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Chapter 69 - Do They Think That I Am Snoopy?

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 69: Chapter 69 Do They Think That I Am Snoopy?

    Melancholic women are sophisticated, and sophisticated women are mysterious and mature. She is just around sixteen or seventeen years old, why does she have this kind of temperament?

    Is she born with it or is she pretending it? I was more inclined to the latter. I heard that nowadays young people would deliberately pretend to be profound thinkers to attract girls, and women have always been better than men in this respect.

    "Hello." I didn't want to make it difficult for Chu Yuan, and I didn't want to argue with a little kid. I smiled kindly, and then looked at Dongfang Lianren in confusion. What does this girl want to do? Why is she still grabbing my hand tightly and not letting it go?

    "Cough…" The bratty girl coughed embarrassedly, slightly lowered her head, and said timidly, "Older Brother Nan, can you let go of my hand?"

    Huh? I was dazed for a second, and then I saw Chu Yuan's seemingly murderous gaze. Fuck! She wants to set me up!

    As I hurried to break free, a trace of cunning flashed in Dongfang Lianren's eyes. She then quickly loosened her hand in time. However, in the eyes of Chu Yuan, it was more like I took back my hand in panic after I was caught trying to take advantage of her classmate.

    Sure enough, her melancholic temperament was just a disguise. It was used to cover her insidious personality. A bloody scratch clearly appeared from the center of my palm all the way to the first knuckle of the middle finger. Although the scratch was not deep, it was quite painful. The culprit was the nail of the bratty girl's index finger. Although she hid quickly, I saw clearly that her long nail was shaped like a sword, and the fingertip was obviously sharpened intentionally!

    Clenching my hand into a fist, I ignored Chu Yuan, who was looking at me strangely, and sneered, "Dongfang, right? Your joke is very funny, but I don't like it."


    I was never a pushover. If anyone dared to mess up with me, I would fight back no matter who they were. As soon as she came over, she was very aggressive towards me for no reason, it completely ignited my anger. Does she think I'm stupid or something?

    Dongfang Lianren probably didn't expect that I would endure the pain and not show my palm to her. A faint of fear flashed in her eyes. I guessed that in her original plan, I would shout in pain, and once I shouted in pain, she would immediately apologize to me and told me that it was an accident. Huh! But I would not be fooled by her!

    Dongfang Lianren was also not stupid. At least, she knew that she should stop. So she smiled and said, "as long as brother Nan is not angry."

    This was equivalent to confessing that she was indeed joking just now, Chu Yuan's expression finally eased. From this, I could tell that she probably knew that she had underestimated me, so she decided to stop messing with me.

    But I was still confused as to why would she want to do this to me. It did not make any sense.

    Only until now did Chu Yuan realized the anomaly between me and Dongfang Lianren, "You two…"

    "Oh, it's okay," Dongfang Lianren glanced at something behind me, and a faint sneer flickered at the corner of her mouth, then she turned to hold Chu Yuan's little hand and smiled, "Let's get in the car."

    I didn't have a sharp nose or the sensitive intuition of a wolf, but at the moment, I was extremely wary of Dongfang Lianren like a wolf. As my brain suddenly felt a wave of electric waves pass by, I turned around instinctively. Then I saw a bat was already swung toward my face. Before I had time to be shocked by it, I quickly moved forward.

    Although I was hit by the lower half of the bat in the upper left arm, it was not very painful. Then I hit the nose bone of the attacker very hard with my head. The attacker screamed and fell backward. Immediately seizing the opportunity, I lifted my leg and kicked on the attacker fiercely and sent him flying. As the attacker flew backward, he instantly collided with the other four people, who were about to charge towards me from behind as well.

    It wasn't until that moment did I break out in a cold sweat. Who the fuck are those guys?

    Looking at their appearance, at most, they were seventeen or eighteen years old, but two of them were holding bats, which meant that they were clearly planning to hurt people.

    Thinking about the strange look Dongfang Lianren had given earlier, I immediately looked over at Dongfang Lianren. Then I saw Chu Yuan and her were both looking at the attacker in surprise and shouted, "Lv Siqi!"

    The eyes of the two girls landed on the first guy who attacked me.

    Dongfang Lianren covered her mouth and said with a surprised tone, "Song Lingyun, Ma Tao, Chen Zhiguo, and Tu Lei, what are you going to do?!"

