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Chapter 68 - Dongfang Lianren

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 68: Chapter 68 Dongfang Lianren

    I am so spineless. When she begged me, I was completely lost in my little sister's sweet and coquettish voice.

    Chu Yuan used every possible means to persuade me. She, who was normally indifferent and didn't like to smile, even started to act coquettishly before me. Although I did not know why she wanted a desktop, since she liked it, I also gave up changing her mind.

    I said to the shop assistant, who was quietly waiting on the side with a smile, "miss, we would like to buy a desktop please."

    The ambiguous look of the female shop assistant made me very uncomfortable. She must have thought that this was some kind of weird role-plays between these young people. However, as if Chu Yuan didn't see it, she still hugged my arm tightly and smiled proudly when I agreed to her request.

    As the old saying goes, "every potter praises their own pot." After listening to the female shop assistant's brief instruction, it seemed that there were many desktops that were suitable for Chu Yuan. Chu Yuan was also hesitant as to which one was good for her. All she knew was that she wanted to choose one that was between 3K to 5K Chinese Yuan.

    Only until now did I realize that she also did not know much about computers. Therefore, I made the final decision for her and chose the one with the highest configuration. Although after the twenty percent discount, it was still 8K Chinese Yuan, and it was still quite a lot of money for me. However, it was the first time for me to buy something for my little sister, so I shouldn't be too stingy.

    I liked to see Chu Yuan's distressed expression. Although I knew this was such a poor taste, I was not ashamed of it. I could feel that the relationship between us was like the rising temperature, it was not that cold anymore. That was why she was distressed about me spending so much money on her, and that was also the reason why I liked to see her distressed expression.

    When the female shop assistant went to pick up the desktop, Chu Yuan's mobile phone rang. The little girl took a glance at me, who was sitting next to her, and then answered the phone call, "hi, Dongfang."


    I vaguely heard that it was a female voice from the other end of the phone, but I couldn't hear what they were talking about. I only saw Chu Yuan look at me with her face suddenly blushed, then turned around and whispered, "I am with my elder brother…"

    I could not help but frown, is it embarrassing to be with me? What are you blushing?

    "My elder brother wants to buy me a computer. We are in the electronic city." There was a sense of pride in her tone as if she wanted to show off. I could not help but find it very funny. From this, I could see that Chu Yuan was not much different than other girls of her age. She was just a little bit cold and a little bit reserved, but she also liked to show off.

    "Eh? You want to come too?!" Chu Yuan's voice suddenly raised eight pitched high and secretly glanced back at me, seeing I was looking at her in confusion, she quickly got up and walked away a few steps.

    From noon until now, this was the first time she willingly let go of my arm. Sensing the warm feeling suddenly disappeared from my arm, I inexplicably felt upset all of sudden. Damn, it seems that I really need to find a girlfriend now, otherwise, it would not be good if I really develop some strange habit of wanting my little sister to hold my arm all the time.

    I couldn't hear anything she said after, but I could see that her emotions seemed very nervous, and then she hung up the phone with a dissatisfied expression on her face. When she came back, her expression was very tense, but she once again held my arm. I could not help but wonder, would this become a habit for her in the future too?

    The little girl clearly had something in her mind. She was fidgeting on the chair, wanting to tell me something several times, but stopped every time. I could not help but ask, "what's the matter? Was it your friend who called you just now? "

    "Mhm, it's a classmate…" Chu Yuan was silent for a while, but eventually couldn't hold back, and said, "elder brother, mmm… My classmate said that she wants to come over and set up the computer for me, she is very good at computers."

    "That's great." It was a new computer, and once it was taken back home, there were many Softwares that needed to be downloaded from the internet, but I was a complete amateur at this, so it was great to have someone helping set up the computer.

    But Chu Yuan said anxiously, "but, she… she is a girl!"

    Duh… I would only be surprised if it was a boy. I could not help but try to make fun of her reaction, "What? Are you afraid that I will take advantage of her?"

    "No! Please don't joke about this!" Chu Yuan grumbled, "She, she has a strange personality!"

    I burst out laughing, "is she stranger than you?"

    "No… Bah! How am I strange?!" Chu Yuan was so offended that she almost kicked me. Then she said with hesitation, "She, she likes to talk nonsense, so please don't take her words seriously, okay?"

