Little Old Me Is The Realm's Tyrant

Little Old Me Is The Realm's Tyrant

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Status : Ongoing
Release : Chapter 0002
Update : 2020-02-22



Just a little old me, walking up and down the martial realm~ Just a little old me, no power and as weak as hell~ Just a little old me, no food so Im extremely whelmed ~ Please take the little old me home, and raise me well~. A hundred thousand gold death warrant. A hundred thousand gold capture warrant. A hundred thousand gold location warrant. Ung, young ones why are you all so affectionate ah? She, Qiong Lian has only snatched away the Holy Lord to make him her bride, stolen some mystical food to feed her hungry tummy and committed a small arson by setting the imperial palace on fire. Why must you all become so agitated ah?! Isnt this just a regular VR game? Why was it the first time she played it, she cant even log out? Cant you see my mana bar at 10%? Cant you see my health bar at 5%? No love! No love at all! If you want to fight then throw some food at me! No need to involve fists! Ung, fellow lag-man, why is it every time I want to hit you, you disappear to the other side of the wall? Please go back and fix your connection before coming to take advantage of me! What heaven, what a beautiful life! If I cant find any food, then little beauties come to lay down on my plate. I promise my bite wont hurt!


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