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Chapter 71 - The Evil Taste Of The Rich?

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 71: Chapter 71 The Evil Taste Of The Rich?

    "Okay, wait for my next holiday," Dong Xiaoye, this bratty girl was as stubborn as a donkey. You must go along with her, lest she would think that you are trying to offend her, and then kick you. At that time, it would be very troublesome, "by the way, why are you here?"

    Even if someone called the police during the fight just now, it was impossible to get the Criminal Police to come here. It was even less likely that a police officer would appear so quickly. Sure enough, after the brief excitement, Dong Xiaoye laughed and said, "I had a case nearby and I was just about to go back to the station, so I happened to pass by. When I saw this group of people, I came to check out what happened. Chu Nan, you need to keep your words, don't be a coward at that time."

    "I'm a man of my word," although I said it, whenever my next holiday was going to be would still be my call, she was not my boss anyway. Maybe when I am in a good mood, then I will think about it, "We still have other things, so we are going to leave first, you can carry on doing your things."

    Dong Xiaoye was still reluctant to let go of Chu Yuan, and then she saw Dongfang Lianren, who was as lovely as Chu Yuan. Her eyes instantly burst out sparkling light, "where are you going?"

    It seemed that this tigress had an unusual liking toward little girls. Could it be that she was a lesbian plus a pedophile? I couldn't help but shiver, "I just bought Yuanyuan a computer, and I was about to take it home."

    Dong Xiaoye looked at the delivery van. The driver and the staff that was going to help out with the installation had already sat in the front. After the computer and a computer desk were put inside, there was only a small space behind the van, so she said, "how are you going to sit in there? Let me give you a ride."

    "There is no need for it…"

    "After what we have been through, is there really a need to be that polite to me like I am a stranger?" Dong Xiaoye draped her arm over my shoulders casually and said.


    Of course, I knew she was referring to the fact that we were fighting a robber together, or maybe, this girl simply wanted to get close to Chu Yuan, so she deliberately acted like she was very close to me. But Chu Yuan and Dongfang Lianren didn't know about it, especially my lovely little sister, whose face was already darkened like it was covered with dark clouds and about to rain. She definitely thought that I lied to her again.

    "Okay, I'll sit in this van to give them the direction, Yuanyuan can sit in your car," if I refused it again, it would only make me look even more guilty, whether it was toward Dong Xiaoye or Chu Yuan. I thought about it and then turned to Dongfang Lianren, "are you still coming with us?"

    Originally, I thought that she would find some excuses and then leave, but I didn't expect she would smile shamelessly and said, "yes, thank you, Brother Nan."

    Thank me? Thank me for asking her to come to my flat as a guest, or thank me for forgiving what she did and not asking her why she did it?

    At first, I just thought that this Dongfang Lianren girl liked mischievous pranks, but now, I found that I could not understand this girl at all. In a sense, I felt that she was quite similar to Xiao Yike, that bratty girl, or maybe even more dangerous…

    . . .

    In order to cover up the injury of my right hand, when I assembled the computer desk, I deliberately pretended to be cut by the metal corner of the computer desk so I didn't need to hide it in front of Dong Xiaoye. This girl and I both were not very good at computers, so when Dongfang Lianren helped Chu Yuan to download some necessary software, I was entertaining her in the living room.

    "Elder Sister Tiger, have some tea."

    "Who are you calling elder sister tiger?! I'll kick you," Dong Xiaoye took over the teacup and glared at me, but she no longer felt as offended as she used to feel. "Actually, I wanted to tell you something in the past few days, Zhou Tian confessed everything, stealing, burglary, and he is also a repeat offender, not to mention that he assaulted the police, hehe, he is going to serve a long sentence."

    "Really?" Thinking that my neighbor was a thief, it didn't feel great, "he didn't slander me for hurting him deliberately, did he?"

    "Of course he did, you broke a few of his bones!" Dong Xiaoye tried to scare me, but seeing that I wasn't fazed, she found it very boring. She sipped the tea and said, "at first he really wanted to sue you, but after we revealed the stolen goods and my injury report, he shut up. By the way, we also caught the people who were going to sell the stolen goods, and actually took out a thief organization behind him. Haha, Captain Lin also asked me to say thank you to you for him."

