Phoenix Reborn: the Prime Minister's Scheming Daughter

Phoenix Reborn: the Prime Minister's Scheming Daughter

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Status : Ongoing
Update : 2020-02-22



Dying a miserable death in the cold palace as a dethroned empress, Shen Ninghua wakes up, finding herself still alive. Her second life starts anew from a scene years ago when she was a girl and survived a plot designed to kill her. Now a phoenix reborn, she realizes the people who hurt her most are actually her family and she vows to take revenge on all of them: ruthless ex-husband and emperor, callous father, crafty step mother, vicious sister, hypocritical grandmother.... She has made up her mind to be a revengeful and loveless monster, determined to depend on and trust no man. But why is this handsome, mysterious, and powerful Chu Junyi helping her all the time? Tap to explore the epic journey of revenge and romance in Shen Ninghua’s thrilling second life.


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