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Chapter 1513 - Big Sweep

Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
     Chapter 1513 Big Sweep

    The old witch Ling Han was talking about was the old woman by Hu Niu’s side. Because Hu Niu called her old witch, Ling Han went with that address as well.

    When he thought of Hu Niu, Ling Han naturally thought of Helian Xun Xue, his parents, his son, and the others that the little jealous lover had taken away with her. Involuntarily, he could not help but miss them more. Over 100 years had already passed; were they all doing well?

    His son may already have become a father himself!

    But it was not definite. Perhaps his son had focused completely on cultivation, and did not have time to chase girls?

    At this time, Ling Han was at a bit of a loss. He wanted his son to marry early and possess his own… er, happiness, yet at the same time, he hoped his son had not married so he could personally participate in his son’s wedding.

    ‘Sigh, what’s the use of thinking so much? There is nothing I can do.’ Ling Han thought for a moment, and then gave up. In any case, he was still in the Immortal Realm, and was unable to go to the Celestial Realm for the moment, so no matter how much he pondered over the matter, it was useless.

    “Let’s go,” Empress Luan Xing said to Ling Han. They should make their rounds at the other peaks, and think of a way to set up a trap for Gu Daoyi.

    Ling Han nodded, and said, “Too bad the Heavenly River King did not manage to pass on the cultivation technique of the Celestial King in time, or we would really get rich on this trip.”


    He did not know what level of king tier Celestial Kings were considered to be at in the Celestial Realm, but they were definitely higher than Severing Mundane Tier, and being able to lay claim to the word King, could they really be ordinary elites?

    Thus, the cultivation technique of a Celestial King would definitely be extremely precious.

    Empress Luan Xing took a few steps, and then suddenly said with a soft hum, “Previously, you recited a few celestial words, which drew out a reaction from my bloodline, and seemed to help me awaken a few memories. The ancestor of my Nine Snakes Tribe… is precisely a Celestial King!”

    The Heavenly River King obtained the inheritance of a Celestial King, so it was logical that he would know celestial words, and they might not even be ordinary celestial words, but rather celestial words on the level of Celestial King. And this had drawn a reaction from Empress Luan Xing’s bloodline, which also meant indirectly that the Empress’s ancestor was a Celestial King.

    “She is cultivating the Nine Deaths Heaven Art. Ordinarily, a cultivation technique that is called a Heaven Art would be the technique of a Celestial King.” Small Tower suddenly voiced out.

    Ling Han was shocked. He had not thought that this guy would suddenly pipe up.

    “You don’t know the hierarchy of elites in the Celestial Realm, yet actually recognize the Nine Deaths Heaven Art?”

    “A living person is right in front of me, and I still can’t tell? Do you think I am as stupid as a pig like you?” Small Tower retorted coldly.

    The Empress was also furious, and rebuked Small Tower, “Do not insult my husband!”

    Small Tower was completely indifferent. It was just a Tool Spirit, so how could it possibly take note of the beauty or ugliness of humans? The Empress’s charms had completely zero effect on it.

    Ling Han also knew Small Tower had a sharp tongue, but did not mind much. Otherwise, he would have long since died of fury from this guy’s venom. He asked, “Going by that logic, I am cultivating the Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll, so is that also a Celestial King’s technique?”

    “Tsk, who told you that a Heaven’s Scroll and Heaven Art are the same?” Small Tower’s disdain was even clearer. “The Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll is a supreme cultivation technique that the Heavenly Venerable Tier has created from studying the techniques of a good many Celestial Kings, combined with his own comprehension. You can just laugh at your own good fortune!”

    Combined the techniques of Celestial Kings, the highest level of accomplishment, and improved even further!

    Ling Han was amused, and said, “Then wouldn’t I become even more awesome than the Celestial King in future?”

    “A technique is only a technique, whether one can reach the highest level depends on the individual,” Small Tower said. These words were reasonable, but the next few words revealed its true nature. “In my opinion, it would be very difficult for you to reach Celestial King Tier.”

    “Bah!” Ling Han gave it the middle finger. “Just because of your words, not only will I become a Celestial King, I will also become one that surpasses other Celestial Kings.”

    “I’ll be waiting,” Small Tower said calmly, and then slowly disappeared.

