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Chapter 74 - Vol1 Ch74: Adven

Soul Of Negary
     Chapter 74: Vol1 Ch74: Advent

    The huge mask-like Evil Spirit of Ellis' incarnation floated in the sky.

    With a flutter of the soul feelers that floated around the mask, their surroundings seemed to have been smeared with a layer of material called ‘falsehood. Under this layer of falsehood', the world felt like it had become beautiful, the sky turned exceptionally clear, even the stench of fresh blood that was mixed in with the air had turned sweet.

    Because of the Evil Spirit ritual, large amounts of Soul Essence and Life Essence had been infused directly into Ellis' body and raised this Evil Spirit's Soul form to a certain limit. Combined with the power of the Black Abyss brought by the Black Abyss stones, this Evil Spirit could be said to be one of the strongest monsters in this current world.

    This was the reason why Hales was willing to use so many Black Abyss stones for this ritual. Through each prayer ceremony, the most they were able to obtain at a time was a small piece of Black Abyss stone. Despite their long years of existence, they only had so many Black Abyss stones, and over a third of their entire reserve was used all at once during this ritual in order to create such a powerful Evil Spirit.

    Once Ellis was transformed into the real Chopped Hand, her strength would increase again.

    "Ahahaha, the Evil Spirit ritual has succeeded" Black One knelt on the ground with a mad grin on his face.

    The ‘unfathomable' Ellis. Her soul form was surrounded by the black smog of the Black Abyss similar to the Hales members, so her current appearance was nothing but an illusion. Her actual form was hidden behind the mask, and any attacks on her right now would only be like attacking an illusionary mirage.

    This falsehood could even be derived and spread into her surroundings while also being extremely addictive. The huge mask in the sky constantly wore a smile on its visage, deceiving those around to feel like they were embracing their lover or being held by their mother's embrace.


    Even Black One, whose intestines had been pulled out, stood up again. The falseness had mended his wounds and even gave him the sensation of his body returning to its perfect state.

    The soul feelers around the huge floating mask were constantly fluttering about, but they didn't attack Cadiz and others. Instead, they gently stroked them and returned the vivid sensations to their Undead body. Smell, taste, touch, sight, and hearing were all restored to how they were when they were alive.

    〖 Stop here, you don't have to fight anymore, you don't have to endure more suffering. Live in this beautiful and carefree city forever 〗 Ellis' soul feelers caressed everyone and caused such a thought to form in their minds.

    Black One naturally knelt down, the hiding survivors of the fief were also lured out by beautiful temptation, knelt under Ellis, and accepted the gentle touch of the soul feelers.

    Behind Ellis, the door of the castle was opened to reveal the dead knights who were resurrected and a grand banquet which was being held, with food that would never run out, a fountain filled with red wine, and where nobles could dance with their servants as if class and status no longer existed.

    Black One and those peasants of the fief also joined the party that seemed to never end, enjoyed the juicy grilled steak with white bread while drinking sweet red wine and chatted happily with the beautiful aristocratic ladies.

    This was the ‘unfathomable' Ellis created by Hales. Her true face was hidden under the ‘beautiful falsehood' away from everyone's sight, while the beautiful falsehood carried a fatal sense of attraction to all living beings.

    Once they were attracted, they would gradually be assimilated further and further into this falsehood and eventually become a member of it. They would join the so-called city of no worries and become a member of this never-ending banquet.

    The more people who were assimilated, the stronger the falsehood would become, and the harder it would be to escape the assimilation of falsehood.

    At this point, every living creature except the four on Negary's side had joined this party, including the animals, to form a harmonious and beautiful scene.

    "Join us, join us, join us…" a soft whispering voice resounded within their ears, this voice seemed to be able to awaken the greatest desires within their hearts.

    Immediately after that, a blue flame suddenly burst from the bodies of several people within the banquet, the flame quickly spread and burned the things and people within the banquet.

    The ability that Cadiz obtained from his secondary soul: Flames of Malice.

    Each time he attacked, he would mark the body of his opponent with his own malice, when there were enough marks, he could trigger them and ignite the flames of malice. The intensity of the flames depended entirely on how much malice he imposed upon his victim.

    "How unfortunate, but what I want is for the whole world to burn with imperishable flames, and for destruction, disaster, pain, despair to exist at every corner. Your scenery of beauty is exactly what I hate the most!" Cadiz declared with a grin, as he was such an utterly despicable scum.

    The huge mask remained floating in the sky, but the smile on the mask was gone, the false illusion was also gradually fading away. What was originally a harmonious and beautiful scene returned to how it originally was, the delicious food turned into rotten meat and bark covered with insects, the red wine turned into a yellow-brown liquid with ‘unknown' things floating inside, and the partying people who originally had no differentiation in class had completely changed.

    Gorgeously dressed nobles were riding on peasants while ripping and tearing away at their flesh with their wide-open sharp jaws.

    Meanwhile, Black One who had his intestines ripped out had long since died. Both his remnant soul and corpse fell under the complete control of Ellis as another character within the falsehood.

    The mild sunlight had turned into a dense dark fog, the fragrant sweet air turned into a rotten stench, the smiling mask in the sky was revealed to be a gigantic head, and the soft soul feelers turned out to be its dried, withered hair.

    As some strands of its hair fluttered down while being burned by the flames of malice, the skull charged straight towards the four people below. This attack was without falsehood as Cadiz's spear was pushed back when he tried to parry it.

    A huge pit was formed in the ground under the head's impact. Her power had exceeded the range of what could be handled by humans, just as humans couldn't fight against natural disasters, they were also helpless against this entity.

    Because of how huge Connor's body was, he was struck head-on and had over half his body turned into mush. Cadiz and Jack managed to evade thanks to their speed, while Granny Seal'e was nowhere near the point of impact in the first place.

    "Kiekikiki, how unfriendly. The time for chatting is over, it is time to deliver Milord's true repayment of the favour to you" Granny Seal'e wasn't worried at all that the Evil Spirit would harm her in any way.

    Although her combat strength was effectively nonexistent, her ability to protect herself was immeasurably strong, if she really wanted to escape, there wasn't a single soul who could kill her.

    As Granny Seal'e opened a golden box that contained a rippling golden liquid, an extremely ominous presence instantly filled the entire area. An entity with a fatal sense of charm had descended upon them.