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Chapter 70 - What The Hell Is Happening

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 70: Chapter 70 What The Hell Is Happening

    "Wait, did you mistake me as someone else?"

    "There is no mistake!" Lv Siqi's lower half face was all covered with nose blood. The ferocious look even scared the two delivery men into hiding inside the van, not daring to come out. "The pervert I am looking for is exactly you!"

    "Pervert?" I was even more speechless, "What do you mean by the pervert?"

    "Keep pretending!" The tall and strong teenager, who helped Lv Siqi to get on his feet, looked at the Chu Yuan and Dongfang Lianren behind me and said. He then suddenly pulled out a folding knife from his pocket and rushed up to me, "I will cut you into pieces!"

    At the sight of the knife, the faces of the two girls, Chu Yuan and Dongfang Lianren, instantly turned pale in fear, and then Dongfang Lianren screamed, "Tu Lei, are you crazy?!"

    What the fuck, are the teenagers nowadays this ruthless? I dropped the bat, grabbed the wrist of the teenager named Tu Lei, and twisted it hard. The knife instantly fell to the ground. I then quickly kicked the knife to the bottom of the van and pushed the teenager back. At the same time, I was thinking to myself that there must be some misunderstanding. Since they were not hostile to Chu Yuan, I had no reason to continue to hurt them, but still, I could not help but felt a little bit speechless, "Want to kill me?!"

    "If you dare touch Chu Yuan, I will kill you!" seeing that the fight has attracted the attention of passers-by, Lv Siqi shouting to his friends, "I will take all the responsibilities! Just knock him out!"

    "Do you dare!" Chu Yuan suddenly rushed out, spread out her arms in front of me, and glared angrily at Lv Siqi with her beautiful eyes.


    "Yuanyuan, come back…" Dongfang Lianren screamed. As I looked at her, I noticed that there was a flash of panic appearing in her eyes. But I was still very confused. Does she not want to stop the fight?

    Lv Siqi instantly stopped and looked at Chu Yuan in confusion, "You… Chu Yuan, why… why are you protecting him?"

    But Chu Yuan stopped looking at him. Noticing the blood on the bat, she quickly turned around in panic and grabbed my right hand. After opening my palm, and seeing the blood in my hand, she also broke into tears, "does it hurt?"


    "You are lying!" the wound has already cracked open. While rummaging for the handkerchief in the bag, she said coldly to the group of teenagers, "get out of my sight!"

    I really wanted to clarify for those teenagers that this wound was actually caused by Dongfang Lianren. However, just as I thought of this, I could not help but shiver.

    Dongfang Lianren? Thinking of the strange sneer she gave me before I was attacked by them, was it really coincident?

    This Lv Siqi clearly liked Chu Yuan. His feelings for her were written all over his face. Seeing Chu Yuan's distressed expression when she carefully wrapped my wound with her handkerchief, he was both surprised and envious. "Chu Yuan, who… who is he?!"

    You don't even know me, but you want to kill me? If it wasn't for some doubts in my mind, I almost wanted to curse at him. Then I heard Chu Yuan said coldly, "it is none of your business! Lv Siqi, I don't want to see you anymore, get out of my sight!"

    As if Chu Yuan deliberately wanted to show the intimate relationship between us, she held my arm tightly with half of her body leaning against mine, and she did not seem to want to tell him that we were siblings.

    But the most strange thing was that she didn't even ask why these teenagers wanted to attack me. This was not logical at all.

    However, when I noticed Dongfang Lianren, who was standing by the van, I immediately understood that Chu Yuan was trying to protect this girl. Apart from this, I could not think of any other reasons.

    Although I did not understand why she wanted to do this to me, I believed Chu Yuan, so I simply waved my hand and said, "you can go now, I will pretend that this never happened."

    This statement surprised everyone, including Chu Yuan.

    Frankly speaking, my impression of Lv Siqi was not bad, no matter what kind of misunderstanding he had, his original intention was to protect Chu Yuan, and despite he was beaten up so badly by me, it still didn't change his mind, it meant that he was not a bad guy and he really liked Chu Yuan.

