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Chapter 1504 - Protector 1

Rebirth of the Strongest Empress
     Chapter 1504 Protector 1

    When Ye Qingtang turned around, she realized that the Celestial Fairy, who had been on the other side of the great hall, had appeared behind her at some point.

    A bright, innocent smile appeared on the Celestial Fairy’s exquisite little face. Her smiling eyes looked straight at Ye Qingtang.

    Besides the Celestial Fairy, the Jiang Family and the Ancient You Clan also sensed the powerful aura and flew over.

    When Ye Qingtang looked at the group of powerful cultivators before her, the corner of her mouth twitched beneath her veil.

    Everyone immediately saw the two ancient and mysterious Dharma artifacts in Ye Qingtang’s hands. Everyone present was a renowned, powerful cultivator, and their perception of this type of aura was extremely developed. Thus, they were naturally aware that these two Dharma artifacts were extraordinary.

    At that moment, Jiang Shangyu and the others from the Jiang Family were delighted. Ignoring the question of whether they still intended to kill Ye Qingtang, this item was discovered by a member of their family. It would definitely be beneficial to them.

    But at that moment, Jiang Shangyu had yet to speak.

    He was no fool. Right now, many had noticed Ye Qingtang’s two Dharma treasures. If he stood forth and proclaimed that Ye Qingtang was a member of their Jiang Family, it might attract the attention of many with ill intentions.


    Ye Qingtang knew full well that an innocent person in possession of treasure would be considered guilty. She secretly glanced at the silent group from the Jiang Family, and her mouth curled in a cold smile.

    “Little girl, hand those two things over to me if you don’t want to die,” said the old man who was together with the green-robed girl. He had immediately determined that these two Dharma treasures were extraordinary.

    “Hand them to you? What a joke. How can these things be handed to you?” An elder from the Ancient You Clan laughed coldly. He immediately planned to seize the two Dharma treasures. With that, he gave Ye Qingtang a chilly look and said, “Our Ancient You Clan will take those two Dharma treasures. You better hand them to me, or else…”

    Everyone present could tell that the grades of these two Dharma treasures definitely exceeded those of other plunder; even the Moon Goddess Ring could not compare to them.

    In a moment, everyone had decided to seize the two Dharma treasures. However, there were too many people trying to get hold of it, and they kept each other in check. As a result, no one was in a hurry to act.

    Ye Qingtang felt gloomy as she looked at the scene before her.

    She could forget about these two treasures. Everyone present had seen her obtain it, and they would not let her off easily. They would certainly kill her to seize these two items.

    Ye Qingtang’s eyes flickered as she considered the situation. Then, she took the two treasures and walked straight over to the Celestial Fairy. As everyone looked on in shock, she reached out and offered the two Dharma treasures to the Celestial Fairy.

    The Celestial Fairy could naturally sense the power of these two Dharma treasures. She had intended to kill this girl while everyone else was fighting, and obtain the two Dharma treasures. But she did not expect… this girl to be so aware of her situation and actively give them to her.

    “Damn girl, what are you doing?” The old man’s face grew grim when he saw what Ye Qingtang was doing. A powerful force suddenly built up in his hand.

    The seemingly petite and harmless Celestial Fairy suddenly glared at the old man. Her body was instantly shrouded in a purple glow. The next instant, a suffocating amount of force and pressure suddenly surrounded the old man.