Cinderella Innocent and Boss Charming

Cinderella Innocent and Boss Charming

14 Chapters129 Views0 Likes
Author: Mo Zi bai
Status : Ongoing
Update : 2020-02-22



Du Xiaoxian is a simple and extremely shy girl from a poor family, working hard as a maid in Gu’s House. Gu Nianbin, the handsome, cool, and bossy young master of a renowned business family, is known as a difficult person to get along with. Yet at the sight of Du Xiaoxian, Gu Nianbin is entranced by this little girl who seems like a myth to him. As he tries to know her better, he decides to transform this ordinary girl, then unexpectedly, he madly falls in love with her… When two people from different worlds have close interactions, what will happen? It’s time to find out.


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