    It was a good thing to be courageous, but too courageous would only make him look like a hot-blooded fool, "stop acting like you are some good person, you bastard! What is your relationship with Chu Yuan?"

    My brows twitched a few times, I could forgive them once, but I did not mean that I would forgive them all the time, "don't fucking mess with me again. If it weren't for Yuanyuan, I would have already sent you to the police station. Now fuck off!"

    "He is the dearest person to me!" Chu Yuan suddenly said with a red face, "Got it? The dearest person!"

    The faces of the five teenagers changed at the same time. They all looked at us in disbelief. Of course, I also looked at Chu Yuan in disbelief as well. I didn't understand why she wanted to say such intentionally misleading words.

    Chu Yuan didn't dare to look at me, but she said to Lv Siqi coldly, "Since you understand it, please stay away from me in the future."

    If Lv Siqi's eyes could kill me, I have already been shredded into pieces by him, "He is your… Impossible, how can I not know about this?!"

    Chu Yuan glanced at me, seeing that I didn't expose her lie, she carried on coldly, "who are you that you have to know everything about me?"

    Lv Siqi was lost for words, and he looked to Chu Yuan's friend Dongfang Lianren as if he wanted an explanation from her.

    Dongfang Lianren looked at Chu Yuan's face cautiously, then shrugged to Lv Siqi, "why are you looking at me? I also just knew about this."

    The grumpy kid named Tu Lei shouted to Chu Yuan, "Isn't he the pervert, who harassed you earlier?"

    Chu Yuan's little face was even colder, "Who said it?" As soon as she said it, her angry eyes were already staring at Dongfang Lianren.

    Sure enough, Lv Siqi blurted it out, "Dong…"

    Although it was only one word "Dong", it was enough to explain everything. Under the cold glare of Dongfang Lianren, Lv Siqi swallowed back the words he was about to say. It was just at this moment, the sound of the siren appeared, and it was getting closer and closer.

    The five teenagers were all startled, "Siqi, the police are here!"

    Lv Siqi looked at Chu Yuan with a complex expression, "Chu Yuan, I'm sorry, I have misunderstood it." He then glared at me unwillingly, and then gritted his teeth and said to Dongfang Lianren fiercely, "Dongfang, I will definitely find a way to thank you!"

    Although he was trying to hide his true intention, the anger was written all over his face. He was still a kid after all. Dongfang Lianren snorted coldly and smiled indifferently, "Okay, I'm looking forward to it."

    Lv Siqi's brows frowned for a few times, clearly showing his worries and hesitations. But then he said nothing, gathered his friend, picked up the weapons they dropped on the ground, pushed the crowd away, and ran away.

    "Police are here, please make way, what happened… Huh? Chu Nan!" The policeman who came here turned out to be an old acquaintance, Dong Xiaoye.

    I quickly put my injured hand into my pocket and smiled, "it is your Xiaoye, what a coincidence…"

    "Stop cottoning up to me" Dong Xiaoye saw through my intentions at a glance. She looked around, and asked with a stern face, "What happened?"


    "Nothing?" Dong Xiaoye sneered, "if it is really nothing, then why are there so many people watching? What were those kids doing here?"

    As soon as she asked, she noticed Chu Yuan, who was behind me, and her fierce eyes immediately changed to a soft and tender look, "Yuanyuan, you are here too, do you still remember me?"

    Chu Yuan greeted timidly, "Elder sister Dong."

    "Good girl." The smelly policewoman stroked Chu Yuan's head satisfactorily, completely treating her as a kid, and then she stared at me angrily, "were you fighting with them earlier? Who are they?" From her tone, it was as if she wanted to beat the shit out of them for Chu Yuan.

    Chu Yuan was a little flustered, but I could see that Dong Xiaoye didn't know exactly what happened, so I said casually, "I bumped into a few little hooligans and had a little argument with them, they ran away as soon as you came, Nothing happened, by the way, how's your shoulder?"

    "It's much better, it's not painful anymore," Dong Xiaoye's attention was diverted, and she shook her arms proudly and smiled at me, "so, when will there be time for us to exchange some fighting knowledge?"

    For fuck sake, I just had a fight, and this girl still wanted to kick my ass?