    From her tone, it was as if she was begging me, I could not help but nod my head in shock, and at the same time, I also couldn't help wondering how strange that girl named Dongfang would be that it would even make Chu Yuan, who did not like to show her emotions, nervous like this?

    The answer soon appeared in front of me. Just after the two delivery men stuffed the computer into the van, a tall girl, who came out of nowhere, suddenly rushed to hug Chu Yuan, who was about to get on the van.

    She smiled and said, "Yuanyuan baby, why don't you wait for me before you get in the car. Are you trying to hide from me?"

    If she did not speak, I would have definitely thrown a kick at her. Where did you put your paws!? You think that you are a girl so you can grab other girls' chests so casually?

    "Dong, Dongfang?!" Chu Yuan was taken aback, and then immediately pushed the girl away. The indifference expression once again returned on her face," Who wants to hide from you?"

    "Then why are you in such a hurry?" The girl named Dongfang held Chu Yuan's hand intimately and smiled ambiguously, "What? Are you afraid that once I see your elder brother, I will tease him? Hee hee, didn't you say that you were with him? Where is he?"

    At this moment, there were two questions in my mind. First, with Chu Yuan's nervous and hurried reactions just now, it seemed like she was indeed very afraid that I would meet this Dongfang girl. But why? Second… The bratty girl named Dongfang clearly saw me, but she still looked around, pretending that she did not see me. She was clearly ignoring me!

    Did I do something that offended her? Or was it like what she said that she liked to tease people, and now she was teasing me?

    Chu Yuan slightly raised her eyebrows, and apparently also noticed that the girl was doing it on purpose, "Dongfang, this is my elder brother, elder brother, she is my classmate, Dongfang Lianren."

    Dongfang is her surname? I was a little surprised, in Bei Tian City, this kind of compound surname was quite rare, but when I thought about it again, my stepmother also had a compound surname.

    I laughed at myself for thinking too much and reached out my hand in a friendly manner, but I was still a little puzzled. Why did Chu Yuan want to call her surname instead of calling her first name directly? Could it be that their relationship was not as intimate as the Dongfang Lianren showed?

    "Huh? This is your Elder brother? Oopsie, sorry, sorry! "Dongfang Lianren showed an apologetic and panic expression, and quickly took my hand, but there was a mockery in her eyes, "I thought he was one of the delivery men, hehe. So, you are Yuanyuan's elder brother. Hello, Elder Brother Nan, I am a friend of Yuanyuan, and my name is Dongfang Lianren. Nice to meet you."

    The clothes that I was wearing at the moment were personally approved by Chu Yuan. No matter how I looked at it, it still did not look like a delivery man's dress. This little girl was clearly trying to annoy me. Although I was not a petty-minded person, the smile on my face still became very stiff.

    Chu Yuan said that she was a classmate of hers, but she called herself a friend of Chu Yuan. I didn't know why their responses were different, but just when I was able to say something to her, she turned around and smiled at Chu Yuan, "Yuanyuan, your brother looks very ordinary, he is not as handsome as you said he is."

    Chu Yuan said I was handsome before? I was a little surprised, but when I thought about it again. Did this girl just mock me?

    Chu Yuan's face instantly blushed. She took a quick glance at me shyly and then grumbled, "Dongfang! Can you stop talking?!"

    She didn't deny it? I couldn't help but feel very happy. At least, before other people, Chu Yuan was still very proud of having me as her elder brother.

    "Okay, okay, hehe." Dongfang Lianren seemed to be afraid that Chu Yuan would really get angry. While shaking hands with me, she looked at me from top to bottom, and at the same time, I was also looking at her.

    Her black POLO shirt was slightly big, and her white denim skirt was only knee-length, revealing two snow-white smooth, slender legs. Underneath her denim skirt, it was a pair of beige-colored buckle flat-bottomed boots with a height of about 20cm. It was very fashionable and attractive.

    Although the little girl had a sharp tongue, she indeed looked very cute. A fluffy, slightly curly shoulder-length hair was dyed brown, and although her neat fringe covered her eyebrows, it highlighted a small beauty spot under the corner of her right eye, maybe it was set off by her hairstyle, her small face looked slightly sharp. Coupled with her watery eyes and exquisite nose, at first glance, it looked unrealistically pretty like a Barbie doll, but upon closer inspection, people would find that this was because she was good at dressing up.

    With a faint resentment, a touch of sorrow, and the lingering blues in her big watery eyes, her name, Lianren, which meant pitifulness, really fit her.