    Chu Yuan and Dongfang Lianren knew those teenagers? But this question was quickly replaced by another question. My brows furrowed as I thought to myself, why was Dongfang Lianren surprised? Didn't she see these teenagers just now? If I hadn't paid attention to her eyes, then the person who was lying underground now would've been 100% me!

    Besides… Even if she wanted to ask a question, she should be asking why did they suddenly attack me, right?

    I used to be a student too. So when I noticed that those teenagers were hesitant to charge forward again after failing to sneak attack me from behind, I knew that those weren't hooligans, nor did they have a lot of fight before. I faintly felt a little strange, but I didn't have time to think about it. I just said angrily, "Why did you attack me?!"

    The person who called LV Siqi was a handsome boy, but he was also the most fierce one. Quickly getting up from the ground, he pushed away some of the people who tried to help him, wiped his bloody nose without even look at it, and then glared at me angrily, "Because you fucking deserve it!"

    As soon he finished, he lifted the bat and charged towards me again.

    I couldn't help but frown, and there was also an uncontrolled rage surging up to my head. What is happening today? I just want to bring my little sister out to buy her something, but there is this group of strange people causing trouble for me. Do they think that I'm Snoopy that they could bully at will?

    I remembered when I was in school, a senior told me that there was an unwritten rule or trick for fighting using a bat, that was, "always aim at people's waist and back but never the head." Because first, you were less likely to miss the hit if you aimed at those two places, second, aiming at people's heads could potentially kill people.

    However, this guy was clearly aiming at my head! I hurriedly bowed down head to dodge the attack. Lv Siqi swung the bat so hard that his body even spun around after he missed. I quickly lifted my leg and kicked his butt. He instantly fell forward on the ground. Seeing my shocked expression, the four other teenagers looked at each other and started to change towards me while shouting.

    One versus four?

    Normally, I would definitely run away from this kind of situation. Because choosing to fight back was no different than courting death. But when I thought that these guys might come here for Yuanyuan and that bratty girl Dongfang, I couldn't run away.

    I dodged the flying-kick of the first person and dragged him down from the air. The teenager behind me took the opportunity to throw a kick on my waist. I rushed forward two steps, but a big bat suddenly appeared before me. I immediately used my arms to block. It was so painful that I almost felt that my arms were broken. But the pain made me even angrier. I grabbed the teenager's hair, pulled him towards me, and punched him in the face very hard, and then grabbed the bat from his hand. Turning around, I swang the bat at the teenager who kicked my waist. While the teenager immediately knelt down in pain, I hit him in the face using my knee. After three people were on the ground, I started to hit them non-stop with the bat, making them scream in pain constantly.

    I didn't know what I did that offended them, but they clearly wanted to kill me. I was not a saint. Since they wanted to kill, of course, I would not give a shit if they were still teenagers. But still, I knew that I couldn't kill them. So I only aimed at their backs and legs.

    "Lingyun, Ma Tao, Chubby!" Lv Siqi was once again helped to get on his feet by a tall teenager, and he clearly scratched his forehead when he fell to the ground. Seeing I was hitting the other three people, his eyes were instantly red with rage. "I'll kill you!"

    Only until this moment did Chu Yuan recover from the shock, and shouted, "Stop!"

    As soon as she shouted, two metal bats collided with each other and made a deep muffled noise. My hands were instantly numbed from the impact. However, from the slippery feeling in my right palm, the hit probably made the bloody scratch, which was made by Dongfang Lianren, even worse. It must be bleeding a lot now.

    Lv Siqi was kicked by me again on the thigh. He was sent back backward a few steps and barely stopped himself from falling to the ground again. Wiping the blood from his nose again, he turned to Chu Yuan and said, "Chu Yuan, don't worry, we are all right! You just wait there, I'll kill this bastard for you right now! "

    I couldn't help but be stunned. Based on what he said, they were not here to cause trouble for Chu Yuan and Dongfang Lianren, but what did I do that they wanted to kill me so badly? I had never even seen them before.

    The three people on the ground also got up quickly. And this time, they were no longer fighting chaotically. Instead, they completely surrounded me. All of them had righteous expressions on their faces.

    God Dammnit, why do I feel like a bad guy here?