To Walk The Mist

To Walk The Mist

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Status : Ongoing
Update : 2020-02-22



"Ya! Old pervert! I heard you have a disciple. Which training ground did you send him?" "its definitely a ground.. An execution ground!" "old pervert. Your disciple is about to break through? what kind of pill do you want me to concoct for him?" "a good pill! His tribulation lightening, If possible, lets make it stay a few more days." "old pervert. Your disciple needs more tribulation lightening?" "dont bother! Tribulation lightening refuses to come no matter what unheavenly act we commit! Say, old Iba! I heard you got some demon fire, lend it to me to test it on him. If its original, Ill return it." The MC went on a quest and got stuck in some world after entering a place called the mist. His special constitution makes him one of a kind, especially with a master thats trying to kill... Cough... Train him. He has to reach the stage of godeater before he can get home. ..................


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