there was a very obvious desire in her eyes as if she really wanted to know.

    I said confidently, "beating is a sign of love, cursing is a sign of affection. There are many ways to express feelings, what do you know? She even wants to kill me, so if you really know about it, then you should be able to tell how deep our feelings for each other are."

    In fact, the play between brothers and sisters was indeed a sign of affection. Xiao Yike nodded, "you really love each other."

    I was so embarrassed by her words that I also wanted to bury my face in my glasses. But I quickly cleared my throat and said, "Yuanyuan is coming back soon. Go back to your seat, and pretend that you don't know me."

    "Why?" Xiao Yike frowned. But she was still a smart girl, after all, she soon figured it out, "Oh, I see, are you afraid she will be embarrassed? Bringing her elder brother to meet her future elder sister-in-law, huh, huh, she is definitely- ouch! Uncle, why did you hit me again?"

    "You think that you are better than her? The reason why you called me yesterday was also because of this meeting, right?"

    "Huh?" Xiao Yike was distracted for a second, and then smiled and adjusted her wide brim hat to hide her not so pure-looking wine-dyed hair, "Yeah, I almost forgot about that, but uncle, I am a girl. I need to take care of myself. You don't want your future wife to be raped by some strangers, right?"

    "Don't say things like that," I have already given up correcting the way she addressed herself in front me. Looking left and right, I asked curiously, "Did you not bring your friends?"

    Xiao Yike pouted her lips and looked at me with dissatisfaction, "My boyfriend said that he would need to stay with his little sister, so he ignored me. What can this little girl do? This little girl can only come here by herself."

    "Are you not afraid of being deceived by strangers?"

    Perhaps it was because the worried and guilty expressions were so obvious on my face, Xiao Yike stopped pretending to be sad and slowly took out her bag and showed me something secretly, "No, I got this."

    I looked down and noticed that she showed me a device the size of an electric razor in the bag. With a press of a finger, the head of the device flashed a blue electric light immediately.

    Holy shit! An Anti-pervert taser!

    This girl was really not an ordinary girl …

    . . .

    If my acting could get the best actor award, then the best actress award would be given to Xiao Yike.

    After Chu Yuan came back, she obediently pretended that she didn't notice me. Even though her eyes swept across my face occasionally, her eyes didn't stay on me for more than a second. Unlike Chu Yuan, she would secretly glance at me every three or five seconds. If Xiao Yike did not deliberately ignore me, anyone would have already noticed her problem. Alas, this girl was really amateur.

    It is very rare for anyone to have a confidant and meet with someone, who has a common interest. Surprisingly, Chu Yuan, who was introverted and disliked talking to strangers, had a very happy conversation with Xiao Yike. From time to time, she would let out a series of shyly giggles. But I suspected that Xiao Yike may have deliberately made her laugh. Anyway, it was only until noon did she finally say that she needed to leave.

    The two girls finally had some conscience. Knowing that I was waiting painfully on the side, no one offered to go to eat something, otherwise, I would still have to wait. Before leaving, Xiao Yike did not forget to wink at me and secretly made a phone call hand gesture.

    "So how is it? It seems like you two get along pretty well." I drank a lot of lemonade, it made me feel like there was a lot of gas in my stomach, and I was burping all the time. Of course, I also didn't forget to show Chu Yuan my painful expressions as well.

    "Mhm," Chu Yuan was in a good mood. Shaking her phone at me, and her face was full of excitement and admiration. "We just exchanged the phone number. Do you know that older sister booby is a talented student at Bei Tian University? She is so smart."

    Bei Tian University was the top university in the whole province and even the whole country. It was also the university that Chu Yuan wanted to get in. No wonder she would be so excited, but… Xiao Yike was a talented student? She didn't look like one at all. Could it be that she got in by bribing someone?

    I was afraid that I would actually say something that would expose that I knew Xiao Yike, so I dared not ask what she and Xiao Yike talked about. Looking at the time, I asked, "Is there anything else you want to do?"

    Chu Yuan's smile suddenly disappeared, it was very cold as if a thick layer of ice had formed on the glass, "Why? You can't wait to go on a date with Cheng Liusu?"

    I deliberately gave her a mysterious smile, and stared at Chu Yuan's eyes seriously and said, "that will not be your concerns. Just tell me if there is something else you need to do."

    Chu Yuan frowned, "I'm hungry and I want to eat."

    I was confused for a second, "so, go home?"

    Chu Yuan immediately glared at me, "I can't move because I'm hungry, but you still ask me to go home alone and cook myself? "

    Who asked you to go home alone? Besides, you are still more energetic than a little tiger. You don't look like you are hungry at all. I didn't know why she would suddenly get mad at me, but I still smiled and said, "You can choose what you want to eat, your elder brother, I will pay, I just want to ask if you have time in the afternoon."

    "Afternoon?" Chu Yuan was confused for a while. She stopped giving an attitude but asked dubiously, "Why?"

    Since I wanted to surprise her, of course, I wanted to hide it as long as I could. While reaching my hand out, I bowed down like a gentleman inviting a lady to dance, and then I said mischievously, "If you have time, can you go on a date with your poor elder brother?"

    "A, A DATE!?" Chu Yuan's face immediately became as red as an apple, "What are you talking about? Who would go on a date with their little sister?!"

    Looking at Chu Yuan's flustered, and shy, but cute look, I couldn't help but laugh, "Just kidding, you have moved in for a week already. However, your elder brother, I not only failed to take good care of you, but also received a lot of care from you, so, I want to give you a gift to express my gratitude. Please don't refuse it. Otherwise, it will be very embarrassing for me."

    Curiosity is always the girls' biggest weakness, even Chu Yuan was no exception, "What gift?"