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Chapter 77 - Gambler's Psychology

Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me
     Chapter 77: Chapter 77 Gambler's Psychology

    Ignoring me? Acting tough? This was something that I was also very good at. So I didn't say anything and went straight to the most luxurious European-style sofa in the middle of the living room.

    "Guest?" I gave a friendly smile to the yellow-haired young man who was lying on it. Before the young man figured out why I was asking this question, I already grabbed his yellow hair and pulled him off the sofa fiercely, "then act like a guest and don't act like the host!"

    The yellow-haired young man screamed and got up from the floor, rubbing his head and shouting, "Motherfuc-"

    "Slap!" I gave him a big slap and said fiercely, "one curse, one slap, go on!"

    "Motherfucker! I am here to get the money, and you dare to slap my face?!" The yellow-haired young man was furious, and he quickly took out a folding knife from his pocket.

    The faces of Mo Fei and Wu Xueqing turned pale in fear, and they were about to scream. The yellow-haired young man was very satisfied with their reactions, and a smug smile appeared on his face.

    "Slap!" While he was playing with his knife, I gave him a heavy slap again.

    Covering his face, the yellow-haired young man looked at me in disbelief, "who are you trying to scare? Fuck off." As I finished, I casually sat in the middle of the sofa with my leg crossed.


    Although I acted that way, actually, my heart was beating at an astonishing speed, and my back was sweating. Moreover, to other people, it looked like I was shaking my leg in a relaxed manner, but actually, my legs were shaking in fear.

    I was gambling. I was gambling that this yellow-haired young man wouldn't dare to stab me with a knife, and gambling who would lose their courage first. As I glanced sideways, the man in the white suit still didn't turn around, but his laugh had already stopped.

    Nowadays, in China, debtors were hardly ever scared of creditors. Because if something happened to the debtors, the creditors might not be able to get money back. Sure enough, the yellow-haired young man didn't dare to touch me at all. Although his eyes were red with anger, he still moved back a few steps and stood next to the man in the white suit.

    On the other hand, if Wu Xueqing had already paid them the original amount of money she borrowed, I would've probably been beaten up by them on the ground now. So secretly I let out a sigh of relief.

    Moreover, it seemed that Wu Xueqing didn't tell the tattooed men what kind of background I had. When they looked at me, there was still a hint of hesitation in their eyes. From this, I was less worried, "Feifei, come sit here. Auntie, may I trouble you to make a cup of coffee, no sugar please."

    "Chu…" Wu Xueqing only spat out a word and she winked at me repeatedly. It seemed that she was quite afraid of the young man in the white suit, and she was trying to warn me not to offend that man.

    "C-o-f-f-e-e, n-o s-u-g-a-r." I repeated it letter by letter again. Does she think that I don't know that? But this is not the time to show fear. Otherwise, all the acting efforts would be wasted.

    Seeing my eyes filled with dissatisfaction, Wu Xueqing trembled with fear, then she hurriedly said, "Okay, no sugar … But, I only have instant coffee at home…"

    "That's fine." Actually, I liked tea much more…

    Mo Fei was also at a loss for what to do. Although I told her before entering the flat that she just needed to follow my instructions, she still didn't expect that I would do this. "Chu Nan…"

    "Come and sit here." I interrupted her lightly. Although Mo Fei was talented in business, she was kind-hearted and she didn't understand that when talking to those people, who didn't want to follow the normal rules, you had to act like them. Otherwise, once they think that you are scared of them, they will not treat you as equal, they will squeeze every penny out of you.

    Mo Fei hesitated for a second but eventually sat down next to me. She was a smart woman after all. However, although she knew that I had a plan, and her face looked very calm, she was actually very nervous. I could feel it from the arm that I draped around her shaking shoulders.

    Yes, and I was sure that it was not me, who was shaking.

    The brawny man with a buzz cut was the first that couldn't bear the tense atmosphere, he got up and said to me, "Brother…"

    "You want coffee, too?" I didn't give him an opportunity to talk, but offered a drink enthusiastically, "Auntie, another cup of instant coffee and use a paper cup please."

    The expressions of the three people opposite me were very interesting. Mo Fei's body shuddered and then she looked at me in panic.

    "Haha, this brother is really humorous and interesting."

    Yes, I won! I was overjoyed, the man in the white suite finally spoke. He turned off the TV, turned around, and said, "Can you also give me a cup of coffee, too? Of course, the paper cup is fine."

    Although I cursed secretly in my mind that he could drink piss, I still smiled and said, "of course. You can certainly have a cup as well."

    Wu Xueqing was scared, so she didn't use the paper cup in the end. I took two sips of the coffee and still didn't mention anything about the money. The man in the white suit couldn't figure out my background. All he knew was that after he threatened Mo Fei, I still dared to show up here, it meant that I was not scared of them.

    As time passed in silence, the man in the white suit finally ran out of patience. He smiled and said, "My name is Sang Yingjie…"

    Looking at the right hand that Sang Yingjie reached out, I just smiled slightly, and my right hand just gently pulled Mo Fei closer into my arms, and said indifferently: "Chu Nan."


    "Fuck off!" Sang Yingjie cursed angrily, and it instantly stopped the young man. Then he took back his hand and still talked in a gentle voice and said, "Mr. Chu, you know why we are here, right?"

    I said in disdain, "getting your money back."

    A faint of surprise flashed in Sang Yingjie and then he smiled at me and Mo Fei, "three hundred thousand is just small money for a big company like Fengchang, but we are just a small business, we can't afford to extend time for our loans. Mr. Chu, don't you think that what elder sister Wu did was a bit inappropriate?"

    Mo Fei wanted to speak, but I quickly used my right hand to press her shoulder to signal her not to talk.

    Then I said lightly, "Fengchang is not hers and it's also not her daughter's. Although three hundred thousand is not a lot, it's certainly not a small number for a person who works for other people."

    Sang Yingjie frowned, "so Mr. Chu's intention is…"

    "I will pay it for them."

    As soon as I said this, Wu Xueqing's face was filled with disbelief, and even Sang Yingjie's men were also surprised. But Sang Yingjie seemed to have expected this reply. He smiled calmly and said, "Mr. Chu is a real man."

    Mo Fei knew what I was thinking. Before I said anything again, she quickly said, "Chu Nan, this is my family's business, you don't need to use your money to pay for my mother's debt. Moreover… Moreover…"

    Mo Fei's acting was not bad. However, she really didn't know what to say next. So she glanced at Sang Yingjie and pretended to be hesitant.

    Sang Yingjie asked in confusion, "Mr. Chu, is there a problem?"

    "Just a small problem. I went to Macau with some friends two days ago and gambled a bit. I had a shit luck and lost all the money I had taken to Macau. Now I am a little bit tight with cash. If I don't have to wait until next month for the money to be transferred into my account, I am already in Macau right now! I had to win my money back!" I waved my hand arrogantly as if losing money was nothing to me. "But you don't have to worry, gamblers also have gamblers' integrity. Three hundred thousand is a small number for me. A friend of mine just happened to like my car, I will call him tomorrow, so tomorrow, or maybe in two days, I will get money from him and give you the money."

    Even Wu Xueqing was stunned, let alone Mo Fei, all their eyes were wide open as if they couldn't believe that I could tell lies so shamelessly and confidently.

    What kind of people do those gangs like the most? Gamblers!

    Sang Yingjie's eyes were suddenly lit up, "Oh? Does Mr. Chu also like to gamble?"

    Don't you see that I am gambling right now?