    The Empress had a strange expression, “Why do I feel that it is trying to spur you on?”

    “Even if it is spurring me on, I am also determined to surpass Celestial King. This guy is too despicable. There will come a day that I will toss it into the toilet!” Ling Han uttered in displeasure. Of course, this was an empty threat. If he really tossed the Black Tower into the toilet, how was he supposed to use it again in future?

    The Empress merely smiled gently, and placed a hand on Ling Han’s arm. The two of them exited the Black Tower together.

    It was still the underground treasure trove, and the massive paw was still stabbing into it, exuding a cold sharpness.

    The two of them carefully left. The Empress was slightly strained, but with the brick in her hold, she managed to carry on. They looked down from the summit. There were a total of 14 peaks here, and there was a palace atop each peak.

    Going by that deduction, the remaining 13 palaces should be the quarters of the Open Clouds King and the Twelve Generals, respectively.

    “Come, let’s do a sweep!” Ling Han was filled with confidence. He now had the decree of a Saint King, as well as a drop of blood essence from a Saint King, so he was very sure of himself.

    Naturally, there was no need to use the blood essence of a Saint King to deal with a few Eternal River Tiers. That thing was a consumable item, and definitely should be used to deal with more powerful enemies. Thus, he would take out that Saint King’s decree at most. In any case, its might had mostly decreased. He wasn’t very far away from this level of battle prowess himself, so even if he used it, it would not be too much of a waste.


    They ascended a mountain peak. The steps here were also laid out by Godly metal, but they were not Level 16. Instead, they were Level 15. This should be the Open Clouds King’s peak, and was slightly inferior to the main peak.

    Take them!

    Ling Han was not reserved at all, prying all of them all the way to the summit.

    In the meantime, Hu Can and his group also saw that they had left the main peak, yet actually did not come over to pick a fight with them.

    “That’s right. They are in no rush to make a move, because they are deliberately waiting for us to gather the treasures. Then, they will take us down, and these treasures would naturally belong to them, which would save them both the effort and energy.” Ling Han soon deduced.

    He exchanged a look with the Empress, and both of them broke out into smiles.

    It was still undecided who would be the one doing the robbing.

    “Then we will not be in a rush to make our move, either.” Ling Han saw that Hu Can and his group were also digging out steps, and they still dared to call him country bumpkin. Tsk!

    They dug the steps all the way to the peak. There was another palace here, but there weren’t many treasures here. Ling Han only found a brocade. This was a valuable item. It was woven from Level 17 silk combined with Godly metal. Not only was it incredibly tough and durable, it also had a very good effect of removing force.

    Durability and removing force were different.

    If it was merely durable, such as clothing, then when a sword stabbed it, it indeed could not penetrate it. However, the force of the attack would still be transmitted, and could still cause damage. But if there was the effect of removing force, things would be different. It would be equivalent to channelling one’s Origin Power to cancel out the attack, so the impact would be further decreased.

    If one included formations and martial intent along with, it could be made into a treasured robe!

    Actually, these brocades were bed curtains. The Open Clouds King was disdainful of using such Saintly Material as his armor.

    “Wife, these can probably be made into quite a few suits, right? Hehe, we’re rich.” Ling Han laughed loudly.

    The Empress gave it some thought, and replied, “Actually, it can’t make that many suits. Making a treasured robe would expend a lot of materials.”

    “We’ll just make as many as we can.” Ling Han also knew that he had already gained a lot of profit.

    Too bad, this palace was not constructed from Saintly Material, but made of Level 16 materials. The problem was that it was too firm. Ling Han couldn’t break it apart at all. At this time, he actually should thank that paw. If it were not for the fact that it had pierced through the main hall, Ling Han would not have been able to gather the Green Origin Jade, what more discover the treasure trove hidden underground.

    They switched to another peak. The steps here were more inferior, and were laid out with Level 14 Godly metal.

    Obviously, this was the peak of one of the Twelve Generals—the remaining 11 peaks would probably be of the same standard.

    Both parties were making a big sweep, and in the end, Ling Han and Empress Luan Xing swept five peaks, while Hu Can and his group swept nine peaks. After all, they had more numbers in their group, and aside from the main peak, the other peaks did not have such frightening mountain winds.

    Finally, both sides met at the foot of the sixth peak.