    "There is no need to thank me, just ask him not to treat me like a criminal in the future." Whenever I thought the way he treated me like a criminal, I just didn't feel good, "oh right, let me ask you something. About that photo scandal case, do you guys have any progress?"

    Dong Xiaoye was just about to say something to defend her Captain, but when she heard what I asked, she couldn't help but feel suspicious, "Why are you asking this?"

    "Hmm? It's nothing, I'm just curious, I always feel that if you don't catch him, you guys are going to treat me like I did it."

    In fact, the reason why I had this question was that I suddenly thought of Zhang Peiwen, the person, who also wanted to drag-rape Wu Xueqing, Mo Fei's mother, that day…

    After the incident of Zhang Peiwen, the more I thought about it, the stranger I felt. I could not help but think that that guy was so rich, what kind of woman he could not get, why was he doing that kind of thing?

    Perhaps it was some kind of play. Since he was pursuing spiritual stimulation, nothing he did would be surprising. Some time ago, there were news reports about a millionaire robbing people on the street to release the stress of work and family. After the robbing, he even gave some money back to the victim so she could take a taxi home. Fearing that she would not be able to go home by herself because of fear, he even contacted her family for her…

    For people like me, it was life playing with me, but for the rich people, it was them playing with life, so the ways of our thinking were simply not comparable.

    And according to the information regarding the suspect revealed by the police online, the identity of the suspect was very likely to be a college student, which was the type of people that attracted middle-aged women the most. All of this matched Zhang Peiwen's profile. After all, appearance and money were the foundation to gain women's attention.

    Dong Xiaoye frowned, and looked at me contemptuously, "you are such a petty-minded person."

    "You can't blame me for that. After all, being pointed by a gun is not something you can encounter every day. But that's not the point, the point is, why do I have to take the blame for the things that person did." I pulled a chair over and sat on the other side of the tea table and asked, "what? It's some top secret that you can't say?"

    "It's not that," Dong Xiaoye's face was red with embarrassment when she heard what I said. She put down the cup and smiled helplessly, "there is no progress, the victims don't want to talk. So we still don't know anything. Except for a few posts online, there are no clues."

    "Can't find the IP?"

    Dong Xiaoye's face was filled with frustration, "The suspect is a computer expert. I heard that he used multiple proxy servers or something. I don't know it very well. Anyway, we can't trace his IP. This stupid network thing only benefits criminals the most. I really don't see what is so good about it. God knows why people invented it."

    Elder sister Tiger was indeed suitable for living in the jungle. Although I was speechless by it, I still asked, "If, I mean if you caught the suspect, do you think the victims will still deny it?"

    "I'm not them, who knows?" Dong Xiaoye couldn't help but ask dubiously, "Chu Nan, your question is very strange, do you know something that we don't?"

    My heart tightened, sniffing the tea and denied, "What can I possibly know? I am just curious. You women are really strange, the person did that kind of thing to them, but they still want to help that kind of bastard to cover it up, I don't know what they are thinking." Even if Zhang Peiwen was the culprit of the photo scandal, if the victims didn't want to identify him, it would be useless to tell Dong Xiaoye about it.

    "What do you mean by you women? Not all women are like them," Dong Xiaoye sighed helplessly. "Besides, they are probably still worried. Once they said that it was them, what do you think that would happen to them, their families, their children, and their husbands. Things are implicated… Sigh, but indeed, they shouldn't have appeared in those places in the first place."

    I nodded in agreement, "well, they did this to themselves, what can you say. You reap what you sow."

    After chatting for a while, Dong Xiaoye looked at the time and got up, "It's quite late, I have to go back to the station, Chu Nan. Don't forget our agreement, call me next holiday, if I don't kick your ass, I always feel like there is something stuck in my chest."

    Not this again… For this alone, I would never call her, but I still had to pretend and said, "fine, fine, fine, if you're not afraid of me taking advantage of you, what am I afraid of?"

    Elder Sister Tiger's tanned skin appeared a faint layer of red, and said, "If you want to take advantage of this old lady, you have to have the ability."

    "You will find out if I have the ability or not soon." I sent Dong Xiaoye to the door, waved my hand, and smiled, "be careful on the road."

    "Mhm, say goodbye to Yuanyuan for me, bye-bye." although she said ‘bye-bye', she didn't wave her hand with an open palm, but a fist. I couldn't help but wonder if this woman really grew up by drinking tiger milk.