Try and Catch Me

Try and Catch Me

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Status : Ongoing
Release : Alderidge (1)
Update : 2020-02-22



When Lia transmigrated, she made a vow not to commit the same mistakes as the original Lia did in the novel. That is, to fall in love with the protagonist. What a perfect life would that be to have an easy and carefree life, away from boy problems. But her peaceful life shattered when she was dragged in the middle of schemes, conspiracies, and betrayal. The only person who could help her was the very person she vowed to stay away from, the protagonist! *CONTENT WARNING: This work contains depictions and mentions of violence and abuse but the relationship of the MC and ML does NOT involve such things (pure slow-burn romance only). This work does not endorse criminal acts or violations of human rights. *Parental Guidance suggested as the MC curses sometimes. WILL RESUME JANUARY 7, 2020 UPDATE SCHEDULE: TUE-THURS-SAT Cover by TapRead


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